Why This is the Last Podcast Episode

Today is the very last episode of the Romance Your Tribe Podcast.

As you'll hear (or read if you prefer) in this episode, this is not just an end but also an exciting and scareciting beginning.

And it all came from doing the exact exercises I taught YOU to do just a few weeks ago.

Just before Christmas I shared my "step-by-step ritual I do at the end of every year" and "3 questions to ask yourself to find your personal success formula".

I did these exact exercises myself and then gave myself the space and permission to IMAGINE.

The result is a calm clarity on what gives me joy in business and the impact I really want to make in the world.

And the confidence to make it happen.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • The exact process I used to get clarity on what is right for me NOW
  • My big ah-ha's
  • A HUGE personal insight from my most recent decluttering frenzy
  • What I need to be willing to let go in my business to go to the next level
  • The steps, and WHAT order I am implementing these changes
  • Rebranding, websites and messaging
  • Why I no longer will use "tribe" in my brand
  • Being my own case study
I'd love to hear your thoughts and be very grateful for any ideas you have to share with me. I know I have incredibly clever people in my online community so feel free to email or message me your thoughts.

And my commitment to you?

I'll be sharing with you, every week, the exact steps I am taking to implement the changes in my business using the exact same processes I get such great results with my clients.

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Hello, and welcome Janet Beckers here. Well, today is a very unusual episode of romance your tribe podcast, because today is the very, very last episode, I will be doing. Wow. So, um, what you're going to hear today is, why why on earth? Am I doing this? And how does that fit in with my business? My business model changes that kind of happening in my business?
And also, what can you learn from the process that I'm going through, that you can apply in your own business. So that's what I'm going to do in today's podcast. Because this episode is not only an end, as in the end of the romance, your tribe podcast. It's also a really exciting beginning and kind of scare sighting, very scare sighting, which is that feeling that you get when you don't what, this is pretty exciting.
If I can do this, this is going to be really exciting. But I'm scared. So that's what I'm going to do is walk you through that process today. So let's get started. I will attempt to do this. And a big picture way for you. Because what I am going to be doing over the next couple of months is as I implement the changes that I'm going to be sharing with you, I'm also going to share with you really transparently the steps I'm taking, and what's working and what's not.
So talk about that. Now, does that scare site me? Oh, yeah. So that's a good reason to do it. So I'll be able to dive more into details and the way that I'm making decisions, and the processes and the steps over these next few weeks, I just won't be delivering it as a romance or tribe podcast episode, I'll be delivering it in a different format.
So you will still be getting that. So make sure that you keep an eye on your inbox, because I'll be making some changes that I want to make. So you can make sure that you can watch me be my own case study and share that openly with you, as I'm going. So my intention today is give you some ideas about the process that has led me to the decision that I have made.
What is that decision, and then I will give you an overview of the steps that I'm going to be taking in order to implement and the thing is, it's not just the steps, it's the order that I'm going to be doing them. Because the order is quite different to what most people would expect to do. And the order that I'm going to be doing it can be really uncomfortable for people.
And importantly, the order that I'm going to be doing it is the exact order that I get my clients to do when I'm working with them. So that we know that we're focusing on just getting that cash in the bank baby. And really testing to see if what you're thinking people are going to want is actually what people are going to pay for. So you'll see what I mean, as I give you that overview, but you'll be getting that in more detail as I go.
Okay. So let me first of all walk you through the process that I used to get clarity on what I want leading forward in my business from 2023. Onwards, and what changes need to be made, and where this podcast fits in with that. So the process that I use is actually a process that I shared with you just before Christmas.

Now, I when I share processes and things with you, I'm doing them myself, and I'm doing them with my clients. So it's not just something a theory that I came up with. It's something that I'm actually doing over and over in mine and their businesses. So I shared with you two episodes just before Christmas. Now I really, really powerful one is the one that is called three questions to ask yourself to find your personal success formula.
Now, I won't go into all the details because that was a podcast episode on its own. And we'll put a link there for you so that you can go and check it out. But the important thing is the AHA hours that I got as a result of that. Now the questions I'll share those with you. They are very first of all, just say like what's worked really well for me what's working for me now.
