Tribe Spotlight With Soochen Low. The Power of Video to Attract Your Tribe

Hey, this is the first Romance Your Tribe Podcast episode for 2022 and what could be better than shining the light on one of our wonderful graduates in this month's Tribe Spotlight.

Soochen Low really stood out to me as a brilliant action taker when implementing everything she learned in my Video Marketing program 3 years ago!
It was so wonderful to connect again and learn how she has used the power of video to grow her coaching business beyond 6 figures and generously share behind-the-scenes how she did that, and tips you can implement yourself.
We talk about...
  • What does a "Business Joy Coach" do?
  • Video Marketing versus speaking at events versus networking - why video was the winner for Soochen.
  • The importance of choosing a mentor who you resonate with. Soochen shares why highly polished videos created by many video marketing mentors actually stopped her buying from them (this may take some pressure off you too).
  • The power of simple when it comes to video and why a super professional production may cost you sales.
  • A very simple, "woo-woo" but powerful exercise to give you confidence on camera (plus a link to an instructional video so you can master it now).
  • I LOVED Soochen's lessons on stepping into leadership and claiming your uniqueness in biz.
  • How Soochen attracts and converts clients using Linked In and the confidence that comes from video
  • A gift from Soochen - this is really unique - a digital version of an illustrated ebook designed to activate your leadership in a beautifully, whimsical way. Plus a bonus personal session to "ground your star leadership energy". Links are at the bottom of the page.
Scarecited Challenge
Scarecited: That feeling you get when you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you are scared but feel the buzz of opportunity and excitement... 
  • Share your ah-ha's from today's episode below, or on socials, or privately with a friend. Why was that ah-ha important to you?.
  • Choose ONE thing from your ah-ha and schedule now to take action on that THIS WEEK.
  • Hey you can tag me @janetbeckers on all socials. If you share a great ah-ha I'll repost in my stories and shine the light on you. Scarecited?
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About Soochen Low
I draw out your BEST, hold space for the STAR quality I see in you to help you build or UPscale your 6 Fig Business to a 6 Fig++ Rockstar Business that Runs Itself, 2x-3x-4x sales consistently and easily where you shine and thrive doing what you love and are born to do because I believe the BEST you is in you all along.