The Unsexy Truth Of Content Marketing Success

The unsexy truth about what successful people do to market their business online that other people just don't do.

It's not rocket science but that doesn't mean it's easy.
Yep, it's the C word.
Flood and drought of visibility, communication and connecting gives predictable results in your business.
Yep, predictably, flood and drought... of your cash flow!
In this super short video I give you some solutions on how to be consistent without burning out and living your life on social media and writing emails.
And when you want some help to know WHAT to say and WHO to, you can get deep dive exercises on this and heaps more in my all-new workshop Create a Wildly Successful Online Business.
Be Consistent
I've got some very unsexy news for you.
If you're finding that you've got great offers, you know exactly who you'll help, and then sometimes you'll do really well at any business, and then other times you're struggling to get the sales, and yet you'll have a look at other people in your industry who for years have been at the top of the game, there's usually one thing that is separating you....
And that is consistence of visibility, of turning up every single week.
So if you're like a lot of people and hey, hands up! I have to really struggle with this too
If you've got like a flood and drought of you actually being visible, getting your message out there, you need to make sure that you've got a framework, a system that is going to allow you to consistently turn up with your core messages, wherever your ideal customer hangs out, whether that's online or offline.
Do you have a system to do that?
It may be that you're like me and you like to batch.
I record these videos every few months and just go flat out and do them in one go.
For me, that works because then I can forget about it.
For other people, they really like to be able to create on the fly and like turning up live.
That works well for them.
Just find whatever works for you, whatever medium works for you:
video, audio, writing, memes, images, whatever it is that works for you, just do it consistently.
I Challenge You
So, my challenge to you is...
How are you going to show up for the next 30 days?
Do you have a plan?
Are you going to make it happen?
Do you have a system around it?
That's going to make a huge difference.
Do this for the next 30 days.
Get visible, get out there, get consistent!
If you need help, I've got programmes that can help you to get clear on what you're going to say, what you're going to do, what your messages are, and how to get consistent.
Otherwise, just make it happen, okay?
Go get them!