Rant Alert. How DARE You Sell That!

Occasionally I get really pi**ed off.

There are things people teach in my industry that are simply totally lacking in integrity.

And there is a very good chance you may be following this advice.

In today's 2 minute Monday Motivation I share what that advice is, ask you the tough question...
"How DARE you sell that?"
And how to know if I am looking YOU in the eyes when I say that... and what to do instead so you know you are always acting with integrity.
Asking The TOUGH Questions
I want to do a bit of a rant on something in my industry that drives me crazy.
It's to do with integrity and I do not want you to fall into this trap.
This is what it is.
If you have been investigating for any time about how you're going to move your business from being one-on-one to make it scalable, and to be able to grow your business internationally, you will have heard about the importance of having your own signature framework; YOUR way that you take people from point A to point B in their transformation.
Now, a really common thing to do is when you're creating a course is to put a course out there that has a framework and then get it out there as fast as you can and sell it.
BUT there's an important step missing and that is...
Do you know with absolute confidence, can you prove that if you take people in to one of your programmes and you walk them through the process, that they're going to get the results that they want?
Do you know?
Is that true?
Do you have the case studies?
Can you prove it?
If you can't, what the hell are you doing selling it?
What You Should Do Instead
This is what we do as part of the Attract Your Tribe Academy.
People know exactly there's a great process for working out that framework and then we run, first of all, a founding members programme.
So, at the end of that, you know what steps are missing and what steps may not be needed.
You know that you've got case studies, you've got testimonials and there is nothing more powerful when it comes to marketing your framework, marketing your solution, than the confidence that you have that I know this is going to get you the results.
So, if you need help putting this into place, just contact me, that's what I do.
But my question to you is...
Have you missed this step or can you totally own it?