Why Even Bother Trying When There Are Already So Many Coaches?

Are you ANOTHER coach?

I mean really?

There are already so many out there.

Why even bother?

Does this sound like a conversation that's been running around in your own brain?

Harsh isn't it?

Oh and by the way, insert YOUR speciality to replace the word "coach" above.

It's your mind chatter after all :)

I've got a reframe for you today PLUS I back it up with PROOF that your noisy brain whisperer has got it sooo wrong.

3 minutes, you, me and your ear worm.... Over here :)

Why Even Bother Trying?
There plenty of other coaches out there, what makes you different?
In fact, why even bother because there's already heaps of people out there that can help people. Why do they need another person to help them?
I know this is going through a lot of people's minds and I've just voiced it for you.
And I've got a reframe for you because... 
The reality is, you are still needed.
Here is proof.
I want you to think about the top 10 charts for the most popular songs in the world.
Think about what are the topics, what sort of songs make it in the top 10?
And in fact, I reckon 99% are the ones that make it into the top 1.
I bet if you're going to have a look at that, the majority of those songs are love songs.
Surely the world has heard enough love songs?
I tell you what, they're NEVER going to get sick of it.
There is always room for another love song :)
Just like there is ALWAYS room for another business coach, another life coach, another service provider, or whatever it is that you do brilliantly.
How Do You Stand Out Differently?

Well, some people play classical, some people are rock, and some people are country.

So what are you?

The way to do this is I really, really want you to do the work to discover...

What is the profit in you, the profit in your story?

What is it that's so unique about you?

Not just you as a person, but also you in your history of WHY you've chosen this business.

Why have you chosen out of everything to do this business and help these people?

What is it about when you do work with people? How do you do it?

Because honestly there is ABSOLUTELY something unique about you.

Your unique rhythm and lyrics. 

That is your unique love song, your number 1 hit.

So yes, there may be a lot of competition out there, there always will be, but there will always be room for another love song.

Just get out there and write it baby!

Share With Me

I'd love to hear from you.

What is that thing, that you know that you bring that's very special to the way that you work with people?

Come and share with me.

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