When Pro Branding and Photos Are a Bad Idea For Your Biz

Myth busting to start your week :)
You DO NOT need pro branding, photos and website to be taken seriously in your biz.
Well, actually it's a great idea but NOT until you do this one thing that is heaps better first.
I explain why it is actually a REALLY bad idea and what works better instead in today's 60 second video.
Then I show you WHEN investing in a pro presence inline is an EXCELLENT investment.
Stuff "fake it until you make it"... let's just "make it" instead!
A Big Myth on Building an Online Business
Biggest myth: You need to have a really professional-looking branding, professional website set up so people will take you seriously.
DON'T do this until you have nailed this ONE thing first!
You must know that you have got an offer that converts really well to your most profitable avatar.
Because that way you know that if you're going to be investing time in building this great website and great branding, that it's actually talking and appealing to the people who are going to pay you.
THEN you can worry about all of that.
Now, I have link down below to a replay where I talk about the great resources from where you can start, so you don't overspend to start with.
The 2021 Really Simple Online Tools Guide
What the cheapest, simplest and best tools are for 2021?
The button below goes to the replay page for the training on this, plus all the links to what works now.
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The 2021 Really Simple Online Tools Guide

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