How to Get Clients to Pay NOW for 2023 Programs


Can you believe we are thiiiis close to the end of the year?
You know what that means don't you?
I'm not only thinking of my favourite combination of beach and margaritas that is my version of January in Australia.
I'm thinking of cash flow and how January can be a dry, dry month for many businesses.
I don't want you to hear the sound of crickets when you check your bank account every day in January. Much in the same way as I keep checking the fridge every day hoping that the miraculous chocolate cake has appeared since I last checked.

So today's podcast is all about how to get your clients to pay right NOW for mentoring / coaching / done-for-you / programs they won't be using until 2023.


In this episode I cover:

 1. Why December to February can be a nightmare for cashflow and which business models are most vulnerable

2. Clarity on a win-win for you and your clients (what do you both REALLY want?)

3. How to combine cash, a great deal, security and flexibility to create no-brainer offers in December

4. All the promotion assets you need to create (hint: nothing. I'll tell you how)

5. The 3 tiers of offers that work well in December

6. The exact offers I am making existing clients right now

7. A scarecited challenge for you

And if you've been thinking you'd like to work with me personally next year to create an online business that gives you the freedom to work when you want, where you want and with who you want...
And creates genuine transformation for multiple clients at once...
Then listen to the end as I share a special offer that gives you flexibility to be with loved ones for a holiday, knowing you already have a deep-dive analysis of your business and an action plan done and you are ready to hit the ground running when you get back from holidays.

If that sounds good, let's talk.

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Hello, beautiful you, Janet Beckers here. And can you believe that when you're listening to this podcast, it's actually the very last day in November or maybe you're listening to this, and it's the beginning of December. Whoa, how did that happen? Now, of course, that means it's super duper close to Christmas, you know that.
And you know what it also means It means it's also super duper close for a lot of people when it gets to January, and that can be an incredibly low cashflow month for certain businesses. So what I'm going to talk about today is why is this a problem for a lot of people? And what can you do about it? How can you actually make it so it ends up being a real Boomer of a month for you, instead of it being no good.
And we're not talking here about doing a big launch, doing a big sale, all of those sorts of things that you may be thinking of, when it comes to increasing your revenue in a, in an otherwise normally quite dry month for a lot of people, we're going to be talking about something you can do right now, that is not going to exhaust you with the thought of oh, I have so got to prepare some kind of promotion here.
And how can I possibly do that when everything's close to Christmas, and all I want to do is drink cocktails. So that's what we're going to talk about today. All right. So what sort of businesses really can get impacted in January. And in fact, it will tend to start in December, December, January, and it can even go over into February.
And it's businesses, where you're, you have clients that may be signing up for three months, or 12 months, whatever it is, they're working with you quite often, at a higher price level, where they're getting to work closely with you, there will be some group work, there may be some one on one, there may be done for you lots of different things that you may have in your signature program where you're getting great results.
So these are your best clients. These are great clients that you love working with. But here's what happens. Everybody, when it comes close to Christmas time is really distracted by if they're in business themselves, you know, trying to wind up and get everything done before the end of the year, or end, or they are already thinking about Ah, okay, so I've got to get this present in that present.
And I've got to organize the holidays, and who's cooking, what for Christmas, and all of those sorts of things. Or if they've got kids, they're thinking of school holidays, well, there goes any free time, I want to make the most of being with my kids. Or they may not, but they're going to. So these situations come up. So you've got a lot of other things that are vying for your client's attention apart from you.

