You Don't Need a Sales Letter To Make 6 Figures

Truth bomb.

You don't need a sales letter to make 6 figures on your online business.

In fact, you don't even need a website!
Before you call B.S. watch this 60 second video. I show how I've done exactly that.

There goes your last excuse!
Busting the Myth
Down at my beautiful beach with some myth-busting for you on building your business online.
Here's one:
You do not need a website or a fancy sales letter in order to make multiple six figures of sales through your business on things you can be delivering online; courses, group programmes, whatever it is that you do.
Want some proof?
My accelerator programme, which I have been selling for a couple of years now, it's my highest priced programme where I work closely with people.
I have never made a sales letter for it. When I first offered it, I thought I'll just do it in a PowerPoint presentation and save it as a PDF.
Then if people buy it, I'll turn it into a sales letter. Well, honestly, multiple six figures, why turn it into a sales letter?
The PDF works!
The 2021 Really Simple Online Tools Guide
Websites are sooo last decade. Want to see why I ditched my wordpress website last month and what the cheapest, simplest and best tools are for 2021?
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The 2021 Really Simple Online Tools Guide

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