Who Is REALLY Being Exploited In Your Business?

If you've ever said "I don't want to exploit my customers by charging too much / emailing them all the time / asking them to buy / breathing" ...then this short and sweet video is for you today.
I'm especially looking at YOU if you are in any kind of healing, counselling or coaching profession (I see you).
Here's a quick mindset reframe that may possibly feel like a kick in the guts to you but it is delivered with love.
It's time to make a difference baby!
Watch now or read on.
It's only just over 3 minutes.
Do You Exploit People?
You know what?
I bet you exploit people.
Yep! People who really need your help that you just take advantage of them, exploit them, and charge them money in order for you to help.
Is that what's going through your mind?
If so, no! This is really, really common.
I work a lot with people who are in some sort of healing profession, which could be from an occupational therapist through to a counsellor, to a clairvoyant, to a massage therapist, to a doctor, people who help people, who have a gift and learning to heal people.
And they have in their mind that, deep down, they are bad for taking money for it.
So here is a reframe.
Are you inviting people to exploit you?
All of the work, the time that you take to do what you do so well, are you asking people to exploit you?
Are you, with such limited time that you have available to you and responsibilities that you have to your family, to your loved ones, to yourself, are you inviting people to exploit you and expect you to do for nothing?
That feels icky, doesn't it?
So that's what you're doing, okay?
Change Your Mindset
I really want you to keep in your mind whenever you have yourself thinking; "Oh, I don't want to exploit people. I feel really, really bad."

I want you to turn it around and say; "Am I inviting them to exploit me?"
Because that's kind of icky.
So my darlings, you do great work!

You get transformation for people. People need you.

Also, I bet you are very good at what you do and you deserve to have that respect and not be exploited by those people who you help.

I'd love to hear from you.

Is this something where you go, "Oh, that just hit me in the gut"?

Or are you thinking, "No, I never ever think that"?

If you never ever think that, that is so awesome! Because it just means you truly are valuing what you bring to the table. If you find yourself deep down that there is that kind of an icky feeling there, know that this is really, really common and it is not going to be something that goes away easily, okay?

Stay Vigilant
So you have to stay vigilant on this all the time, checking in, asking yourself, are you inviting people to exploit you?
You're going to have to do this no matter how successful your business gets. Every single time, there is going to be a barrier that brings that up, a new layer for what you earn.
So just be aware, okay?
"This is something I have, something that's deep in my mindset. I'm just going to have to stay vigilant."
And the word "exploiting" is not going to happen from you. I know!
So don't invite people to do that to you.
Go out there, make a difference, people need you!
And if you need help, I am here for you to help you to get your message out there, make a difference in the world, help a lot of people, and make a shitload of money along the way.