Frustrated Expert Generalist? Fix This

Hello beautiful you!

Today's episode is #4 in a special series this month on the 3 areas you need to master to build a business that creates true transformation for multiple clients at once, while giving you the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and with whoever you want.

In episode #1 I introduced the 3 areas, plus identified 3 business scenarios you may relate to.

In each scenario, this person has nailed 2 out of the 3 areas (or at least these areas are stronger than the one area of weakness).

The 3 scenarios are:

1. Queen Bee (Episode #2 deep dive episode)
2. The Best Kept Secret (Episode #3 deep dive episode)
3. The Expert Generalist

This week we dive in deep to the third business scenario.
The Expert Generalist
def: You know your stuff and peers in your industry respect you and refer to you as an expert. You have brilliant systems to get results for quite a wide cross-section of clients. Even though you are seen as a leader, you feel like an imposter and failure because everyone thinks you are successful yet you really struggle to build the 7-figure business you know you are capable of.
In this episode we cover:
  • What the Expert Generalist does really, really well but STILL feels like a fraud!
  • Shining Stars, Shooting Stars and Fallen Super Stars and how each relates to The Expert Generalist.
  • Case Study: ME! How in 2021 I saw the Expert Generalist signs in my own business and exactly what I did to fix it.
  • The EXACT steps to get Triple Clarity and how this changes your marketing and messaging.
  • Great case studies that prove Triple Clarity backed with action gets real results (all in different industries).
  • Your action plan and challenge.
I include a scarecited challenge for you at the end of the episode.

I'd love to hear if you do it!

And when you're ready to create your own Freedom Business Model and be the true transformational online leader you are meant to be... I'm here to help you. Simply reach out and we'll make it happen.

Scarecited Challenge
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Hello Gorgeous Janet Beckers here with episode number four in a special four part series that I've been running this month on the podcast. Now, in this series, we're looking at the three areas that you need to master in your business. If you want to create a business that sounds like this, number one, you want a business that you can work with multiple clients at once.
So that you're not really being limited to basically how many hours you can work, and how much you can charge per hour. So we want to make it that your business can scale working with multiple clients. But here's the important thing for you. You want to create true transformation for your clients, you really, really want to get results, but you want to be able to do it with many people at once.
So that's number one. And the other thing that is important in the kind of business that I help people to do, which is you want to have freedom. So you want to make sure that when you are working with multiple clients at once, and when you are making sure you're creating true transformation, that you're also allowing that transformation in your own life.
So you get the freedom to work where you want when you want and with whoever you want. So if that's the kind of business that you would like to be growing, or you're, you know, been doing building that for a while, and it's not quite working the way that you want it to? Well, this is going to be really, really useful for you.
So in Episode Number one, I went over what were these three areas. And then we talked about three different scenarios, where in each of these scenarios, the particular person has nailed two out of those three areas. And when I say nail, like, honestly, does anybody in business ever get a 10 out of 10 in anything, because business is changing.
So you know, you're moving fast, you're adapting clients are changing. So of course, you know, perfection is never ever going to happen if you if you're expecting that, like just let it go now. But you know, you might be doing okay, in a couple of those areas. But there's one area that you really, really need to focus on.
But when you're actually like living and working the business, there can be seen to be so many things that you could be doing better, that it can be really difficult from within the business to really nail Where is going to get you the best result by focusing. So these three scenarios are to help you identify, which is the area that you're best to focus on first, because he's going to get you the best results.
So the three scenarios that we have each game, focusing that they've got two out of three areas that they've nailed really well. So you may relate to all A's. You might be doing, you know, because, again, as I said, not everybody is doing everything perfect. So you might really relate to one and then another one, you're going, Oh, I can feel a little bit of that.
That is okay. All right, because we're talking about examples of each one, two out of three ain't bad eight. So that was, you know, a little meatloaf reference there if you like. So number one was the queen bee. And that queen bee is, you know, do you know, absolutely adored, got a fantastic following really well and lots of engagement, but broke and burnt out.