And what's worked for me in this last year. Now you can ask yourself this every week if you want to. So the time period is not as relevant. But it's a great thing to do at the end of the year. Now, this is so I did this exercise, what's been what's working well now. Now as this is that is self is unusual, because so many times we focus on what's not working, what do I need to fix?
This was a really powerful question. What is working right now? And then the next question is to ask yourself is why? Man? That is a great question. Like, why is that working? Why? Why am I getting results in this? Why is this thing? Easy. And this can be any personal life, your business life? Doesn't have to just be a business? Okay, so closely linked, especially the people that I always work with?
Where you are the person who is usually the core person in the business, you are the person who is the face of the business, who has the ideas, the brand, the buck stops with you. So personal and business are so so intricately linked? So after asking yourself that question, why is this working, that's gonna give you an idea of your own success formula.
Like, this is what works for me, for my personality, my lifestyle, my constraints, my industry, what works for you, so you can totally own it, okay, and not feel as if you have to be emulating other people who you see as having success. You want to know that this is what works for me, my type of person. Now, the next thing you can do is alright, well, what's not really working on I know happy with.
And then you can ask yourself, Okay, well, can some of this stuff? Like, do I need to do it? Am I just doing it? Because I've always done it? Or everybody else does it? Can I look at that? And also, if I'm looking at okay, well, no, actually, this is this is important. And again, personal or business. But can I make it work better? Can I make it easier?
Can I make it more joyfilled? By looking at the why? From what was working? Well? Can I apply that? Why? You know, why was it working? Can I apply that little success formula, and see if I can change the way that I'm doing things that maybe aren't working so well. So this is the process that I did. Now, I also shared another ritual, which I do every single year.
It's a 16th year that we've done it myself and my family. And it's the celebration board. It's a ritual that I do every single year, between Christmas and New Year. Now, I shared that with you as well. And it's a really powerful one to do before you start doing any other planning. Because you go into that planning with a sense of what's working well, what you've enjoyed, what you want more of in your life, and a sense of hope and possibility.
So now the next thing that I did do, and I shared with you in that pot, those two podcasts, bigger hearts that I had as a result of just doing those exercises. And when I recorded them. Well, especially the three questions one, I shared, I recorded that podcast like the week after I had done that. So the next thing that I've done is something that we rarely take time to do.
And that is allow yourself the space and give yourself permission to just imagine. So this year, I did something that I don't think I've ever done before. Which is I didn't really care. If I didn't produce a podcast for the last few weeks. I didn't care if I wasn't, you know, I hadn't scheduled out all of the emails that were going to go while over the Christmas break.
And for holidays. I just decided that you know what, this is not as important at the moment because I know that there are going to be changes next year. And I want to get clear on what they are. And I know that it is going to be more important for me to let go of the to dues and just be and just allow myself to imagine. So that was a really important thing to do.
Now normally if I'm going to do that I would have already scheduled things out before but I hadn't been that organized this year. And I just decided that was okay. So you don't necessarily have to let everything go in order to give yourself that space. If you can put in some time to automate yourself for a week or so, or it may be just going away for a weekend where you're going to give yourself that space.
But allow yourself to imagine, and not just go straight into right action, let's go. Because you may then have to go and do the work again. Because you didn't quite visualize the way that was going to be right for you. So that's what I did. And so that's a simple process. But really, really powerful. If you take the time to really own it, really own the results that you're finding, and give yourself that space.
So that was the process I use to get the clarity for what is right for me now. So if you're thinking, You know what, this would be a good thing for me to do go back and listen to those two last two episodes that I did just before Christmas. And I'll have links for you in the show notes. Now, the next thing is, what were the AHA hours. And I, the very first thing that I might do is by sharing with you a personal insight that I got from my most recent decluttering frenzy, which I'm actually still in the middle of now, I'm going to share this with you because it helps you to understand to vary, I've got two big hearts that came from this.
And this first one is very much an internal one, very much around the way that my mind was working and the way my subconscious was working. And a big aha that came from that. So back to the decluttering because this is the good example. Now, I'm a person who, whenever I finish a project, before I can start the next one, I just have to declutter.
And it's really a it's a really healthy psychological thing. It's not a planned thing. It's just like I go, it's I just know that I have, I want to go into a new project with amazing energy. I want don't want to be carrying any baggage, it feel weighed down by things that are incomplete. I want to be able to go in and start nice and fresh and light. And so my natural thing is to declutter.
