Hey Shining Star

As a Shining Star, take the time to congratulate yourself. You are helping your clients, getting results and getting paid for it.

Are you ready to really leverage your expertise, streamline your business, and have a global reach?

If yes, then you need to build a tribe or community online. It's actually not difficult to do if you just follow the steps.

Often as a Shining Star, it may seem to others you have the perfect business but you may not agree. You may be serving people 1 on 1, or in small group programs and have hit the ceiling of how much you can earn because you simply have no time left.

In fact you are probably hanging out for a holiday!

Congrats by the way. This shows me you know how to run a business and have been doing it long enough and successfully enough to build a reputation that attracts customers. I'm sure you'll agree that it hasn't all been easy getting to where you are now.

I know from experience and working with so many business owners over the years that to get to your level takes persistence and a willingness to learn, make mistakes, learn from your experience then get back out there and do even better than before.

I like working with people like that.

In my experience, Shining Stars usually need help with one of the following:

  • They need to streamline their messaging so they appeal to their most profitable avatar
  • They need help transferring their offline expertise into online programs they can sell worldwide
  • They need help with pricing and packaging group programs
  • The need a support team so they can work less and travel more.
  • The techy stuff can be holding them back.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
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