So we covered queen bee in episode number two. Then the next one we did, which was the best kept secret, we covered that in episode three last week. And the best kept secret is somebody that when they get a client, they get awesome results. Like they get really good results.
They're great at what they do. And they've also built a great system so they can work with multiple people at once them could have been working, you know, on this business for a long time. But they're just not getting the results because nobody knows them. And meanwhile, they're watching people who are nowhere near as good as them get her heaps of clients.
And it's really, really frustrating. So that was one that we did last week, episode number three. And there I've got you an action plan and heaps and heaps of great customer case studies for you to look at as well. Now the third one, which is what we're going to be focusing on today is the expert generalist.
So we're going to look at today, what does it you know, what is an expert generalist? And then we're going to look at what are the two areas that the expert generalist is doing really, really well. Then we're going to have a look at well, what are they doing as well? And what can we do to fix that up and so we're going to we're going to go through exactly What that expert generalist needs to do, so that their business is going to be running the way that they want.
And then there's also going to be some things that they're going to have to modify over in the thing that they are doing well, but they can't, they're probably gonna have to change some of it. So we're gonna go into that. And again, I've got some great case studies for you that are other interviews that I've done, so that you can listen to the story of people who have, you know, who have identified, this is the area that they need to work on and take an action and seeing change.
Alrighty, I want to have a quick drink of water, Chris. Oh, you know, whenever, just so you know, I may get a little bit dry at the beginning of a podcast. That's because when I've been recording this, I've already done this introduction about four times, and got partway through it. And either said to myself in the recording, Oh, for heaven's sakes, Stop waffling girl, then I've had to stop.
Or I just start getting I start swearing partway through because I forgot to say something. So I've had to, I've had to start all over again. So if you hear me take a drink of water, you know, I made it this far. And I'm not going to stop. Okay, here we go. I already told you and nothing is ever perfect in business.
Radio. So now let's look at the expert generalist. And just so you know, if you're a visual person, like I am, like a lot of people are on the podcast page on the notes that go with the podcast, I've got a really cool little graphic on the page. And you can see at a glance what the three areas are, and how does it fit in with the three different scenarios.
So you might want to go and have a look at that, because you can just see the glance and get a lot of it. So that will really help you. And also, I've got all the links over there to any of the case studies and things that I talked about today. Okay, so just know I've got your back there. And also, if we're going through this, and you're thinking, Oh, I really need some help with that.
I'm your gal because that's what I do. So the best thing you can do is just contact me whichever way it is that you'd like to do that through messenger through any of my social media, through my email, all of those sorts of things. Just send me a message, tell me what it is that you're wanting to achieve, and a little bit about your business.
And then we'll talk I'll let you know what we can do. And when you're ready. I've got you, I've got your back with it. All right, what is the expert generalist, okay? This is what it feels like. So, you know, your stuff, like you've got, you know, your staff and appears in your industry respect you.
And they often refer to you as an expert. So you've probably been around for quite a while, you've got brilliant systems to get results for quite a wide cross section of clients. And even though you're seen as a leader, you might feel like a little bit of an impostor and evil and a failure.
And there's a lot of shame that goes with that. Because everybody thinks you're successful, you're really struggling to build the business that you know, that you're capable of. It can just be so frustrating. And, and it can also that fraud feeling can be exacerbated every time. Somebody refers to you as Oh, yes, they're the expert in there.
So this is the go to person where you're going wow. Or they're all They're already describing you by what they anticipate your revenue to be. You know, when they'll say, Oh, this is a multimillionaire type, you know, you must go and talk to this person. They're the multimillionaire in this thing, then you're thinking, When did I ever tell anybody?
Any of that, so, so this, if you can relate to this, where you might be feeling as if, you know, if you're feeling that little that shame, that bit of a fraud there, just know that this is a really typical scenario of the expert generalist. Okay. So, we're going to cover here, I'm just going to first of all, tell you what you're doing really well.
