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Romance Your Tribe Podcast
How do you attract a tribe of loyal fans online who LOVE your brand? You  know, those people who value what you do, pay without complaining, take action with your guidance and get great results.

That's what The Romance Your Tribe Podcast is all about.
A mix of entertaining expert interviews, behind-the-scenes masterclasses with your host Janet Beckers, insightful panels and inspiring interviews with action takers from our own community in our monthly Tribe Spotlights.

Every episode gives you inspiration and practical action steps so you can create a tribe of loyal fans online who LOVE your brand. So you can work less, attract awesome customers from around the world and make a greater impact with your own online programs.
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FREE Romance Your Tribe Facebook Group
Find your tribe over in our free and private Facebook Group. You'll get behind-the-scenes stories, discussion of the weekly podcast and opportunities to promote your business each week and find other great business friends to support you in business. 
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Video Marketing Playbook
Discover the most cutting edge video marketing strategies that are working right NOW. In this guide, the 25 World-Class Video Marketing Experts accepted as speakers in the 2021 Video Marketing Summit share:

* Their #1 Video Marketing Tip for 2021 and,
* Their favourite tools they use and recommend right now.

PLUS Bonus...

* Quick Tip Videos from every speaker
* Special software deals
* A list with links to all the gear we use and recommend so you don't have to go searching.

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Business Wheel of Life Template
Find The #1 Opportunity Unique To YOUR Business For Your Fastest Path To More Profit, More Time and More Impact RIGHT NOW.

The EXACT deep-dive tool I use with my VIP Accelerator clients, you will..

Know Your Risk Score In The 3 Most Vulnerable Areas of Your Business and...
Stop Wasting Your Time and Resources On The Wrong Priorities
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Success Maps
Get crystal clear on the steps you need to take, in the RIGHT ORDER, to attract a tribe of clients who LOVE what you do, and see YOU as the Tribal Business Leader they want to work with.

Includes a detailed step-by-step Success Map personalised for each of the 5 entrepreneur types so you know EXACTLY what to focus on and what to ignore.

Stop wasting time, money and heart-ache on things that won't get you results.
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