Now, I've I've done this my whole life, I think. And I'd honestly I get focused and my family have this whole sort of quick hide something if you don't want it to go. Because if we haven't used it for a while it's out of here. Now, what I noticed is a really different thing. I noticed a very different emotional response in myself when I decluttered to things in my office.
Now, I decided I was going to go through the filing cabinets and just clear stuff out. Because you know what? I'm pretty paperless. I'm very much about not printing. And so we don't really need filing cabinets. But we had chockablock so I decided to go through the filing cabinet. Now the thickest file in this filing cabinet is the one that's called personal development.
Now in that file I have kept from over the years, all of the different personality profiling, and I don't just I don't just do a normal personality profile like all in I invest in a course where it goes in deep. And then how do you apply that? I'm fascinated with this work, because this allows me to really get to know myself and to know my strengths, my weaknesses, and it helps me to be able to succeed.
Doing so there's a few personality profiling, especially the strengths tests that I get my clients to do, because it helps me to be able to advise them on really, strategies are going to work best for them. Rather than just saying here's a blanket one. So these are really, really important to do so Eric and I have done practically every single one over the years.
And I have kept all of these reports a lot of them have been printed out a lot of them were from workshops I attended physically now. Excuse me. This has been one that I always keep those that don't get thrown out and I will look through them periodically. Not that often but when I do I get That's right. That's interesting. Yes, I must remember that and I also do them you know when I can we've done I've done them with my husband I've done them with my kids as well.
And for the very first time you know after there's about a decade's worth there I looked at and knowing, you know, I don't think I need this anymore. I know myself, I know myself really well. And I'm happy with that. I don't feel like I need to change. I don't feel like I need to discover further. And I'm totally cool with that. And so I just threw them all out.
Now, the interesting thing here was, I didn't have any real emotion that went with it, there wasn't a sense of loss of, I'm gonna throw them out, Oh, I've really enjoyed these. This was such a great thing. I got this wonderful insight from this, there was none of that. There wasn't a sense of guilt from throwing these out, or a sense of panic of, oh, what do I need?
You know, what if I need that? At the same time, there wasn't a sense of celebration, there wasn't a sense of just release the energy. Or fantastic. I've done enough of these that I'm cool with who I am. I understand myself. There wasn't that either. There was just nothing. It was just like, Oh, that's cool. I don't need that anymore. It's gone. Nothing very interesting.
I just thought that was truly fascinating. And the other one was, I also have kept, I do you know, I've always been, it's really, really important to keep yourself educated. And especially in an industry that changes a lot, but also just anything in business. So I've done a lot of courses. And when it became but only when I'm doing a course, I think I don't go and just go, Oh, that one's been advertised right now that sounds awesome.
I must have it. Maybe when I was a startup, I did, because everything would be important. But for years and years and years, now, I will go okay, I know that I need to master this, or I know that this is something that is new, I'm not gonna jump straight on it. But I've actually decided this will be an important thing for me to do, because it will help my clients, I will then go and look for the best course, the person who I trust, and that's what I do invest in it.
And so because I've taken that time I do the work, you know, we're not going to buy a course if I know that I'm not going to do the work, I'm not going to invest with a mentor. If I know that I'm only entering an encounter, you know, half assed, I'll just do it. And I'll do it really well. But I have kept workbooks that I had printed out things that they may have sent, books and books and books of different notes that I had taken, because I've always liked taking written notes, all these things, and I've kept them and sometimes I'll refer back to them going, Oh, maybe there's some ideas in here, or this is a great example.
And I realized, you know what, I'm keeping these as a way of second guessing myself that I don't know the answer. Because the important thing was this, because I have implemented, it's not theory, I've actually implemented this stuff and done it in my business. So I have had that extra value. And I don't need to go back and look at all these notes.
It's a thing of I don't trust my own wisdom. Therefore, I will keep these things from people who've been mentors, because I need to go back to it. And so again, I found myself going, You know what, I don't need this. I'm in contact with them. I if I can look at how I implemented it in my business. So I just threw all of those out. And we're going back.
And again, another decade. And again, I had the same thing of not an arrogant thing of I know all this stuff. Because I know every time I look into them, I go. That's interesting. That was a great way of explaining something, you'll always get something from them. But I didn't I didn't have that sort of feeling. And I didn't have a sense of I paid a lot of money for this.