And then I'm going to relate it to a few examples of how you end in end up in this position. Okay. So first of all, what are you doing really, really well? Well, Janet Beckers 09:48 you are doing out of the three areas. This, these are the two areas that you are doing really, really well. One of them is the freedom business model.
So If you are a person that you know, you've got amazing intellectual property you've been working with enough people getting so many great results with them that you've created, really good frameworks, you may have created a course, use got really good systems, because you know, when you start working with people, you know, you can get results.
And the thing is, you're also have such a, you know, a breadth of experience and knowledge that you can adapt and apply and customize what you're, you know, all of these frameworks and the way you work with people, you can easily customize them to new clients. And so, that is something you're doing really well, the freedom business model.
Now, the other one is you're doing really well is connection and visibility, like you're often really well known in your industry, and you've often been around for quite a long time, people will know about you. And they will refer to, you know, they'll talk about you about what you do what you do well, okay, so you're doing those things really, really well.
So I just want you first of all, just acknowledge that, okay, because the big thing that I find with people who I work with, who are expert generals, and this is very often the people I work with, at my closest level, at my accelerator level, and I'll explain to you why in a moment, is very often you can be so focused on what your what you want to achieve and haven't got there yet, that you're not taking the time to see what everybody else can see that you're doing brilliantly.
So I really want you to take that time to just acknowledge it, okay? And even if it means that you've got to pretend that this person that has achieved this level of knowledge and expertise and impact, just pretend maybe that somebody else that you're talking about and then see how does it feel when you think about oh, actually, I'm pretty good.
Just acknowledge it, because now we're going to have a look at what we can be doing to make it so that you can can fill in those gaps. So you can be achieving more of what you really, really want to be doing well, or what you this this true impact you want to make. So let me have a look here at what, what sort of situations lead to somebody being an expert generalist.
Now, I'm going to refer back here to five different entrepreneur types. Now, these are ones that I've used for years. And you will see these on the front page of my website. So romance your And you will also see when you work with me that it is integral to the way that I've designed all of my programs and the way that we work together.
And this is I've got these five different star types. Now, the last, the fifth one is superstars. And that's what I do through my programs, I create the superstars. But there are four different avatar types. So I'm just gonna here talk about two and a half of those that often fit in this situation. So you may relate to this, you may be what I call a shining star.
Now, a shining star is somebody who you've you've got really good success offline, you may very well have been in business for decades, sometimes you've been in business for a while. And the way that you work you've you can be working with, you know, with quite a broad cross section J of people, because your specialty in solving the problem, you know, is your, your expertise.
And so there may be multiple people that come to you that, you know, are looking for the sound a same outcome, but there could be across a wide range of demographics. And, you know, for example, if you're just say, I'm working with somebody who is an occupational therapist, for example, that's somebody who's been a client, you know, can be working with people with sports injuries can be working with people who've had cancer therapy could be working with people who have elderly at but the results are still the same because they specialize in treating lymphedema through exercise, and that's their main thing.
So you can see that's quite a lot of different industries, but and the way that they get results, is using all those years of expertise to be able to give the right solution to the right person. So that's is an example of a shining star. Now the thing is the business that's been running really well for them offline, when it comes online, they've tried to take, basically take the whole business online.
And it's, it's really, really hard to market then. Because quite often you've been used to marking marketing within a small area, like a local area. And so, you know, you can get well known for being the go to person, for a lot of people in a particular area that you work that you work with.
But when it comes online, you kind of flipping it around, you've got a lot of people who can get to know you. And you would think that's going to be easier. But it can actually be harder to be able to know where online to go and find the right people, when you're taking everything and as a generalist online, it can be quite difficult.
So we're going to talk about what we can do there, if you relate to this, this is a lot of the people who I work with, at my accelerator level, which means that we get to work really, really closely together, and you get to work with a small handful of peers. And that's because you're already super busy, because you've got a successful business.
So you need, you haven't got time to be working through a self paced program, you need somebody to help you and just speed things up. And also, you can get results quite quickly, because you've got so much expertise, so many case studies, that you can get results when you can get pointed in the right direction.