And it doesn't mean they don't value you, it doesn't mean that they don't want to be working with you next year. But there's, there's so many other things that are distracting them. And at the same time, there is very often, for a lot of people a little bit of a concern about the money, like there's big expenses coming up holidays, Christmas presents, all of those sorts of things.
So these are things that you are competing with, you're not so much competing with somebody else that they could go to instead of you for their products, you know, for their services. It's just that you're competing with so many other distractions at the moment. So this is what will tend to happen, especially if you've had a program that people may have joined.
And it's it goes from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Or it may be like myself, when people join my accelerator level, they can join for three months, but there'll be going well, you know, it's not a good time for me to join, because then there's Christmas and holidays and all that stuff in the middle. I'll I'll wait about it. And I'll wait till after the holidays.
And then I'll start if it's the first time or then I'll start again, when if it's a continuing client. So there's a really, really common thing that will happen. So what can you do about it without having to change your whole business model because this can be a lovely model that you've got, where you have people paying you monthly or one nice big lump sum and you work with people all this time.
But this is this one little period where this particular business model can be under a bit of stress, so this is can be some of the things you can that you can do. So the first thing you want to think about is win win, we want to have a win win here for everybody. So in order to have a win win, you've got to think about, well, what is what actually counts as a win for both parties here.
So let's look at you first, there's two things that you really, really would like. One is, you want to know that you've got cash flow over Christmas period, and all of January as well, especially if you're in the southern hemisphere, like I am in Australia, where it's summer, and I can tell you what Australians, we really do not start thinking about, you know, responsibilities very much until the end of January, like we are severely in holiday mode.
And especially when the when the settings been made over Christmas period where there's lots of family and eating and partying, well, why not just continuous. And then you have people like me who live near the beach. And that's all I want to be doing in January. So for you, you want to have the cash that's going to be over that period without you having to stress about trying to run sort of promotions and sales.
And you also don't want to have the stress of trying to get in contact with the clients that you may have been working with, but you just can't disturb them, because they will be on holiday if you just can't get hold of them. So that's the main thing that you will be wanting is to know you've got the cash flow, and also to have that peace of mind to know you know what I've got clients secured for next year.
Now, it sounds crazy, saying next year, when it may only be a month or so away, it might be eight weeks, two months. And you think normally in any other time of the year, you would go okay, I'm looking, you know, eight weeks ahead. But it's funny what as soon as you say New Year, it's gives it so much more significance. So let's just acknowledge that, and know that this is what you want.
You want the cash and you want security for the new year. That's a win for you. Now, what about your clients, what's a win for them? Now, we're going to make the assumption here that you are the person that they want to work with, they are the one to start working with you, or they want to continue working with you. So we're not talking about how are we going to get new leads and convert them, we're talking about people that you know that they want to work with you.
But the big objection is, it's not a good time of the year, there's so much going on, I'll get distracted, I won't be able to focus on what we're doing. And really, I want to have flexibility that I can be with my loved ones I want to be able to enjoy, you know, what is you know, a significant holiday period, without me feeling as if I should be doing something else that's much more responsible.
So they want to know that they've got flexibility. And they really would like to have a good price, people want to have a good deal. All right, so. So let's have a look at what you can be doing. That's going to give people first of all flexibility. Second, a really good deal. And while the the third one is also they will be wanting security as well, they will want to know that, you know, I've got the support that I'm going to need. I've already know what's happening.
So I don't have to worry. So let's that's if we know that what the two wins are for your for you and the client. Well, now let's look at what can you put together that is going to make it really easy, a very easy yes, for them. Now, this does not have to require a great big sales letter. It doesn't have to require you putting through all this promotional material, you don't have to be thinking about how to you know use your you know, your, your special powers of persuasion.
know, when you're working with people at the level where they're working closely with you is you've got a relationship just you just can just say hey, this is what I would like to do. Let's see if we can make it so you know, that you're that you've I've got your back. I've got your back, you can be starting to work with me you know you're going to have that security.
And let's be honest, I would like to know I'd like to have that commitment from you as well. So I can relax on my holidays, knowing that I get to work with you again because they're fantastic. So or I get the opportunity to work with you for the first time we've been talking about it. Let's not put it off by But I know that these are some things that you would like.
So I tell you what, I'm just going to make you an irresistible offer. It's funny, I actually have clients who have worked with me. Because once I people work with me at the higher level, they do often that will they do tend to keep on working with me three months, after three months, after three months, quite often year after year, because they're getting results, and I absolutely adore working with them.
And they are, they will actually send me a message saying, hey, Janet, it's sad getting to the end of this period. So are you going to make me an irresistible offer? Kind of tongue in cheek, because I actually say to them, Hey, I'm gonna make you an irresistible offer total, no brainer. And so they kind of look forward to see what it is that I'm gonna make for them.
