Price With Confidence With the Truth and Dare Game

Let's play a game...

A game of Truth or Dare with a twist.

The prize?

Confidence to raise your prices and charge what you're worth

…and baby you're worth your weight in gold :)

I teach you the rules in this week's 5 minute video.

Price With Confidence
I'm here with a game of truth or dare.
This is actually one of the activities that we do in our "Sell It Baby, Sell It!" module in the Attract Your Tribe Academy, because when it comes to you actually pricing your offerings in your business, doesn't it bring up some stuff?
It really does and if you are in any kind of healing profession especially, it brings up a lot of stuff.
Lets face it. If you're female and from birth you've been told to help people, you're gonna have that extra hurdle as well.
So here is a tool that you can be using to help you when you are really feeling the struggle to charge what you are worth.
And it is this, the truth and dare game!
Truth and Dare
I want you to think about the price that you are thinking that would be fair to charge.
Then I want you to write down the TRUTH.
How does that make you feel?
What's going on in your mind?
What's going on in your gut?
Then I want you to write in the DARE column.
What would I have to be like?
How would I have to think in order to be the kind of person that is so easy for them to be able to ask that amount of money?
Now I'm assuming it's really you. Still with the same ethics, integrity and the caring that you are bringing.
So it's the same person, but how would you have to think differently?
I think of this as Janet and super Janet, when I'm doing this myself.
Double It
Here's another activity.
That price that you had in mind...
I want you to DOUBLE it and then I want you to write down what comes up for you.
What goes through your mind?
What are you thinking?
Then I also want you to put, well, how would I have to think differently?
How would SUPER YOU have to think differently to be totally confident in charging that amount?
Halve It
Now the next question.
I want you to go back to that original amount that you were gonna charge, and I want you to halve it.
Then I want you to write down the truth.
What's really going through your mind?
Are you feeling more relaxed about it?
Or maybe you're feeling some resentment?
I want you to really be honest, you're the only person reading this.
Then in the other column, I want you to put down SUPER YOU, what would they be thinking if they were asking that particular price?
Do the Activity As Many Times As You Want
Now this is such a good activity to do. You know, you can keep on going 2 times, 10 times, a hundred times, like get ridiculous! But just the whole idea is the truth and dare.
So the more that you do this, the more sometimes that you can realize the stuff that's going through your mind and you can call BS on it.
At some point you're gonna get to a stage where you're gonna go, "Even super me is, whoa, that's a tough call".
A lot of people will say, "Charge this (insert huge amount here)" but if you do not do this work and you energetically cringe at the idea of asking that amount, you're gonna sabotage, it's NOT gonna work.
So you need to do this work to find that point where you are super confident and a little bit scared, of that price.
Try it, the truth and dare. Like I mentioned before, it's actually one of the activities that we have in the Attract Your Tribe Academy program.
If you'd like to know more about that, send me a message and I will give you all of the details. And I've also got some really good FREE training for you. I talk about the truth and dare in there as well. You'll see a link down below.
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Also, I'd love to hear from you.
Have you done do this activity? Let me know what came up for you.
What was going through your mind when you did the truth and what was SUPER YOU thinking in the dare aisle?
I'd really, really love to hear from you and I know it will help other people as well.
Go get 'em!