Tribe Spotlight With Megan Van Genderen

If you ever feel torn between giving great value for free and selling to your audience, then you are going to love this Tribe Spotlight interview with nutritionist Megan Van Genderen.

Like many people in helping professions, Megan is motivated by caring and healing and, like most healers, can feel like she is betraying trust when promoting her business.

And in this case, that audience happened to be an incredible Facebook community of over 100,000 people who follow the lives of Megan and her husband Jason, as they navigate caring and loving for Jason's mum with dementia.

In this interview we deep dive into the business and personal transformation Megan has created since joining The Attract Your Tribe Academy.

You'll hear first hand what it's like to start a brand new business when you have 2 young children, 2 teenage step-children and an elderly mother-in-law with dementia living in your home and already have a role in your husband's busy business!

You'll also see behind the scenes the process used to really nail down EXACTLY what her niche is, how she rejected her original ideas and discovered opportunity in the expertise she has developed through her greatest struggles. You'll also see the strategy she used to classily and respectfully navigate a way to build her business while never directly selling to the huge tribe her and her husband had built.

Here's what we cover in this episode
2:34 - The sexiness of a process you can return to that will keep you on the track of success when life throws you crazy curve balls to juggle.

5:07 - The crazy day in the life of Megan Van Genderen

8:33 The story of how a creative family game to help Megan's Mum-In-Law with dementia cope with lockdown exploded online. Then how this led to a tribe of over 100,000 people with a very strong culture of love, caring and support for others caring for loved ones with dementia.

13:01 - Why Megan joined The Attract Your Tribe Academy and the role of a step-by-step system to allow Megan to focus on launching a business that is love and empathy focused.

15:01 - The process Megan followed to choose the niche she would focus her nutrition business on and why she rejected the speciality she always thought she would do, "scrunched it up and started again from the beginning".

17:00 - How the incredible personal challenges Megan has lived with in the last few years ended up beginning her biggest opportunity and a chance to really make an impact in the lives of people who she is passionate about helping.

20:00 - How to market and sell with integrity when you have built a loyal online tribe that it would be seen as (and feel like) a betrayal to sell to. We discuss the exact strategy Megan used to launch her new business and never look and feel like she is exploiting the trust of her tribe.

25:00 - How Megan built her email list organically (she says "It went nuts") and how she continues to grow and nurture that list.

27:00 - The simple 1 step strategy Megan used from The Attract Your Tribe Academy to know exactly what her subscribers really want to include in her service packages. I love Megan's excitement when she says "So I was like, Oh, my God, it works... I was so excited. Because you said to do that. And it worked."

30:00 - Now Megan knows with confidence she has a concept that people want and she is uniquely qualified to deliver, and she has built an engaged list...her next step is to focus on the modules to convert these leads to sales.

33:00 - The pricing spreadsheet Megan used from the "Sell It Baby, Sell It" module and how it helped her flip her mindset around pricing her offers and really understanding her worth.

36:47 - You've seen how far Megan has come in the growth of her brand new business already and she is still just half way through the Attract Your Tribe Academy pathway. To finish we talk about the next steps to focusing on converting her engaged list to sales and the mindset needed to sell with confidence when you are a person who is a carer and giver but also an entrepreneur with a vision.
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About Megan Van Genderen
I'm a Nutritionist because I innately want to help others, and my bigger picture is I want to see change. Seeing a nutritionist is a little more indulgent than your regular practitioner. When you see me, I'll spend time understanding why you've come to see me, what your health goals are and work alongside you, rallying your motivations to help you achieve your goals and create sustainable pathway to long term health.