So here, so it does, what I'm saying there is Don't overcomplicate this, okay? You're just having a conversation with somebody, and you can be totally open with them. This is what I can see is important to you. Is that right? So you can be saying like, what's important to you? Do you want to have security for next year? Do you want to know that you're in the program?
And I've got your back? Yep. Do you do? How about your What's What do you want to have as your flexibility around the holiday period Do you want to have a lot of time off? Do you want to maybe come back in January, but you want to have a little bit, you know, a bit of a holiday with your family later in the month, is that really, really important to you?
Do you want to sort of finish early for the year because you just can't get your head, there's too many other things, ask them, like what is important to you at the moment, because you don't have to make it. So whatever you are going to be offering them is a one size fits all, you can be adjusting it to every single client that you're working with. And now, in this situation I'm talking about when you're working with people, you know, at a higher level, where you've got a good quality, higher price program, where you really working closely with people, but very, but also working, you know, it could be just one on one, but also, whether there's group work coursework, all those sorts of things.
So it could be, you know, quite a few different levels that you're working with them. But you tend to have a relationship with each person, they aren't just one of the masses. So talk to them about what's the important thing for them in the next eight weeks, or so, or in the next month, so ask them first. Now, because you've already thought about this beforehand, you will have some offers prepared, if flexibility is important to them, this is what I'm gonna offer.
If If security, whatever it is, so you will already prepare. So let's look at a few things that you can put together. Now, this is what I do. I tend to put three things together. And it's going to really depend on the person's cashflow themselves. And, and what's important to them. And so these are the, these are the offers that I put together. So we'll start from the top where, you know, cash flow is fantastic when people will pay upfront.
So you could have somebody that is going to be paying you for a three month period, or a 12 month period, whatever it is, instead of them paying say monthly or whatever it is that they've that you that you charge. If you say all right, if you would like to secure next year. And you're in a situation right now where you can pay right now, I have got a no brainer offer for you.
Now, I don't like to discount for I always the price that I set is the price that I would charge for a full payment for once off payment. And then what I do is I add on normally 20% If people want to pay by installments, so by saying this is how much you get to save by paying upfront, really what it is, is you know, you're not having to pay that extra for the convenience of me being your financial provider.
So that there so you can be saying okay, if you pay up front, you're going to save this much overpaying by payments. And then what I always do is I will add a bonus and I make it a really, really good bonus. So for example, for people who continue with me next year, if they decide that they are going to commit for the whole year, well as well as them saving because they're paying by the one installment this is people who are working with me At the accelerator level, is I say, You know what, if you're willing, if you would like to pay in full, I'm going to give you a $2,000 voucher to be able to use my team to do stuff for you.
And we will work out together, where you're going to get the best bang for your buck, as we're going throughout the year, I mean, that's really, really valuable for me, it doesn't cost me $2,000, because I already have my team and I already have budgeted in that I have their space to be able to help my VIP clients as well. So but for my client, it is going to save them that plus they've got me managing it for them, because I already know their business really well.
So that's a really great incentive. So think of something that you can be saying, All right, here is something that if you'd like to pay in full, and if you can do it by this date, then you're going to get this extra fantastic bonus. And so for you, you can say I'd like if you can make that payment before the end of December, you get to have this. And this is the extra bonus you get.
And you know that you're secured for the program for next year. Now, some people may have some of the money now, but they know they're going to get more in January, this is not an uncommon thing is then you can say all right. Second offer is basically it's gonna be the same as the original offer for going for one payment, but you might go Alright, well, how about you pay a lump sum now as a deposit?
And ask them like, what can you pay? Tell me, tell me what you got baby. So you can say lump lump sum now and on this particular date, we will you will, you will pay the next amount, and you're going to get this awesome bonus. So you will give something extra if they're paying for before Christmas. And then so by two bonuses you could give them before Christmas.
And the one big bonus that they would both get if they pay the rest of the lump sum at the beginning of the year, but you've got security and you've also got you've also got cash flow, and your clients really happy because they got a really, really good deal, they got a great deal. So you can change I tend to alternate what I'm going to offer because sometimes I'll know you know what I know this client wants this particular thing, that that's the thing that's going to really help them at the moment, they might want my team to brand videos and produce them for them.
So I'll create a bundle that's just specific to that. So that's where I'm saying, if you're if you're working with enough clients that you know them individually, you can tailor those bonuses as the bonuses that are going to make the big difference for you. Now, the other situation can come in as well, what if they can't pay in full? Well, you can say to them, Look, you can speak and start your payment plan now.
So and I know that your app might be that they're going to start working with you now. For example, I've got people that have recently just joined me and my accelerator for three months, but we knew that there was the Christmas holiday period coming up. And so this is where it satisfies both of you. Because at this particular point, what really really has benefit people here is flexibility.
Now, of course, you've also got the same flexibility you can build in to your to your painful offer. But the flexibility can be locked. Let's just start now. And this is exactly what I've done with people who are with me at the accelerator now that are in the first three months is I was able to say Well, look, you just start your payments, now you're on the payment plan that will just continue.
