Get the Splinters Out of Your Business Butt

If you're not attracting a tribe of people who see you as the leader they want to work with... then maybe it's time you got the splinters out of your butt!
In today's super quick dose of Monday Motivation (60 seconds) I share...
How you get splinters in your business butt, why this is essential and how to get the splinters out (and keep them out).
Go get 'em!
Get Off the Fence
Let's talk about splinters in your butt. What do I mean by that, and why is it important for your business?
Well, if you want to attract a tribe of people who see you as the leader, the person that they want to work with, they want to know what do you believe.
What are you strongly against in your industry that you will protect them from?
What do you strongly believe in that really creates the way that you work with people and help them to get results?
They want to hear. Because if you're going to sit on the fence, try to please everybody, you're going to get splinters in your butt.
So you got to get off that fence, stand up and articulate what you stand for, and let people know. That's what creates a leader. That's what attracts your tribe.
And I want to hear from you.
What is it that you are strongly against and strongly for in your industry?
Because I want to see you step up and lead, baby!