The Abundance Paradox and How It Can Make or Break Your Business

Tell me I'm not the only one........
You're on Facebook and you see a post, or video, or ad from someone who is doing EXACTLY what you are doing in business, or intend to. And they are doing an awesome job!
Or you open an email from one of the numerous lists you are on to keep up to date in your market, and someone has launched EXACTLY what you have been thinking of doing..... and they're doing an AWESOME JOB!
Your heart sinks and you think....... how can I compete with that?
OK I KNOW I'm not the only one. It happens to all of us and here's some news... It's not going to stop!
Enter The Abundance Paradox.
In this episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio I share exactly what the Abundance Paradox is, how it can make or break your business and what you need to do so you thrive in the paradox environment.
Plus I talk about love songs and Italian restaurants and the lessons you can learn from them.
Show Notes
  • Why this topic was raised in the private Facebook group for The Attract Your Tribe Program members
  • Situations when the Abundance Paradox will hit you in the face
  • The flip side of the paradox
  • What love songs and Italian restaurants can teach us
  • The steps you need to implement so you benefit from The Abundance Paradox
  • How to write your own love song for your business.