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This Guide Is PERFECT For You if...
  • You are a service provider. So you could be a coach, consultant, health professional, get the idea. You help people!
  • Your zone of genius is getting results for your clients...NOT creating websites, mastering techy marketing funnels, and screaming at your computer
  • You are sick of the tech overwhelm and you just want to get your business working well online, without wasting money, time and energy getting all your techy ducks in a row.
You'll Get Immediate Access to...
  • A CUSTOMISED TOOLKIT tailored for YOUR entrepreneurial stage of an online business. You'll get the fastest, and simplest path to success for YOUR business.
  • BONUS Strategy Training with a step-by-step action plan that focuses on BANK BEFORE BRAND. So while everyone else is wasting time and money LOOKING successful, you have cash in the bank (and lives impacted).
  • Why I ditched my Wordpress Website and why you should ignore what everyone else has been doing for years too. PLUS what I recommend you use instead that will save you thousands on web developers.
  • The free and cheap tech tools to use to sell and deliver a professional online course and group program. With no techy set up you can focus your time and money on launching and getting results for your clients FAST.
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So Who Is Janet Beckers Anyway?

If we haven't met yet, I'm Janet Beckers.
I started my first online business 18 years ago, back when there was no such thing as a wordpress blog and selling online was still not mainstream.

Since then I have built and sold (or evolved) multiple businesses online.

Along the way I've won multiple awards for excellence, including Australian Marketer of The Year, published numerous best-selling books, presented at multiple online and offline events and loved absolutely every minute of it!

I know what it's like to sit sobbing in tech overwhelm as I scream at my computer.

I don't want you to experience that and after 18 years online I know how to keep things really, really simple!

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The 2022 Simple Online Tools Guide

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