And that's what I'm going to be talking about in a moment about the action steps you need to take. So just so you know, if that's you, you know, it's you're close, you're superduper close, okay? Now, the other. The other scenario that very often you will end up becoming an expert generalist is what I call a shooting star.
Now a shooting star in my, my, you know, my, my quadrant, my success, entrepreneurial success quadrants, my different star types, the shooting star is somebody who, you know, they've been doing really well. And, and then and with their often with their online business as well.
So they've been getting, they've got everything, they're doing really well in that they've got their, you know, they've got good offers, they can help multiple people at once. They've got really well known, but this is what's happened, they've stopped being as successful as they were in the past, because one of two things has happened.
Either they've changed. So you know, it's just not flooding your boat anymore. You want to be doing something different, or you're you've changed and you can take things to the next level. But you've your whole business and your brand and your offers and everything is actually still representing past you. Even if that past you was just you a few months ago.
Okay, so the business is starting to stagnate because you're not really putting out there what it is that you now I want to be offering and known for. Or the other thing is you will may be noticing that you're starting to develop some problems where yes, everybody still knows about you, but you're not making the money that you want to, and the impact that you want to because something's changed in the marketplace.
And I tell you what, there's been a lot of people who have fitted into the shooting star category, just in the last couple of years, because so much has changed for us just personally, through all you know, through the pandemic and lock downs and changes around us. And then also your clients.
And now looking to different ways to do business. There have got different priorities, they have been changing. So the marketplace is changing. So this is a lot of people have fitted into this situation. And it's really, really frustrating. And then the other one that I said two and a half is the Fallen superstar, like somebody who has totally nailed it and been top of their game for a long, long time.
But something's changing, something's changing, and they're not getting the results, things that used to work and had worked for a long time to stop working. And why has it stopped working? And so that can be scary and really, really frustrating. And so you may fall into a fallen superstar.
Now, I just want to really point out here with the foreign superstar is that a last year I did a whole series of research interviews with my with people who were on my list? And because I just really, really wanted to get a good understanding about what's changing for people. And I was really surprised some of the people who put their hand up to say, Yeah, I'll come on and you can, you know, we can interview, you can interview me, like they're not public interviews, you know, interviews, interview them about, you know, what's happening in their life, what their business, what their frustrations, their aspirations, all those sorts of things that I was using for my own market research.
I was really surprised, sometimes I went, Wow, that's I'm really honored this person here, I know them, they've been around for a while. Letus. Great, that's going to be so much fun to have a talk to them. And I did find that, because one of the things I said is, I'm just so excited that, you know, we get to chess.
And the big thing that they were saying is looking at, I feel quite embarrassed, because I've just been doing well, for so long. But you know, I'm starting to feel as if I'm struggling, things aren't working anymore. And I don't understand why. And I just need to talk to a PR, I need to talk to somebody that gets it.
So if you're feeling in that situation, the big thing is people were going all but I, you know, I've got my reputation to protect here, I just I really don't want to necessarily let people know that things aren't going as smooth, because there is that incredible sense of shame. So if that sounds like you just know, there are so many people out there in that situation at the moment.
So I just want you to know, that's okay. And to normalize it, I'm going to share with you how I was really feeling myself becoming a fallen superstar in the last year, so I'm actually going to share with you what were the red flags for me? And what did I do about it. And then I'm going to share with you the action steps that you can take to if you're identifying to any of those scenarios that can lead you to become the expert generalists.
We're going to go through exactly what to do. And it's exactly what you really need to be doing in your business every year. But it's exactly what I do with all of my clients, and really, really closely with my accelerator clients. So let's go on and have a look at that. Okay, so what do you need to be focusing on?
If you are the expert generalist, so we've already identified, you've got your freedom model, your freedom business model, if you've got that, you can, you know, you can get results for people. And you can do that with multiple people. And you are really, really well known. You've got visibility and engagement.
