What's Working Well?

So often we focus on what is not working in our businesses.

Then all our activity (or just stress) goes into finding ways to fix the weaknesses.
But it can be really hard to think creatively about how to do things differently.

So here's a brain reframe for you:

This is a question I ask my clients when they need a way to look at things differently.

What IS working well in your business?
Or even extend it to What is working well in my LIFE?

Then look at WHY?

The challenge is, can you apply what works so well in one area of your biz/ life and adapt it for the area you need to improve?

In the demo below, let's assume your area you need to improve is sales...

Here's a few examples of "What's Working In My LIFE" from my own life ATM and how to apply them to increase sales.

Lifting Weights:
  • Thing working well? I get a Personal Best every week and I am getting stronger, fitter and doing this without injury or feeling stressed.
  • Why it is working? I have a trainer I trust and I simply do whatever she tells me to do. I ALWAYS show up and always do the work, even though it feels hard at the time. I only complete against myself and aim to improve incrementally.
  • How to increase sales? Create a plan of what to do and when (get a mentor or system to design this if needed). Set my daily goal of actions and SHOW UP. Aim to always finish what I start and to improve only against my own Personal Best. Remember, I'm not focused on my end goals, I'm measuring improvement in the actions that lead to results.
Great Results With My High End Clients:
  • Thing working well? My clients are evolving from unknown in their industry to recognised as Industry Leaders with unique Flagship Online Programs that create transformation for their clients. With every client their results seem to be happening with greater ease for them and me.
  • Why is it working? I keep streamlining and simplifying my system so we get money in the bank faster. With my VIP clients I can tell them just one step to focus on this week and then I review - this makes it so more stress free for them than self-study.
  • How to increase sales? If short steps work well once they are a client, can I make the steps to become a client simpler and shorter? For example, make it easy for people to get on a sales call earlier (put invitations in far more places in my marketing)?
Loving Relationships:
  • Thing working well? I have a close and loving relationship with my husband, children, mum and sister.
  • Why is it working? I TURN UP, which means planning time to be with them, call them, do fun things together. We find shared interests and spend time planning and doing fun things (hello music festivals). I set an expectation of "you do you" and remind myself constantly that even if they do things differently to me, I am not the one to judge them as who says I'm right? We tell each other we love them.
  • How to increase sales? Create opportunities for potential clients and myself to turn up and do something together. For example, how often am I running live webinars on topics they are really interested in and have an opportunity to interact? Communicate often that they are unique and worthy and they don't have to be perfect in order for me to work with them.
Over to you...
What is working really well in your life and business at the moment?
Scarecited Challenge
Scarecited: That feeling you get when you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you are scared but feel the buzz of opportunity and excitement...
  • Share your ah-ha's from today's blog post, or on socials, or privately with a friend. Why was that ah-ha important to you?.
  • Choose ONE thing from your ah-ha and schedule now to take action on that THIS WEEK.
  • Hey you can tag me @janetbeckers on all socials. If you share a great ah-ha I'll repost in my stories and shine the light on you. Scarecited?
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