Hey Star Gazer
As a Star Gazer you have a passion and entrepreneurial spirit. You're smart and willing to work hard if you need to and are determined to be successful in business.
The frustrating part is, you're not really clear on your target market and what is unique about you that will make you shine out in the market. This means you can't move forward.
It's about time we identified how to profit from your passions, skills, and unique story!
It can be so frustrating being a Star Gazer because sometimes you can feel like a sprinter stuck at the starting line. You're psyched for the race, you know you have the ability to win but you can't take off until the Starter Gun goes.

I know exactly how you feel because that's exactly where I was just a few years ago.

Congrats by the way, for having the passion and vision to create your own successful business. Most people do not have the courage to even think about moving out of their safe comfort zone.

Are you ready to build a worldwide brand and really make a difference with your business?

In my experience, Star Gazers usually need help with one of the following:
  • They need to get clear on what makes them different to everyone else and how to turn that into profit
  • They need help identifying who their perfect customers are (you know, the ones that actually pay)
  • They need help getting results quickly so they can see if they are on the right track
  • The techy stuff can be holding them back.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
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