Tribe Spotlight: From Start Up To Booked Out FAST

Why is it some people struggle for years in business and then others, in the same industry, seem to have meteoric success in just a very short time?

Today you get the rare opportunity to go behind the scenes in a transparent case study of one such business.

Kate Perkins is one of my VIP clients whose business was just 6 months old when we started working together. Kate is a cancer rehab occupational therapist and lymphedema therapist, specifically focus on women with breast cancer. She helps those who have been diagnosed with cancer and who are either undergoing treatment or recovering, to become stronger and regain their strength and vitality.

From Start Up To Booked Out and Expanding International FAST
When we met, Kate had worked hard to get her first few clients. In the 18 months since then, together we cracked the code to attract perfect clients and Kate's business is now booked out, she has become a sought-after specialist and joint-venture partner with the leaders in her industry, she has opened her own clinic (instead of hiring a room in someone else's clinic part time) and is about to launch her first international online program. All while being a mum to a pre-schooler and living a coastal surfing life!

Because I've been working closely with Kate, I've got to see what makes her unique. This rapid rise did not happen by chance.

You'll see what it is about Kate that I would just like bottle up and gift to every single person that I know! We're going to pull that apart and uncover things that everybody can model. Then we'll look step-by-step at the exact strategies Kate used to get the fastest results with the least amount of effort.

In this episode we discuss:
  • The time-line of Kate's growth and the pivot point when this started to grow FAST

  • How Kate narrowed her niche

  • Starting small and thinking big

  • Marketing to people who already have your customers

  • The unique strategy Kate uses to get consistent referrals from specialists

  • What to do when you get no clients for 7 months

  • Systemise what is already working and ramp it up

  • Good, Better , Best goals and how Kate 5x her Good goal in the first month

  • Relationships and joint ventures

  • What makes a joint venture work (and what are red flags that it won't)

  • An insight into the mind of a true achiever, and what you can model.

  • Driven by vision (and a surfing story)


Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. A bonus worksheet for you to download "The Joint Venture Partnerships Prep Worksheet to attract the perfect clients without advertising".

You can check out the brilliant free video training Kate has created to help women who have had breast cancer surgery start to regain strength and movement in their arms.
Click the image below to download the BONUS worksheet!