I should keep it but just when I don't need it anymore. And they're also again, there wasn't a sense of celebration of Go me I've implemented I've learned this stuff. I've integrated it. There wasn't you know, any kind of I release it go it was just that's gone. So this for me was a really, this relates now back to my aha, I noticed that when when I'm start second guessing myself that is coming from.
So it's really an internal thing. And so the thing that I found was that when I did really well, it was because I was actually doing things the way that I know work for me. And I realized you know what? I know what my superpowers are my My superpowers are is I'm really, really good at identifying the unique brilliance in people, and then helping them to step up with confidence and strategy to claim their position as an industry leader online, I know that I can do that that is my superpower.
That is my happy place. When I own that, and just with confidence and calmly and no emotion, just do it, things are easy. So I don't need to second guess myself and look at different things that perhaps I should be better at. That's okay, I'm just going to be good at the stuff that I do. So that was number one is that I had been sacking my second guessing myself a lot, and had not been actually implementing the strategies that I have always used around relationship building, and joint ventures.
When it comes to building my business. I hadn't been doing it in my own business, I'd been second guessing and looking elsewhere, spent a fortune learning and testing Facebook ads, to see how they would work now. And I thought, You know what, really, I could have made far more sales just by doing what I do naturally. And importantly, what I was teaching my clients, what is part of the process that I use, that makes what I do unique, and what was getting them results.
So I thought that was very interesting. So my big aha is I had been second guessing. And I know that my own superpower way of doing things works, because it was working for my clients. So that was number one. Now the other thing that was an aha was the stage of business that my clients that I was working with, were in, and also the industry.
Now I have always worked with service based businesses. So people where they are the expert at what they do, or passionate about what they do. And, you know, I can be working from with people across a huge, huge amount of industries. And I've always loved that I just love learning about different industries, different people, their passions, but what I found this year, oh, and also, I tend to have always tended to work with what I call star blazers, if you're not familiar with my categorizing this five star types, when it comes to different stages in business, and they're not all linear, you can go just to my main website, and you will find the quiz, you know, to be able to do your workout, what stage you're at in business, what star type you are, I've always worked with star blazers, mostly, because there are people that I know that are getting so frustrated, they've been trying really, really hard, and they just need to get more clients, okay.
And there, they could have been doing this for a long time, or they may just be transferring from a corporate. Now. I've always worked with those people, as a lot of people, I can get results with them. And there's, it's you know, there's a lot of people online will market to people in that stage of business because, you know, that's where a lot of people are.
And it's always been the area that I was working with. Now, what I found by looking back at what I where things were really, really easy for me was when I was looking at the people who I was working with at my highest level. Now, interestingly, I had made a conscious decision to not markets my high end program. In the last year or so I was going to focus much more on marketing, my 2k my $2,000 program.
And yet, I would get referrals. And then I'd say let me just have a have a Yak with you and see, you know, if you'd be great to work with and I thought they're great, I'm really interested. Yep, I'll work with you. So I was still bringing people into the program. Without me not actively out there marketing it. Now, while and this is over the last few years, the people who have come into the program, it's pain, I realized that there were the stage of business that I was finding really, really easy to work with them.
And also an incredible satisfaction of the kind of impact that they can make in the lives of other people by implementing what I can help them with that felt really, really good to see them live, really, really changing lives. And that was people who fit These criteria. Most of these people, a lot of these people were in healing industries. So they were, they could be a health professional, that could be working, you know that they've got a lot of qualifications, they could be somebody that doesn't necessarily have a lot of qualifications, but they have got years and years and years of experience.
The important part is that they work in either people's physical health, mental health, or spiritual health. Now, I found that I was absolutely fascinated with working with these people. And also, I kind of had taken for granted and didn't see it. As you know, an important thing is my career before I started in business, I had decades of experience working as a registered nurse, as a nursing lecturer at university.
As a researcher, and community project leader. Working in public health in smaller rural areas, I had written books, and contributed to books on health, and creating community, to help communities to actually solve their own community health problems, I had all of that experience, I really, really good understanding of how the health industry works, how to fix individuals, and special restrictions and complications and opportunities, hadn't really taken that and marketed that or use that as a way of narrowing down the niche in the industries that I work with.
