Look a Squirrel! How to Stay Focused on Your Business

There is something very special about us entrepreneurs. You see, entrepreneurs are visionaries which means we see life as full of possibilities.
This means we always see different things we can be doing to improve our businesses, and in fact, we often have a great list of ideas of potential businesses we might try next (or maybe, try now).
But there comes a problem with this. When you see life as full of possibility, how to stay focused on your business? When every time you start to focus.....ooh look there goes a squirrel!
You know what I'm talking about.
Squirrels, or bright shining objects, all those distractions in your business.
In this week's short and sweet episode, I share the solution to these dangerous distractions by introducing The Book of Squirrels. 
Show Notes
  • Why squirrels impact business owners of all sized businesses
  • How to recognise the symptoms
  • What is the Book of Squirrels?
  • The step by step process to stay focused on your business so you can cage those little squirrels 
  • Action steps you can do TODAY