Queen Bee on Social Media but Broke? Fix This

Hello beautiful you!

Todays' episode is #2 in a special series this month on the 3 areas you need to master to build a business that creates true transformation for multiple clients at once, while giving you the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and with whoever you want.

In last week's episode I introduced the 3 areas, plus identified 3 business scenarios you may relate to.

In each scenario, this person has nailed 2 out of the 3 areas (or at least these areas are stronger than the one area of weakness).

The 3 scenarios are:

1. Queen Bee
2. The Best Kept Secret
3. The Expert Generalist

This week we dive in deep to the first business scenario.
The Queen Bee
def: Popular with an engaged online community who LOVE all the free content but the Queen Bee is burnt out and broke
In this episode we cover:
  • The Triple Clarity the Queen Bee has nailed but the one area they need to review to find the buyers in their engaged community
  • The core steps to create a Freedom Business Model
  • How to Package for Profit so you are a market stand-out
  • The Nested Business Model
  • How to involve your engaged community in every step of the creation of your new offer
  • 3 great Case studies so you can see how it is done
I include a scarecited challenge for you at the end of the episode.

I'd love to hear if you do it!
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Hello, beautiful you, Janet Beckers here. Well, today is episode number two in a special series on doing this month of four episodes. And we're gonna be looking at the three areas that you really need to master to build a business that creates true transformation for multiple clients at once, while giving you the freedom to work where you want, when you want and with who ever you want.
Now, the thing is, there are three core areas, but you may very well have one or two are those pretty well nailed. But you want to know like, which is the area that if I focus on that, am I going to get the biggest change in my results for the least amount of effort? Because I'm totally into? Like, where can we get the best results without having to spend too much time, too much of your energy and emotion and without investing too much to be able to get best results.
So this is a very methodical way for you to be able to identify, which is the area you should focus on first. Okay, so now last week, I covered what were the three areas that you need to focus on, and how to know which one you really need to be focusing on. Now I broke two in order for you to help you to work out like what is the area you need to work on.
I identified that there were three different types of people that you may relate to. And depending on which one sounds most like you is going to give you the idea of which area to focus on first. So today, we are going to look at the queen bee. Now, what I suggest you do if you haven't looked at last week's episode, it's really good to go back to get that overview.
But hey, to make it really easy for you on last week's podcast page, and also to the podcast page for today. I've got a really simple graphic there for you. And you can kind of see at a glance, which one is most likely to be you? And also, which what are the three areas and how do they interact. So if you're like me, and you're very, very visual, and I like a lot of the people who I work with, have a look at that graphic, because it will save you a lot of time.
So I'll also today refer you back to what those three areas are. Okay, so just know that I've got some great resources here to help you. So my intention today is to dive in deep into the queen bee scenario that you may be in. And we're going to look at what does that mean? What is a queen bee actually doing really well?
Like what have you nailed if you're a queen bee? Or even if you haven't totally nailed it, like, what are you doing? Where are your strengths, okay, so we're going to look at that. So you know, to double down on those things that are working well and keep on doing and congratulate yourself. And then we're going to have a look at what is the area that you need to focus on first, then to make it so that you've got an action plan, I'll go over with you the big picture of the steps that you should have in place when you are filling in those gaps in those areas.
Because each of those areas, of course, has got different steps in order to be able to master that. So I'll show you what order to do those in. And, and I'll also share with you some other great resources that I've got for you some other podcast episodes, where you can see examples of people who've actually done those different steps. So there you go.
So that's the what I'm intending to do today. So you've got those resources. If you're not quite sure what the podcast page is, wherever, wherever you're listening to this, there will be a link there somewhere that got to the show notes, which is the page on our website where you've got all of the details.
And if you're not quite sure, just go to romance, your tribe.com forward slash podcast and have a look there for the title of this episode. And you'll be able to get all of the resources and of course you can just contact me Okay, so that's, so let's dive straight into it. So just to give you an idea of the three scenario types that you may be in, one is the queen bee, and I'll go into detail on what that looks like in a minute.