I liked the broad thing, but I realized, you know, what, I'm really, really enjoying this, I'm really loving it. And the other important part was working with people who have years and years of experience, they may not see themselves as an industry leader, but they haven't successful offline business. They are very often booked out. And but they're working one on one, and very often and what they can charge has been dictated by the industry, whether that is official, or whether there is exceptionally strong culture, about what you do charge.
Or they may have corporate as their markets, they're still providing those, you know, a healing type of education or consulting, to corporate, which means that they're, they're getting paid after they've done the work. And, again, they can have quite a bit of stress with that. So what I was finding is working with these people that have got years and years of experience, the big thing that I was doing with them, was helping them to work out, okay, you're clever it all so many things, let's choose the one thing that we can now turn into, you know, we can find that thing that's going to create your program, your thing that you can take online, that you can turn into a group program, so that you no longer have to work one on one.
And we're going to do it in a way that doesn't need a website doesn't need Facebook ads doesn't need social media doesn't even need an email list, we are going to do it in a way that is based on contacts and relationships in a very strategic way. And we're gonna turn your brilliance into something that you are very proudly going to be able to sell.
And we do that so you can have a pilot program, that you're getting the money in the bank before we worry about all this other stuff. And we know that this, that's your idea is this is what's going to get results. And the really, really exciting part is it very quickly establishes people as an industry leader. So I found working with those people who have success offline and now want to get some freedom.
They want to escape the one on one they want to be able to work when, where and with who they want work with. So doing that was very different to working with a broad number of people who was still having to really work out what was unique about them was still needing to find out about how do I communicate this so I can get get more clients.
Very different way of working with people and as much as I love working with all of these people. I realized you know what? This is an aha, this is easy. Really, really easy for me to do. And I know with absolute confidence I can get these people results. And so that was my big aha. So how does that now impact? What is going to be happening with the business?
And how does that impact on the podcast? So now let's have a look at going back to that decluttering is, what do I need to be willing to let go of, in my business? To go to the next level? What can I let go of, and sure, I might be feeling a little bit of that scare sided. But that's okay. Or I might not feel any particular emotion about it at all, just like I did, where I was talking about throwing out the personal development, and the business files.
So these are the things that I knew that I had to be ready to let go. I had to be willing to not try to help every body in every industry. And the hard part for me to do that is I had to be willing to face my biggest fear, which is letting people down. Like if I focus only on these people who were in healing industries, and only, at least for this next year, only on the people who are in that stage of business, where they're successful offline, but kidding.
So to hide and get it helping them go online, well, then I can't help all these other people. That's a really hard thing for me to let go off, I really, really struggled with that. The nice part though, is I know, there are so many people out there that can help people with this. And they will also just from what I will be sharing with people through my next content strategy will still be helping people.
So it just doesn't mean that they were unnecessarily going to find my programs. broad enough for them, if that makes sense. So that is a big thing is to decide, okay, I can actually go narrower, I don't have to worry about letting people down. There's other people that can help them. Sounds kind of crazy, you know, like, what's the big deal? That is huge for me.
The other thing is that I can be I'm gonna have to let go of my brand. And I'm going to share with you in a moment, I was going to let it go anyway. And I'll tell you why. And but this is perfect. Okay, so I needed to be willing to let go of my brand. And here is another one, I had to be willing to not offer, and provide support for and provide education for every single thing that I know, that I can help people with.
I mean, I've been doing this online business for such a long time now that I have an incredible wealth of knowledge from just the startup stuff right through to more sophisticated, running a business. As so many different processes, I know so much of that I could probably have numerous courses on all of those different things I'm gonna get, I need to let go of all of the things that I can do.
And only focus on the one thing, which is helping you to take what you do really, really well. And develop a high end, a high end group program to free up your time and then position yourself as an industry leader online. And then once you've tested that, to take that and then create it so that you can sell it over and over and over so you can leverage it.
So just doing that not doing everything else that you could do after you have got to that stage. So for me, that was a big thing. Of course, every single thing I ever do with people will always have mindset and productivity as a part of it because you cannot possibly do this and do it well without having the right mindset and having that support to help you to get stuff done.
So that's what I had to be willing to let go of in my business that they were the big folders that I had to just calmly let go. Okay, so now what I'm going to do is share with you the steps that I'm taking and in what order and with this one here, I'm going to go broader, okay, because we're going to go into a lot more detail over the next few weeks over the next two months probably for me to have done this full time.