But it's really important to me that we are building a business here together, that actually strengthens your relationships, not damages them. So let's make it that you can actually be relaxed and be with your loved ones. During this time when lots of other lots of them will be on holidays. So you tell me what holiday times you're wanting to take off.
I'll let you know when I am going to be taking time off. And we we will work out what's going to work best for you. And then whatever that time period is so it may be just two weeks for some people. For some other people. It's four weeks, and that's okay. Because even though when they finished their three months of payments, when they join up for the next three months, which a lot too.
We could just go okay, we're going to have a month where you don't have to pay a payment Now, but where because you've been on a break. And so you've already paid in advance. So now we're going to have, I'm just basically adding that extra time on to the end of that three months. So the next lot of payments will start at the end of that period. Now, of course, you're still going to have a period of time, where you've got a hiatus with your holiday time where you, you know, there might be a gap of a few weeks before they start payments, again, if they decide to join, you know, again, for another little block, but it's not at that time of the year, when you're normally going to be under pressure.
So it just helps to take that pressure off in December, January. So I hope that's given you a few ideas. There also, so the main thing here to keep in mind is, if you know that this is something that is a normal scenario in your business, and it's very much so in service based businesses, is always just think about, like, what's a win for you cash and security, or what's a win for them, security, and flexibility.
So if you know that sort important, then when you get give them an offer, you're providing using those two things, bonuses, so they get a great deal. And those bonuses are linked with Where do you get the most security and the best cash flow. So whatever is gonna work the best for you. That's when you say, Okay, if you pay by this time and commit, this is this outrageous bonus I'm gonna give you.
So that's the way that you use it. And then the other one is, you know, this time of the year, people, let people have the flexibility to be with loved ones. And so build that in because very often, that is the most important thing. Now, the other thing that may happen, if you have a new client that is coming in, and they're going well, I'll start in the beginning of the year.
And you know that there are so many reasons why they may get distracted from their path, they may go, oh, no, that's not gonna work. Not because they're not wanting to work with you. But because they've lost sight of the goal, which is a really common thing to happen. So you want to help them stick to their goal. And so what I do, so this may work, this may work for you, okay, if you are interested in working with me, and especially if you're fitting in with the an accelerator level, which means you're you're already you've got clients to the accelerator level, the most of the people who I work with, are already in business and already helping clients.
But they want to free up their time. And they want to be able to build an online business, that's going to give them the freedom to work where they want when they want and with who they want. And they want to be able to help more people at a time than just one. But they want to get great transformation. So if that sounds like you, but you're busy, that's the kind of person I work with at the accelerator level, because we can get amazing results with you quite quickly.
But I'm exceptionally aware that you do not have the time to do a self guided program. You need somebody who you can be talking to daily, someone who's going to look at everything you do and help rewrite everything, all of those sorts of steps. So if that sounds like the kind of work you want to do, a great thing to do now is contact me. Because what I do at this time of the year is I say okay, we'll start the program in the new year.
But because you're starting your payments, now, what we're going to do is we're going to book you in for your big deep dive half day VIP. So you have got this amazing action plan before you go on holidays. So you can allow it to stew over in your brain. So you can just hit the ground running so we're going to get that done before everything else.
And as well as that is your beyond holidays you might have a month doesn't matter that you're still going to have access to all the training materials. So even though you won't be getting the personal support in that time. You can start going through materials and start doing the things that interest you when you have some time so that there becomes a bonus as well.
So that's what I do with people who were interested with working with me. But they're they're getting that momentum now going I've things I've got to change things do have to change next year. But you know, I'm distracted at this time of the year at allows people to go, Yep, I have got a plan, I've got support, it's gonna happen. And we know that we're going to be working together.
So that's what I do for people at this time of the year, who want to work with me closely. So two things you can take from this one is I hope this has given you some ideas that you can use in your own business, you can make it happen just with conversations right now. That's what I'm doing is my clients just messaging backwards and forwards, it's not a big deal.
The other thing that you that you can take from this is, if you want to work with me, if you want to make next year, the year that you take the level your business to the next level in your you're going to be giving yourself that freedom. But you know that it's you need that help. I'd love to hear from you. And we can work out an irresistible offer my darling.
So yeah, just contact me. And we'll see if, if we're a good fit. So I would love to hear from you. What ideas have you got from what I've shared today that you can be using this week in your business. And if you take the information I've given you today, and you make an offer to an existing or new client and it works, I would love to hear from you. So please let me know that really lights me up to know that you're taking action and you're getting results.
Okay, go out there, get them and we're just going to have a rocking 2023 That's what we're going to be doing next year. So watch out for the next episodes. I'm going to be showing you how to end 2022 On a beautiful confident high and then we will get focused and make it happen next year. Okay, bye

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