1 Word Mindset Hack For Success - 8 of 15

Ready for a little mind control?
I'm talking about YOUR mind and giving you the tools to reprogram your OWN subconscious (for good not evil).
Today is Mind Hack 8 of 15 and I challenge you to try this out every day this week.
Replace one simple word with another and feel the difference it makes to your confidence to succeed.
Today's challenge?
Replace NOT ENOUGH With ---
"Not enough TIME"
"Not enough people registered"
Can you feel the panic?
Well, here's a simple one-word substitution, a One Word Hack that totally changes the way you look at the situation and removes the panic instantly.
All is revealed in this 60 second video... see how this will make a huge change to your confidence.
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I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
And hey if you have any examples of other one-word hacks I'd love to hear.
Just let me know. You might make it into my collection :)
Replace NOT ENOUGH with ---
Here's a one-word mindset hack to reprogram your subconscious for success, especially when things aren't going the way you want.
Here's an example:
Do you say, "I don't have enough time."
"There's not enough people who've turned up to my seminar or on my mailing list?"
Can you feel the panic?
Can you feel that sense of why bother?
So here is the one-word mindset hack, my challenge for you this week...
Replace "not enough" with "just enough".
"Just enough time."
"Just enough people."
Now, you might call BS on this, but it's going to focus on quality rather than quantity.
You'll be focusing on who turns up, and very often, you'll get better sales and better outcomes for those people who are there.
I Challenge You
That's my challenge to you this week.
That one-word hack just makes things so much more different.
Go get them! And let me know how you go this week.