In addition, so I will be sharing that extra detail there. But here is the big picture. The first thing I had to decide is around my brand. Now, romance your tribe has started, I've been using the romance your tribe metaphor for well over a decade, it started as me using it, when I was just teaching about the different steps in the, in the customer cycle, when it comes from, you know, really getting known to having first contacts with them to them being an ongoing client.
So I had a lot of fun with romance with it being around, you know, talking about flirting and push up bras and one night stands. And I had a lot of fun with that analogy. And that still works really, really well. Romance still works really well, and tried worked well, because I have always approached building a business around relationships and finding your own tribe.
Now, I, then that was the I just started using that. And the people on my mailing list in my programs really resonated with the language, it really, they got it. And I find that people will email me saying, I have, you know, I need to find my tribe, I need to create my tribe. So they would use the terminology that I used, and it worked really well. So that then became my signature system.
It became a book, it became a podcast, I changed, it became my full program, it became a program called then I took that to attract your tribe for a program and attract your tribe accelerator for the people who I work with closely. So over those years, it has developed more and more. I then it became that my website is Brent's your tribe.com. And I base a lot of this on work that was done by Seth Godin.
Because when he's written his book tribes, I really resonated with it and got it. And so that's worked really well. But what I had found in this last year or two, where I was experimenting a lot more with Facebook ads, so my messages, my videos and things would be getting in front of a cold audience, people who did not know me. And I started getting some nasty messages.
We you know, people always do that on Facebook ads, if they don't know your people, sometimes people are assholes. But but they were very specific there was saying that I should not be using the word tribe is cultural misappropriation and offensive. And so my reaction was, Oh, really. Because as an Australian, are First Nations people don't normally use the word tribe.
It's not necessarily a value laden word. In Australia, it is for some people I have found out, but it's not a big thing. So I thought, okay, is this just a couple of people, whatever virtue signaling, signaling, or is this actually true? What countries? Is it any in specific countries? Is it in? Is it just, you know, groups and groups within different countries? I really needed to understand this, because for two reasons.
One is it's a big, big decision to completely change all of my branding, because I've already said it was a book. It's a course it's the name of programs. It's my URL. It's my podcast, all of that has to change. So don't just go into this as a reaction. If this is actually not something that is really, really important. The second one, which for me, wasn't the main one was, if I'm causing people harm, by terms that were offensive.
I don't want to do that. I do not want to do that. So what I did is I have really done some research I've spent, I've talked to a lot of people in different countries. I've talked to people who run businesses that use the word tribe in them. I've talked to I've just, I've just talked to so many people, I've done lots of Googling, I've gone into groups. And what I realized is yes, a white woman using the word tribe, in the business sense, is offensive.
It is triggering to a lot of people, especially in the US, and the US is a market for me. I have a lot of us clients. And so the thing that comes from that is if me, you know, just because I did not know that that language was going to be a fit sieve to people. Because back when I started using it, it wasn't that wasn't necessarily as vocal. And also, as I was saying, being an Australian, it wasn't really registering as something for me, just because I didn't know does not mean that that gives me a free pass.
If I didn't know, and then somebody tells me, I must go and do my research. And if I find out that, yes, this is actually harming people and being offensive, well, I've just integrity dictates I need to do something about it. So I had already determined that I was going to change. But I had to go through all the decisions of what do I change to, before I go and change all of this.
So that word tribe is going to go anyway. So now, that was a bit important part of my brand. So let me now talk about the steps that I'm going to be doing. So the very first steps is, in order for me to really be able to get great messaging, and to be able to choose the right name for my programs. And for a new podcast. If I launch a new podcast, which is exceptionally likely, is I need to really understand my particular market.
Well, like what, like I do, because I've been working so closely with people, but I need to understand it better. What language do they use to describe themselves? What are their biggest frustrations? Do I need to narrow it down even further? Or is it okay for me to cover physical, mental and spiritual? So so my very, very first step is doing that work.
So avatar research, research online, seeing what other people in this industry, what language they're using, what they're offering, so what what we you know, what we have in our program for, you know, doing the competitive research, and then also running some interviews with people, like really talking to people, so I can understand and use their language.