So you're connecting with people you are well known. So that's what you're doing well, now the area that you really need to review is the third area that you need to master a business like this. And that is the triple clarity. So we're going to run over what the triple clarity is. And I'm going to refer you to some case studies as we go.
Now, with this, I said that I was going to use myself as a case study as well, because I started to find in my industry over, which is helping people to build a business online, and, but very, very specifically building a business that transforms their lives, but also their clients. And it's online.
And it's all about freedom. So I found out once we the last few years, with the pandemic, and with so many changes that have happened in everybody's lives, that my industry really started to change. And it changed in a couple of ways. One is we just had a huge flood of people who were going, You know what, my existing business doesn't work, or I've lost my work and I want to start a business.
Or I've you know, I've been working from home and I love the flexibility of working from home. So I'm going to start a business and I'm going to not go back to what I was doing. So there were a lot of people who J were going, Okay, I'm gonna go into start building an online business. And so I found one of the things that was really, really interesting is the, the market seemed to get flooded with lots of people who were having all the same sort of promise of I'm going to help you to build an online business.
And so it became very difficult for the people who actually had been doing this for a long time to really to be able to stand out in amongst this crowd. And I also was starting to find that the messages that for, you know, when I would do a launch when I would run a webinar, all those sorts of things I had over the years really honed my messaging, I knew what converted.
And I was starting to, you know, use the same messages, modify them slightly, of course, but but things that had been working over and over and over for years, just stop working, or not stopped working as well. So I just thought, wow, I've really got to understand why what has worked for years is not working anymore.
And so this is a really important thing. You've got to acknowledge it, okay. Like if you're going Oh, right. Well, they always worked, why hasn't it worked? Now? You need to start investigating, you can't go, oh, well, it was just this one time, it'll be fine. It'll be fine. Or you got it. Or the other one is you got to be really careful to go, oh, it's me, they're rejecting.
Nobody wants me anymore. And then you can take it personally. Now, as part of this, I was talking about this with a lot of peers, going, like, what's happening with you. And this was something I was hearing all the time. In the groups that I'm part of with people who've been, you know, running successful businesses for a long time going, I can't believe it, we ran the same thing that we've run four years in a row, and it's been our bread and butter, and it just flopped.
We can't work out why. So this was across quite a few different industries. So just so you know, that was the first step is to go, oh, have a curiosity, why isn't it working? So that's what I did last year, I thought, Okay, I've got to find out what's working, I've been doing this long enough to know that what I do gets results.
And I know who loves who I can, who I get got, who I get great results with. So what's not going right, so I looked at triple clarity. And I'll share with you what I did, and changes that I made as well. And as I do that I'll go through and I'll also share some of my other people I've worked with, so you can see those.
So what is triple clarity? So triple clarity, the first one is you getting really clear on you. Because the if you're in that scenario where you can help a lot of people and I've always been quite a generalist, myself, that's been a lot of times, that's been my strength in my business. But it's, it's ad changed.
So I realized, Oh, I've become the expert generalist, which can be a really good thing. But I really need to dive a little bit deeper into this. So and this is what I do when I'm working with my clients so that they could be getting great results with clients. But if there's a lot of noise online, your first thing you got to do is you've got to look at yourself, okay.
And with that you can be looking at your own story. Now, this is a core part that we do in our profit in new module in, in my program in the academy, and also with my accelerators. And I actually revisit the profit in new module for myself on a regular basis, it's something you really should be doing annually, I quite often do it around the whole new year period.
Because it really gets you to dive in deep and really analyze like, what do I want out of my business? What what is my freedom plan? And then also looking at your story, what do you do that uniquely gets results with people? And what is it about the way that you work with people?
What is it about you and your personality? And then also, really understanding? Why do people choose you? And all of the things that you're possible, or that you can be doing really well. Now what I chose to do is I thought you know what, I'm going to do exactly what I do with my clients, so I just treated myself as if I was my own client.
