Hey Star Blazer
As a Star Blazer you have a huge advantage because you are already clear on the niche / topic you are building your business on. If you are already helping people and getting results then that's even better.
Now we just have to focus on packaging your expertise ina way that makes you really shine in your market and set up a system that attracts your perfect clients to you likeclockwork. It's about time you started getting paid whatyou are worth!
If you're like most Star Blazers you're probably getting a bit tired of working so hard and not making enough money. In fact, if you didn't love what you do so much you might have given up ages ago right? Surely it's not meant to be this hard?

Congrats by the way, for identifying an area you are so passionate about and starting to get results for people. Believe it or not, you are way ahead of many people starting out in business.

But isn't it about time you started getting paid what you're worth?

Are you ready to build a world-wide brand and really make a difference with your business?

If yes, then you need to build a tribe or community online. It's actually not difficult to do if you just follow the steps.

In my experience, Star Gazers usually need help with one of the following:
  • They need to get clear on what makes them different to everyone else in the market place
  • They need help attracting more clients, or at least ones that pay more
  • They need help with pricing and packaging
  • The techy stuff can be holding them back
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
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