So this is an important first step. So you will see over the next next week or so, I will be putting things out about, you know, can I just chat if you fit this criteria, so that I can really get to understand you, and here is what it's in it for you. So watch out for that you will see me doing this. And these are, the thing is, these are all the steps that I do with my clients.
Now, what normally people will do is do this step first. And you should always do this, okay. But it doesn't mean that you have to stop everything else, you can't do move forward until you started this. So the next thing I will be doing is really, really mapping out my network to because my relationships, I need to now look at the relationships that I have in business that I have with people in my industry with clients, people who I'd like to get introduced to now is going to be also including a lot more to do with this health industry.
So really understanding the relationships and developing reaching out and starting to develop those relationships. Now, I do this in a very specific way in a way that looks at power imbalances. And this, this is actually the way I've grown my business the whole way. And it's the technique that gets results with my clients. So that I will be doing that.
Meanwhile, for me, because I'm done changing over from tribe is very often what people will do is okay, I need to have a new brand. So before I go out there and start marketing this, I need to make sure that I've got the brand, I've got my language on my website, right. And I've got my offers, and it really represents what I do. Well, that is a really slow way to build your business.
So I'm walking my talk here, even though I have a website, even though it has a lot of content with me helping people what I do, even though I know that a website is really just a representation of your business model. So you know, your business model, you know your website is going to go okay, this is how I help you. This is what I offer. This is who I help That is your business model.
That's how you design your website. So even though I haven't made all of those decisions yet, I can start, I can start focusing on changing things around bit by bit, and I can start putting my program and putting it out there and selling it, okay, so I don't have to get that perfect. So as an example of imperfect action, even though the website is called romance, your tribe.com.
The first thing I'm going to be doing is changing my branding in my headers. So that is Janet Beckers for Janet beckers.com. Now, at the moment, Janet beckers.com, is just redirected to go to my about page. But ultimately, the entire website is going to be Janet beckers.com. And my offerings, they will have their own brand name. But I didn't have to wait until you know, everything is going to be transferred over because I know that to transfer over my domain name is a big job.
Because there's lots of links that have got romance your tribe in them my emails, or come from romance your tribe, there are lots of different things. And so for me to do that in a way that doesn't cause a hassle for clients, that doesn't mean that I'm going to drop all of my Google ratings, that is not going to mean anytime people click on something, it's going to go to a whoops, you've got the wrong link type thing.
That's a lot of work to do. And so I don't have to do that straightaway. So even though the website might be romance, your tribe.com, it will have the branding and the webs and content that is being developed and added to and updated week by week. So hopefully, by the time you get this, if you go to the you will see branding at the top for Janet beckers.com.
And you see, you know, my branding, I'm not going I don't have to go and get all new logos and all new colors and a new feel. I'm just using what I've already got and tweaking, keep it simple. Because that is not going to be the thing that makes this business successful. So so I'll be doing the avatar research, really starting to build and strategically communicate with my extended network and start changing my brand.
The then the most important thing is, I don't even have to start with the perfect name that is going to work for this market for my hiring program is I can still be offering it with some, you know, old branding or something that is boring, because I'm not going to go through and change every single wording and every single header on everything I do.
Because these are people I'll work closely with, I'll explain, hey, this is what's happening. This is a transition from all of our branding, but that's okay. So, because I'm not going to be going out doing a mess marketing, because I really only need to start with to have 10 clients. All I need, okay. And so that can happen just through conversations. So that's there is another thing that people will want to do first, make sure they've got their sales page 100% Perfect, they will want to make sure that they have got the name of the program and the branding and looking exceptionally Pro.
Now I'm still going to look Pro. But that stuff of getting the name and everything perfect, and you can't move forward until you've done that is a great way to go broke. Instead, I have an offer that I know is attractive because my existing clients are in that program now. But I'm going to modify it slightly so that it makes sense for this narrower market. And I'm giving myself permission that I can adjust it as I'm getting more and more research as I'm getting information coming through as I'd have sales calls and get feedback from people on what they would want.
And so what I will be putting out there is something I already know gets results for people and not putting anything in there that I'm not willing. You know that I don't want to have to say I bugger I've got to deliver that. And I really don't want to so because as I get clearer from Congress sections, I will add things now I'm not adding things that aren't needed.