So the first thing I did is I went through my profit a new module. And I thought I've got some questions I need to ask people here. And so I as I was saying, I put out to my to my mailing list and then I also put on social media. Hey, I would love 30 minutes of your time to ask questions about what you want out of business and and what you know about me, and then you know, I'll give you these gifts.
Now, what the reason that I did that is so I could get some insights and I made sure I got a good cross section so that I had people in different stages of business. Some had been clients some had never been liance Some had been piers. So there was quite a variety. Now, one of the questions that I asked people was, if you were to describe me to somebody else, and because somebody else had said to you, so his Janet Beckers, like what does she do?
And like, why would you work with her rather than somebody else? So I said, if you had that question, how would you answer it? And then I just shut up. And I just listened to how, in their own words, they describe who I am, and why me now, this is a great question for you to ask anybody, okay?
Because the insights I got from there were really, really interesting. And the thing was, I didn't necessarily get insights that were, you know, totally new to me. But what they did do is things that I had started to take for granted. And that I really was not reinforcing very much at all, in any of my marketing messages was, you know, things that they were actually pointing out as being what made me unique.
Now, two of those things really stood out to me, one of them is, they all said, you've been around, ever, like you've been through the hard times, you've been through the good times, and you just don't give up. And because of that, I know that you've got what the character but also, you know, how to get yourself out of holes, you and so you can help me to do that.
So I thought, oh, isn't that interesting, because I've been doing this for a long time. And, you know, been through some really, really tough situations that were that were externally imposed, just as we've had in the last couple of years. And so that was one thing, I thought, okay, I actually don't talk very much about my longevity, and need to share more about examples of when things didn't go well, and how I got out of them.
So that was an Aha. And but the other Aha, which actually changed quite a bit, is when I was saying, when I said to them will clean what how would you say to them? What makes me different to everybody else? Like, why would you work with me, is they were saying, well, when it comes down to building your online business, you know, Janet's good at this, and this and this, which was stuff that I already was doing.
And but she'll show you how to do it all using relationships, and, and how to do all of that without having to spend a fortune on doing paid advertising. She'll show you how to do it all through building connections and relationships. And I thought, Well, I had totally forgotten that that was unique.
Isn't that crazy? And yet, that is the whole way I've built my business. And so as a result of that, I actually went and made modifications to my academy. In fact, I changed. You know, I added a different roadmap, the steps that you follow through to make it clearer for people. And I included very, very significant steps on how do you build these relationships at every single stage, because I've been doing this really consciously, and experimenting, and testing and getting really great results with accelerated clients.
But I hadn't been updating that and giving templates and scripts and things into my academy. So I changed that. So that is a really good one. Now, an examples of other people who I've worked with. You'll see on the podcast page, I've got an interview there with Lisa McDonald.
And Lisa is was a life coach and had been worked. She'd been working with people, you know, in all different industries for a long time and getting great results, helping people get their goals. But when it came to online, you know, it was a there's a lot of life coaches out there. Okay, so what was making her different?
So we spent a lot of time going over what what did she have in her story that nobody else had? She's got this amazing story around the decisions on whether to have a child or not, and how do you have difficult conversations? How do you plan how do you make these decisions? Really fascinating.
So she's, she's written her book, and it's now at the stage where she's now you know, getting it published. And she really refined on helping people there that changed. That's made it so much easier for her to have a very clear message and went from being the generalist using the same sort of scenarios that she would use As for anybody that she worked with, but really tailoring it, so for people to help them make these decisions, another great person is Jason Van Genderen.
Jason, I've got a really fantastic interview, not necessarily about his business, but with him J sharing about telling stories and how it impacts on your business, you know, and how on how you can sell. So I linked on that into the last episode, and I'll share it with this one. But Jason is a great person you to follow, because he went through the scenario of, you know, here's a person that travelled around Australia, filming, and a and filming for companies for internal and external communication, well, locked down in Australia couldn't travel, couldn't do all of that.
So really, really had to look at, okay, I've got to change. This is somebody who external situations were making it like, whoa, this really successful business, I've got to find a modification and also really wanted to work in home to care for his mother with dementia. So really great person for you to follow.