The other two is the best kept secret or the expert generalist so Are those ones here the best kept secret in the expert generalists I'll we'll be going into those one in detail in the next two episodes. But you can get a really good rundown on those and what their priorities are in that first episode. So what is the queen bee?
So this is you, if you're, you know, on wherever it is that you're communicating with people, which could be on social media, it could also be within networking circles, it could also be, you could be a really popular podcast guest, it could be within your local area, wherever it is that you may be networking and creating community.
The thing is, you are fantastic at being able to communicate, you know, really well, who it is that you're helping you understand what their frustrations are, you understand what their aspirations are, and you're really fantastic at sharing resources and inspiration, to really, really help people. And the nice part is, is people respond to that there.
If you're on social media, they're highly engaged, they're commenting, saying much, they are grateful, and they love you. You've got lots of likes, lots of people following you, you're a popular podcast guest and you get lots of feedback about Thank you, that's been brilliant, you can really help a lot of people.
But here's the thing, you're very likely burning yourself out giving really, really good value. And people are really, really grateful for you. But you're thinking, why aren't I rolling in the dough? Like, why am I working so hard, I'm so popular. But wait, show me the money. You know, I can't keep on continuing this.
So if that sounds like you, today, we're going to look at what you need to be doing. Now. I'm really grateful to people who sent through emails and messages to me last week, in response to my overview of the three core areas and the three different scenarios that people may fit into. And I had a few people that said, Look, I really resonated to scenario number one. But hey, I could still see a lot of me in the other two scenarios. And it all varied. And so you know what that is going to happen. So you might listen today and go, Well, I can feel a little bit of that.
But I'm not necessarily fitting the exact description that Janet's got. And that's because the scenarios that I've created, we're making an assumption here that if you've got three areas to master, each of these areas have totally nailed to, but not one. Now, of course, you may not get 10 out of 10 marks for each of the two areas that you're the strongest in.
But what I'd like you to do is to congratulate yourself that even if you might consider, hey, you know, I'm getting a five out of 10, or a four out of 10. On your own scale of how well you are doing in two out of the three areas. And we'll go into those areas in a minute. I want you to congratulate yourself to know you know what, I've actually doing a lot better here than a lot of people out there.
Okay, so you will still need to be working on those areas. But let's focus on the thing that's letting you down first. So just know that with any sort of models like this, I'm painting the extreme scenarios, but totally expect that you will have a little bit from each one. And to really embrace those and learn so you'll probably learn from listening to every single episode.
Okay, so let's look at the queen bee, we'll look at the three areas, which two areas is the queen bee doing the best in and then we'll dive into what is going to get the biggest results for you. So there's two areas that you as a queen bee are doing really well. Now you'll see in the graph that I've got there.
I have got that the area that the that you're doing really well at is you know, you're popular. But you're burnt out and broke. That's what I've called it on the graph, but it's on the on the diagram that I've got for you. That's the queen bee. So you will see that there's an overlap there two areas you're doing really, really well.
One is what I call triple clarity and the triple clarity is real clarity on the profit in you. So what is really, really unique about you and the way you get results for people. There's a whole process that goes through the profit in you. The next one is getting your super clear on who it is that you help. But here is one thing that you will need to revisit is I have a special process that we use in all of my programs.
And it's called the profitable avatar quadrant, it's quite unique to the way that I work with people. And then really powerful part is, once you do it, you realize there's at least four avatars that you can be helping through your business that will be attracted to you and your business when you've got everything else clear.
And the thing is, there's going to be at least one of those that if you focus on those, you're going to go broke, there's going to be one, that is really the ones that are going to pay you the most, they're going to be beautiful clients. And then there's usually a second one there that fits in quite well, it becomes a lot more of your brain and button, and you'll have the other ones that are your VIP so.
But they're the real catches, the ones that don't necessarily result in being the most profitable avatar for you to work with quite often are the ones that seem as though they need your help the most. So you need to be really, really clear. So you need to revisit to work out, okay, out of these clients that I've got, who are the ones that are so committed to creating change, that they will find the money that they want to be able to get help.
