Does Your Business Model Float Your Emotional Boat

Let's be honest... does your business model "float your boat"?
Do you feel like you're having fun?
A few years ago I had automated my business so much I realised I'd automated the fun out of it!
So, I made a simple change to my business and I loved it!
A few months ago I noticed there was something else I was craving in my business... and so I made a simple change again, and the joy is back :)
Curious to know what the 2 changes were?
Even more, want to know what you can do yourself to bring more joy to yourself in business?
Watch this 60 second video. I show you exactly that.
After all. You're the boss baby. You get to design a business that gives you joy!
Are You Enjoying Yourself?
Is your business, the model you're doing, actually fulfil what you get enjoyment out of?
Now, here is an example. I have a great business and I work with great people, and it is entirely online.
Now, a few years ago, I found I'd automated myself out of my business so much that I was missing personal contact. So, for a year or two, I decided to offer in-person retreats to get that connection.
It was just for me, not because everybody else wanted it. And once I got it out of my system, I went back to automating it.
Just recently, I've started looking locally to be able to create some groups of clients locally, simply because I want to meet them for cocktails.
What floats your boat?
You can modify these things. You have my permission.
Go for it!