The 3 Tribes Every Coaching Business Needs To Succeed

If you've followed me for a while you will have heard me talk about Attracting and Romancing Your Tribe in business.

That beautiful community of people who love what you do, hold the same values and goals as you and the people you can most help in your business.

But wait... there's more than one tribe in your business.

In fact, there are 3 tribes every business needs to attract and nurture to be successful.


I explain it all over here, with examples, simple action steps and even a graphic so you will totally get it.
Here's a few of the things we'll cover in this episode
  • The definition of a tribe and what a business tribe is
  • An example of 2 businesses in the same niche with very different tribes - which one can you relate to?
  • Tribe #1 and how to use language to attract that tribe
  • Tribe #2 that most people ignore and if they don't, usually stuff up
  • Why Tribe #2 is essential to grow your business in 2022
  • Tribe #3 which so many entrepreneurs pride themselves on NOT needing but it is so essential to create long term survival.
  • I share how I gradually built my own 3rd tribe, what happens if you end up with the WRONG 3rd tribe and how you can create your own.
Plus I have a cool graphic and an action plan you can take THIS week - with an example of the "completed homework" on my own website to inspire you.
Scarecited Challenge
Scarecited: That feeling you get when you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you are scared but feel the buzz of opportunity and excitement...
  • Share your ah-ha's from today's episode below, or on socials, or privately with a friend. Why was that ah-ha important to you?.
  • Choose ONE thing from your ah-ha and schedule now to take action on that THIS WEEK.
  • Hey you can tag me @janetbeckers on all socials. If you share a great ah-ha I'll repost in my stories and shine the light on you. Scarecited?
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is I want you to sit down and identify what it is you believe in your business?
Write as few or as many as you like.

You can check out The 15 Things I Believe in Business over here to give you inspiration.

This will help you to get some clarity that helps you with the rest of your messaging, and will make it easier to communicate and attract your three tribes.

This is one of the exercises we perfect in The Profit in You module of The Attract Your Tribe Academy.
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Go get 'em folks!
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