Now, there's a whole process to do that. But this is going to be a challenge for you. The beauty is I'll share with your case study in a moment where you can go and listen in detail of how you can actually take this beautiful community you've created. And they will help you to identify who is going to be your most profitable avatar.
So I will share that with you in a moment. Now the third clarity, is the clarity on who are the people in your industry? Who all ready, have your clients who are your potential promotional partners? What is the power and the passion that is within the people in your industry, the people who are going to invite you to be the podcast guest and enthusiastically promote you.
So congratulate yourself, if you have done these areas really quite well. You know, the ultimate Queen Bee has got a 10 out of 10 for these. But if you've nailed this, then people are resonating with you because you've tapped into what's authentic about you, and you understand them. So that is huge.
Okay. Now the other thing that you've done really well, is the area of connection and visibility. So this means that you, you're out there, okay, you are consistently putting yourself out there in front of people, whether it's on social media, whether it is through networking, whether whichever way it is that you get in front of people who are potential clients, people who are influential in your industry, you're actually doing it, you're putting yourself out there getting seen.
And you've got a way to make sure that you're doing that all the time you're visible, but you're also really connecting, you're communicating really, really well. So congratulations on that, because a lot of people really, really struggled with that area. Now, the nice part is we can use this beautiful visibility and connection as a way of bringing along your community as we fill in the third gap.
So this is the third gap the area, excuse me, that we really need to focus on. And that is going to be the freedom business model. So what I find with Quimby's is you fit into either one of two scenarios. One is you have a way of helping people and you have a way of taking money. So you're in business, but the way that you work with people is not necessarily very leveraged and not really reflecting what is so unique about you.
So you might be as an example that I can send you to is going to be I've got a great podcast episode with a a wonderful person, Megan van Genderen, where she definitely fitted in beautifully with the queen bee scenario. And she's a nutritionist, so she can help lots of different people with nutrition so she would work with you one on one.
Now. This is where so she we give a great example there of this gorgeous community that her and her husband Jason had created that had a following of literally millions of people watching the videos have just huge but really did not want to feel as if she was betraying this beautiful community by selling to them.
And so we really needed to have a process to be able to bring them along with us. So if you have a listen to that podcast, that's a really fantastic manner and you'll see how we really respected that community. and got them really involved in helping Megan work out what was going to be her unique offering, what she would be, you know, giving people and how to actually draw the people from that community over into the area where that she could have those conversations with them as potential clients was able to find that little section.
So go and have a listen to that podcast, we go into a lot more detail. So I won't go over too much for it here. But you will be able to see the process that she was able to use, so that she felt that she was truly respecting this lovely community. Because this would fit in with that scenario where you know what, you've got something, but you're not necessarily selling it to people.
Now, the other scenario I find that people have is they're not even selling anything. You know, they've started out by helping people, and they haven't really got anything that they can sell people. So it's really, really difficult then to go, Well, what do I do here, like so Megan actually sort of finished sort of fitting into those two are really identifying like, what was going to be her unique thing.
So what you're missing here is a freedom business model, something that's going to make you stand out from everybody else. So you have no competition that allows you to really make the most of this beautiful understanding that you have of your market and your ability to communicate in the in the engagement that you've got.
So, to do this, you want to be able to find something that gives transformation at at with multiple clients at once. So we really want to avoid too much of the one on one. But we also want to make sure that you get to scale your business without burning out, because we want you don't have freedom.
So let's have a look at what's involved in you creating a freedom business model. Now, of course, this is a lot more depth than I would go into in a podcast. Each of the steps in there are multiple podcasts. So what I'll give you here is the overall picture of what you need to have in place. And this is what I would like you to be focusing on.
Now, when you're ready to get some help to do this. I'm here for you. This is what I do. And I work with you at two levels. One of them is with my academy. And that means that you've got access to every single step, all the training, all the worksheets, all the templates, everything. Plus, you've also got ongoing coaching and access to me through through monthly group calls and through a dedicated Facebook groups.
So you've got a lot of support to get there. And a handful of people can also work with me at the much higher level which accelerates so we're working through all the same thing, but you're actually working with me personally. So you can work with me at those two levels. So know what I'm going to be teaching you here is an overview.
