Is Passion Needed to Succeed in Business?

Is passion REALLY that important to succeed in business?

If you asked me a decade ago I would have said "absolutely"!

But after 20 years in business and personally helping hundreds of clients, and thousands of subscribers to grow their businesses online I now know differently.
In today's podcast I share real case studies (including my own mistakes) that show 3 sides to passion in business.
1. When passion is NOT needed
  • What replaces passion and is essential to have instead
  • A case study of a very successful friends who bought a business in a niche she doesn't give a toss about
  • How to know if you've got what it takes
2. When passion is ESSENTIAL
  • The 2 scenarios where you need passion to drive your biz (and one scenario only comes AFTER you are successful)
  • How a mega-disaster in my business lead to Margarita Marketing because of passion
  • How to identify your passions and if you have what it takes to succeed
3. When passion is a PROBLEM
  • How passion cost me every cent I had a crushed my confidence for a decade
  • The very common mistake passionate entrepreneurs make that lead to failure
  • How to make sure your passion results in profit and success
This is a juicy episode with lots of stories. I'd love to hear from you.

What's your thoughts on passion and the link to success in business?

When has passion saved you and when has passion been your ruin?

If you need help turning your passions into a profitable business with ease and confidence, connect with me.
I'll send you info on how I can help you.
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