Because you can see Jason when he went through, and we went through all of this some assessing, you know, who do I want to work with? What do I want this business to look like? Like, it's really, really looking at what were his core strengths. And he's developed a beautiful specialty in helping carers and people in the caring industry and family friends, to be able to capture the stories of the people in their lives through audio through video.
Plus, you know, there's so many other things that he's now also being able to build on. But that's very different to helping corporate people make ads. So that's, you've really got to dive in to get the clarity on you. Okay? The next clarity, clarity on your most profitable avatar. Now, as the expert generalist, when it comes online, if you can help a lot of people, it's very, very difficult for you to be able to refine any of your communication.
And that communication can be content, it can be sales pages, it can be what you're putting on your website, all those sorts of thing, videos, you create all of that sort of stuff, it can be very difficult to get the attention of the right people, when you're talking to too many types of people at once.
So where you really need to look at is you need to go back and revisit. Okay, first of all, with the people who I have been helping, I really need to understand what's changing for them. That's why I did my whole series of interviews, to find out, you know, what, what's, what's really frustrating people at the moment, what do they need, what do they care about.
And also, you may decide that you're going to choose a section of your people that you work with. Now, that doesn't, this is something that's really important for you to know, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to change what you're doing. So you can be still having the same program, still the same way that you help people get results.
But you can be creating targeted marketing messages to subgroups. So you're not changing what you're offering, you're changing your message. And you can't change your message clearly until you've really investigated your most profitable avatar. What do they want? Are there enough of them wanting it?
And what are the specific language that this particular subset use? For me, I discovered I get really great results for people who are in in health professions. And that can be quite wide. But I think that's because my whole background before I went into business was in health. So I get it.
And also, there's a lot of people in health industries that have got so much knowledge that can make a difference in the world. And I get I get really excited about that. Now, I work with people who aren't in the health industry. But it does mean that I can create marketing messages specific to people in the health industry and use a much more targeted language.
I'm still helping them in exactly the same way. But it means that I can talk to the right people. That was for me, that was one thing that came out of it. Now. The other important thing here so again, you know, there was Jason was a great example of changing his avatar. Another brilliant example and this is one in the health industry was Natasha McGrath.
Now you'll see, I've got interviews with Natasha. And the thing here is when we worked closely together through the accelerator, is her avatar she can, she can work with a huge cross section of people, because she's working with people with their mental health with their counseling as a mental health J social worker, but when it came to online, it's really too general on how to help.
So we spent quite a lot of time looking at these are the questions you want to know, who do I get great results with? And what is the transformational journey that I can take them on. And so with her, we worked out the people, she can get some root she has been getting great results with and has very evidence based cry, you know, procedures that she knew with these particular people were people who had had cancer, and specifically, women who'd had breast cancer surgery, and or treatments, and helping them to really change their lives around their way and can actually help to reprogram their brain for happiness, but also, believe it or not, actually reduces the chance of getting cancer again.
So you can see how that message of I've got a program that's actually going to help prevent you getting cancer again, and it's proven. And I'm going to help you to have your Second Life, you're going to get a second chance, and we're going to live it. That's so much easier to market than it is to say, hey, it doesn't matter how young you all are, how old you are, what your gender is, what your life circumstances are, if you're having trouble coping with life, I've got the solutions, that's really, really general, isn't it.
But going very specific, like that meant that she was able to go from, you know, selling, you know, one off consultations to launching a $3,000 Beta program, and filling it completely. And getting through that process now recognizes an industry leader amongst her peers, simply because we really did that work to work out who is going to be the best avatar for the online, he still helps people offline, through, you know, the way that she still works with them.
If you the people that she chooses to work one on one, she does a lot less of those hours now, because she's got this freedom. So that there is what can happen. So I've got a great case study there for you. Now, let's look at the next clarity. So so far, we've got clarity on the profit in you, we've got clarity on your avatar, the next thing you need to do as the expert generalist is you really need to look at your industry.
