HOW TO GET CLIENTS ONLINE IN 2022 - Big Changes Are Coming

Just a few sleeps until an over-dressed bearded man sneaks into your house to leave presents 🙂

Not creepy at all!
But you know what's NOT creepy?
This week's episode of Romance Your Tribe Podcast.
This week will fuel you with informed predictions to dazzle friends and family around the Christmas table when they ask "so how's business?".
In just 33 minutes I dive deep into some big changes I know are happening right now that will impact on the way you do business online in 2022.
These are subtle changes but actually really friggin' huge.
I detail the 3 main things that you really, really need to buckle down on baby, in order to be proactive, and for your business to really survive through these changes, because a lot of people are not going to.
In fact, let's do more than survive, OK?
You'll be positioned to thrive!
Here's what we cover in this episode
  • The big changes happening in online business in 2022 and how to recognise them yourself
  • The major shifts I've seen online in the last 20 years (yep I've been doing this THAT long)
  • The signs that are pointing right now to another big shift.
  • Why everything boils down to Traffic (how easy and how expensive) and Competition (shifts that make it harder to get seen in the crowd)
  • How worldwide lockdowns have changed online business and why you need to take this very seriously
  • Why Facebook Ads are super hard now to make profitable and what you need to do instead to get a steady stream of new clients
  • What I have done myself to prepare for 2022 and resources I have to help you.
Scarecited Challenge
Scarecited: That feeling you get when you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you are scared but feel the buzz of opportunity and excitement...
  • Share your ah-ha's from today's episode below, or on socials, or privately with a friend. Why was that ah-ha important to you?.
  • Choose ONE thing from your ah-ha and schedule now to take action on that THIS WEEK.
  • Hey you can tag me @janetbeckers on all socials. If you share a great ah-ha I'll repost in my stories and shine the light on you. Scarecited?
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