But it may be something that people are going, this is the one thing in my industry, I need information on this. Or I, for example, this industry, in quite a few people have quite a few legal restrictions on what they can and can't say in their marketing and on the website. And that's okay. Because I have in my contacts, an expert on this topic, so that's okay.
So there's, you know, but there may be other things that come up that I can just add in things that are going to help. So that, again, is something that will make people really, really nervous. But this is what I do with my clients, we don't even do a sales page, we have I use, my clients use the exact same template that I use for creating my own handout PDF.
So I will be sharing with you over the next couple of months as I'm putting this together is exactly the order that I'm doing this. So it does require you to be a little bit brave. Because one of the biggest things that people worry about when it comes to marketing is criticism, is to seem unprofessional, to not have everything looking absolutely perfect.
And for that reason, a lot of people don't start or they spend six months in the creating the perfect website and getting the branding and all of that stuff before they actually start selling. Whereas where it takes a bit of bravery is to go, I know my stuff, I know I can get results. I know that this offer here is you know what I can deliver confidently. And here's a price that I feel happy to receive.
And just put it out there. If everybody says no, well, you've either talking to the wrong people, or you need to tweak your offer. And just need to be cool with that. Okay, so I'm going to be sharing with you this process as I'm going through this. And, and also Yes, I will be acting as my own case study. And you can be part of that as we're going through.
So, at the moment, I'm still I'm on a week's, I still got another week's holiday. So I am just chilling. But I decided to record this episode, because I've got space in my brain to think and I thought you know what, I need to I need to say, I don't need to just stop doing the podcast, I'm going to take people on the journey with me. So that felt good. So I'm really looking forward to sharing this with you.
And I would love to hear any feedback from you. If there has been something in this episode today that's helped you to be able to know what you could be doing in your business. I'd love to hear from you. If you have find anything that's in this that's kind of triggered you where you're gone. No, no, no, you can't do that you can't miss. I'd love to hear that as well.
Because that's a really interesting thing for you to share just privately with me. And I can send back some questions for you to ask yourself or things that I can also reflect on for me. If you are a person that sounds exactly like the person who I was describing that I'm absolutely adoring working with somebody with years of experience in a healing profession, whether that is physical, spiritual, or mental.
You could be a surgeon, you could be a well highly qualified psychologist, like people who I work with, you could be somebody who works with people with with Alzheimer's or helps as in one of my clients, helps people who are carers of people with Alzheimer's, to be able to capture stories that's still a health and mental, a spiritual health. You could be somebody who has had has years as a skill working with people as a clairvoyant and but you don't want to work one on one with people or you're finding that the people that you have been working with are frustrating you a bit.
For example, you want to get greater results with people that can work as well. So what I'm describing there are people who fit across quite a few different ranges. The important thing is you You know your stuff, baby, and you've got years of experience, and you've worked with a lot of clients. And you're probably thinking, I don't want to stop yet, but I do, I can't work at this pace.
I want to be able to go online, I want to have freedom, I want to have choice, but I still want to keep helping people, I would love to hear from you. For two reasons, one, you might be perfect to work with. So hey, let's do it. The other one is, I will be wanting to do some interviews where I just get to ask you about things in the news about your frustrations when it comes to building a business online, what sorts of things you need, just wait for me to get to understand your, you know, your, how I can help you.
And, and so that will be part of the Avatar interview process that I will be doing, which all of my clients do. So yeah, if you'd like to if you've got lots of ideas that you'd like to share. And of course, knowing that I will not be able to help myself, but I will then be mentoring youth, once we've gone through the question, I will then be mentoring you, telling you, you know, the next steps helping you to work out your brilliance.
So there's definitely big wins that come from that, that if that works for you just message or email. So I would love to hear from you. Okay. I say farewell, farewell, my darlings, from the romance, your tribe podcast, all of the episodes will still be there where you can be listening to them, they will still be on the website. And so you can go back and listen to these past episodes that I've talked about.
And again, I would love to hear from you. And if you have a friend that you know, needs to hear this because they may be going through a similar process themselves, or they may be the description of my perfect person to work with this year. And only I will only be offering my, my higher end program to start with. And then I'll decide whether we whether I open up a another group program or a self study program, but not until I'm really happy with the results and the systems that I've got in place to help as many people as I can at a closer level.
So if any of those people that you know, then I would love to hear from them. So pass this on to them. Okay, bye

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