And it's it's exactly what we worked through in the academy and with the accelerator. So when you need some help, I've got it there for you to make things fast for you. Okay, now, let's look at what's involved in a freedom business model. So the first thing we want to do is we want to make sure that it is absolutely unique to you.
And so that that process, I call the package for profit, and the packaging is we're going to be taking what it is that you do. So uniquely something that draws on your personality, the way that you get transformation for people. So if you get somebody who starts with a particular problem, can you help them to achieve an outcome, some kind of transformation doesn't have to be the whole process, it could be part of the journey.
But what we really want to dive into is really identifying the steps that you take people through, and then creating your own language around it your own identity. So people aren't going to be comparing apples and apples anymore, because you're becoming comparable. And the way that we do that is really identifying your uniqueness, the transformation, and the steps, the language that you use.
So you create your own language, your own identity. So that's a really important part because then it allows us to drop that into what I call the nested business model. And the nested business model means that you don't have to have multiple, multiple programs that you're creating. We look at how can you create one great core signature framework that you use and then that we can then tap into adding extra support for people who want to work with you closely or maybe taking out in some cases, one little part as an in traduction.
So the nested business model is actually the way that I am able to work with people that even as they're developing, you know, what is my framework and my process? And, you know, how can I create some sort of material, so multiple people can use it at once. Because we start with a nested business model, what we can do is, we can actually bring on a handful of clients work with them closely, they pay you the VIP level.
And they're actually through that process, you're creating the rest of the the nested business model, your framework that you will be able to then leverage to more people. Now, to give you a really good idea of this, I've got another great podcast episode for you to listen to, which is one with Natasha McGrath, where we talk about how she went from selling her time per hour, you know, and absolutely booked out, absolutely booked out with what she does.
And when she started to go online, she was selling workshops on Zoom for I think about, I'm not sure 40 or 50 bucks, I think it was, and how we were able to take the work that she was doing, and following the process. And she actually went first out with a brand new offer for $3,000, which scared the life out of her.
But because we used this exact freedom business model, she was able to sell nine of those. So we're getting like with the payment plans that was $30,000. So to be able to sell nine of those as the very first thing that she was producing there. So there, she's got a great story there. If you look for that podcast, I'll put links to all of these on the page for you.
But have a look at that, because it just shows you how you can actually make this work without having to wait for too long to get it happening. And so that is the next part is once we've got something that we can go, Okay, let's put this out there. I the really important part here is we want to focus on actually seeing from this beautiful community of people that love what you do, is what you're thinking of creating, are they going to buy it, you want to know if they're going to buy it.
And so by creating really simple communication tools, so you don't have to have like a flash website, you don't need to have a, you know, a really flash sales letter, you can go out there and test to see if it's going to select Natasha did just using a PDF, and just having conversations with people. I've got another great episode for you to listen to Julie Watson, a great episode who Julie hated doing any sort of sales calls.
And so she went through the exact system that I've that for the freedom business model there. And she shares about how now, she absolutely loves doing sales call one because she's got a really simple, but classy framework for doing them. So you're not feeling like you're selling. And also because she's put together an irresistible offer that she knows is profitable for her, but also people love.
So sales calls are great, because she knows people are gonna say yes. So you want to have that in place you want to be able to go number one, I've identified what is my unique way of helping people. And I've identified the steps and created my own language around it. I have costed out exactly what is involved here.
So I know that I'm going to make a profit. And we we do that we've got this fantastic spreadsheet that we give clients, it's got all of the different things that you need to do. So you can plug in, in different price points to know how many you need to sell before you're in profit. So it's, it means that you're going yeah, actually, I'm very valuable.
So you want to have that in place, then you can using the nested business model you can work out, okay, I'm going to offer this first at this particular level. Because I know whatever I'm doing, it's going to be creating this wonderful structure that's gonna be making my whole business really, really easy to deliver.
And then you've got a beautiful way of being able to sell and knowing that it's actually going to make money for you to start with. Now, that's a lot that I've covered very, very shortly. But the whole idea here is I'm not saying to you raise your prices. I'm not saying to you, you know, go out there and sell ebooks or go out there and and offer this particular you know, and create a course, I'm not saying that to you, what I am saying is, we're going to create something that is unique to the way that you work.