Because once you've done the work to work out, okay, what is it that I'm really going to focus on, for what's unique about the way I work with people? So for me, I really made sure that I was clear and doing a better job at helping people to build strategic relationships to build their business.
So that was one thing I added in then you've got you know, in you've got really clear then on who you can help. And so I still was going to my not my my existing market, but also, you know, doing some messaging specifically around health, then you can go to the industry and go right Well, who am I already networking with?
Who am I already got relationships with? Maybe there are people who I have not approached because I didn't even think of it because I thought they were too specific. So that means so for example, Natasha and there's also another great case study with Kate Perkins, Kate and Natasha, a friends through the industry Natasha discovered Kate because of the work Kate had done.
And because she specialized in breast cancer as well, but this was through lymphedema. There's a great podcast episode with Kate total total friggin legend, with both of them because they had worked out specifically a very niche, you know, just a subgroup of clients they were working with it meant then when it came to growing their business and having referral partners.
You could go very, very niche. For example, oncologists who work with breast cancer, breast cancer surgeons, general practitioners, people who have podcasts that have got to do with recovery from cancer, those sorts of things you can see that may not be something that you would have necessarily approached.
If you were going I help people with lymphedema, you know, from from sports and all that From things or I help people who are struggling in life, to be able to find themselves and be happier, you may not have really thought about focusing on them. So that's the other clarity you've got, you want to now look from the information you've collected and go, You know what?
Yeah, I actually can go to these people. But keep in mind, when you do go to these more targeted people that you can be developing professional friendships with, is you need to make sure that you have got your messaging clear. So when you go to them, you've got some specific messaging you can use, if they're going to refer to people to you, you have created some specific marketing material that they can share that hones in on this very niche market.
So the lesson with this one here is you don't necessarily have to change a lot about what you're doing, you'd have to change all of your programs, you don't have to change the way that you are showing up and, and getting results for people. But you do need to go and do that work to get the triple clarity, because these little tiny nuances can be that little thing that's going to make a huge difference.
And when you if you are my shining stars, which means you've you know, you're already running a successful business offline, but you know, it's, you're really, it's one on one, and you're you actually don't work that hard anymore, you want some freedom, then you don't have to take your whole general business online, you're gonna make it so much easier to do that work to decide, where am I going to start?
Where am I going to focus at my marketing and messaging and offering to first, that's where you're gonna go. So it makes it so much easier. So that was quite a lot for me to cover today. But I really do hope that this is going to help you to go, you know what, I'm close, I'm really, really close.
And I can fix this. So and for a lot of people just know that there are a lot of people that the scenarios that they are in their business have changed a lot for people in the last few years, because so many things have changed externally. So understand, that is not just you. So in summary, we've covered the three scenarios of the queen bee, the best kept secret, and today, the expert generalist, the three areas that are absolutely essential for success is triple clarity.
And that's what our expert generalists is going to be working on, on connection and visibility, which is what our best kept secret needs to work on. And creating a freedom business model, which is what our queen bee needed. Now, I really would love to hear from you. First of all, which one can you relate to?
And also, like, I'd love to know any action steps that you take from this any tiny, tiny little thing that you may I do. As a result of what I've shared with you today, I would love to hear that feedback from you that just totally floats my boat. So please reach out to me. And my scale sort of challenge to you is to do one little thing. And if you can relate to the expert generalist, the first thing I want you to do is to just reach out and start having some conversations with the current clients and ask them how would you describe me to somebody else?
If they asked why would somebody Why'd why? Why would somebody want to work with me rather than somebody else? What do I do? Just asking those questions is a really simple thing. So don't overcome overcomplicated, just get started with that, that there is my scare sided challenge to you for today.
Now, go out there and make a difference. pass this on to anybody else that you think can really benefit. And when you're ready to get my help to help you make this happen and help you make all of those decisions and get those insights. I'm here for you and I have a few different ways that I can help you depending on your budget.
And depending on how much time you have to allocate to be able to get everything done in your business. So just reach out and I would love to be able to help you. Okay, go get them
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