Tribe Spotlight: Why Julie Watson Loves Sales Calls Now

If you know you have a great product, a great business idea and the passion to make it happen... but you're just getting the results you know, in your core, really are possible, then you will love todays' podcast interview.

In this week's episode of Romance Your Tribe Podcast, we're shining the spotlight on Attract Your Tribe Academy member, Julie Watson.

Julie is such a great role model for facing her fears and taking action even when her confidence in herself and her business is low. No wonder her brand is "Stronger Than My Excuses"!

You'll see what actions Julie took that brought in sales within a week of joining the program, then a few transformational months later resulted in her first $20K sale.

We talk about...
  • How Julie got her first international client within 1 week, including what she sold to bring in quick cash
  • HINT = she followed the instructions and template in the "Quick Cash" module in the orientation pack
  • The unique and no-brainer solution Julie offers in her business (wish I'd thought of it)
  • How switching her avatar totally changed her business (and her confidence)
  • Why Julie hated sales calls before changing her avatar and offer and why she now loves them.
  • The story behind Julie's first $20,000 sale
  • The concept of The Nested Business Model and how Julie applied this to her offers
  • Really great ideas you can use for your own business
Scarecited Challenge
Scarecited: That feeling you get when you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you are scared but feel the buzz of opportunity and excitement... 
  • Share your ah-ha's from today's episode below, or on socials, or privately with a friend. Why was that ah-ha important to you?.
  • Choose ONE thing from your ah-ha and schedule now to take action on that THIS WEEK.
  • Hey you can tag me @janetbeckers on all socials. If you share a great ah-ha I'll repost in my stories and shine the light on you. Scarecited?
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About Julie Watson
Julie Watson is the CEO of 'Stronger Than My Excuses'. A successful Central Coast businesswoman for over 30 years and best-selling author, she now helps people to find their own inspiration through the 'Stronger Than My Excuses' Web TV panel discussions and events.
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