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Janet Beckers in The News
Want to get to know me and my work better? I love being a guest on podcasts, or on other people's stages because these clever people ask questions and share insights that rarely come out when I am speaking solo.

It's also interesting to be interviewed for someone else's book because they have their own unique take on my journey. Plus I get to talk about things I don't usually explore in my own books.

If you have an audience who you think will get value into my approach to life and business then I'd love to hear from you (and see your name below).

There's a link below to find out more about teaming up with me as a speaker.

Oh and true confessions: I have never kept a record of all the speaking gigs and books I've been part of. So when it came to create this page, my team had to Google me! Apologies if I have not featured you below if we have worked together. Just contact me and let me know. I'd love to link to you below.
Offline Events Featuring  Janet Beckers
Title: Speak Up! Stepping into Digital Marketing and Videography
Host: Julie Watson
Title: Speaker Training
Host: Joanna Martin
Title: Million Dollar Diva (Safe Money Millionaire)
Host: Ingrid Arna
Books and Print Featuring  Janet Beckers
Title: Our Internet Secrets: How to Find Financial Freedom on the Internet
Author: Andrew & Daryl Grant
Title: How Successful Mums Made a Million Online and How You Can Do It Too!
Author: Mell McGee
Title: Ultimate Life Lessons
Author: Eve Grace-Kelly
Podcasts Featuring  Janet Beckers
Title: Should You Renovate Or Detonate Your Online Business With Janet Beckers
Host: James Schramko
Title: Speak Up! A Stronger Than My Excuses Show
Host: Julie Watson
Title: How to Create Success And Stand Out From The Crowd
Host: Angus Pyke
Title: Episode 31: Janet Beckers
Host: Christopher M. Duncan
Title: Romance Your Tribe Online. Start Wooing Your Clients Today.
Host: Suzi Dafnis
Title: From Zero Sales to a Six-Figure Income
Host: Amy Selbach
Title: Romancing Your Tribe with Special Guest Janet Beckers
Host: Randall Dobbins
Title: Influencer vs Tribal Business Leader
Host: Ilana Welcher
Title: Janet Beckers /w Romance Your Tribe
Host: Bob Clark