And depending on your market, and what your strengths are and the way that you want to work with people, that's how we're going to design your own nested business model. And we're going to make sure that it's going to make money for you, before you spend too much time, building a nice website and sales pages and automating anything, if you can have this in place, something that's really going to suit you to give you the freedom, but it's designed so you can scale it from one person to 1000s of people, that's going to give you the freedom.
Now, as a last minute, I thought I'll just revisit a couple of ways that are unique to a queen bee that will help you even work out what it is that you're going to offer, and how much to price it and who's going to going to take part, something that you've got as unique to you. And it's this if you've already created this community that love you, but they're not currently buying and they haven't got used to the idea that you do sell, is the best way for you to do this is involve your community in absolutely every step.
You can be asking them things like hey, you know, I've been getting a few people asking me, Is there a way that I can put together some kind of training or some way to help you? So tell me, what would you love to have in it? Like, what what is it about working in other programs that you really like?
What is it that you'd like to what would be a Braille a fantastic outcome for you? What's your biggest frustrations, you can be asking them all of those things. And as you're creating them, you can get them to help you work out, Hey, I'm going to name this, what should I name it? Here's a few ideas, let me know, hey, here's my logo, I'm thinking of creating, or here's the colors I'd like I really want to use.
What do you think, involve people through the whole process, so they get excited, and the ones who are really interested, are going to start to put their hands up, we'll start to be communicating with you about I can't wait, let me know when it happens. I want to be one of your first clients. So you've got that advantage.
Use that communication and that understanding of your market and that trust that you've already built up, use that a way of letting them be part of this whole process. And you're being very honest with them that, hey, you know, this is not for everybody, I'm still going to be helping everybody. But for me to be able to get real transformation, I know that I can work with you at a closer level.
And so for those people who want to do that, hey, let's work out what's going to be the best solution for you. So you're letting people know all along, I'm still here for you. But hey, let's create something great. I'm very excited. So I've done this multiple times throughout my business. And it's what I've been helping clients to do.
And it's actually a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun to do that. So you've done that hard work, my Quinby of building this community and this trust. So let's build on that trust to create something that's going to help people to get real transformation, and to help you to put some freedom into your business so that you can have an impact without having to burn out.
Now, if you're listening to this, and you're thinking, wow, you know, it's not quite me. If that's your fitting into that scenario, you may be one of the other types. And we're going to go into detail in those in the next two sessions. But also, just think about, okay, what parts of this have I actually done really well, you know, what parts that describe the queen bee?
Am I doing some of that already, if you are, congratulate yourself, and keep on doing it, like really, you know, make, you know, build some consistency into what you're doing so that you do continue to show up and have those conversations so that it can help you know, to bring people along with you.
Now if you'd like to know more about how to build this freedom business model, I've covered quite a lot there. But honestly, I've broken all of this down into step by step. It's what I've been doing with clients for years. So when you're ready, I'm here for you. And the best way for you to get started is contact me so either send me an email or you can contact me through direct message.
Tell me a bit about your business. less, and say ready for the freedom business model. And I'll show you the best way for you to get started with me. Okay? Can't wait to hear from you, if you have a friend in business that you know really needs to hear this, I'd be very grateful if you'd pass this on to them to help as many people as we can.
And also, if you are a, you know, if you'd love to give a review, if you've got another half of this, I would love if you would share that wherever you're listening to your podcast. It really helps me to be able to get in front of more people, I would really appreciate that. My scare sided challenge for you.
That thing that makes you feel really nervous, you're really, really scared that hey, if it works, how awesome would that be? My challenge to you is to do the step of just taking some time out and just end with some paper. I mean, I work best with some paper and colors, and just start thinking about the perfect clients when I work with them.
What are the steps that I work through? See if you can start to document the way that you work with different clients in order to help them to get results. Let's see if we can start to identify your unique way of helping people first step there and then you can really start creating because that's going to be one of the first steps that we do together.
Okay, go get it and I can't wait to hear from you. Bye
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