Best Kept Secret? Fix This

Hello beautiful you!

Today's episode is #3 in a special series this month on the 3 areas you need to master to build a business that creates true transformation for multiple clients at once, while giving you the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and with whoever you want.

In episode #1 I introduced the 3 areas, plus identified 3 business scenarios you may relate to.

In each scenario, this person has nailed 2 out of the 3 areas (or at least these areas are stronger than the one area of weakness).

The 3 scenarios are:

1. Queen Bee (Episode #2 deep dive episode)
2. The Best Kept Secret
3. The Expert Generalist

This week we dive in deep to the second business scenario.
The Best Kept Secret (a.k.a. BKS)
def: Knows the frustrations and aspirations of their ideal client intimately and knows, when they have a client, they can get brilliant results with them. In fact, they've even done the work to create a system to get results for many clients at once but almost feel invisible, while other people, who are not as skilled as them, seem to have heaps of clients.
In this episode we cover:
I include a scarecited challenge for you at the end of the episode.

I'd love to hear if you do it!

And when you're ready to create your own Freedom Business Model and be the true transformational online leader you are meant to be... I'm here to help you. Simply reach out and we'll make it happen.

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Well, hello beautiful you Janet Beckers here and today is episode number three in a special series I'm doing this month, which is all about the three areas that you need to master. If you want to build a business that not just creates true transformation for your clients, but allows you to get true transformation for multiple clients at once, while giving you freedom to work where you want, when you want and with who ever you want.
Now, in the last few episodes, I have, first of all covered what those three areas are. And I've got a really cool graphic for you. And you've, I've got that same graphic repeated on every episode of this podcast. So you can just go to the podcast notes for today. And you will see that graphic. And the thing that I like about it is if you're like me and you really visual, it's great to be able to have something that you can look at at a glance and go, Okay, easy, I get that.
And the important thing when you see these three areas, the graph actually overlaps you need to cover each area. But sometimes you're doing a couple of areas quite well. But one area you kind of suck at. Or maybe maybe you're struggling with all of them, though you might find as we're going through these that you may be doing okay in some things that you didn't think you were.
So the nice part about that graph is it allows you to see at a glance, what does life look for you if you're got strength in it two areas that overlap, but the other one's not working out too well. Now, what I've done is identified I've given names really, to the three different scenarios that you might find yourself in and each one of these scenarios you're doing, you know, you've got strengths into areas, but a weakness in another.
So those three scenarios are a queen bee, the best kept secret, and the expert generalist. Now last week, I covered in detail the queen bee, and we looked at what the queen bee is doing really well. And what the queen bee really needs to focus on in order to be able to really create this fantastic freedom and transformation business that you've been working towards.
So the queen bee is a popular with an engaged online community who love all the free content, but they get they get burnt out this queen bee and they are broke. So today, we are going to be looking at the next one, which is the best kept secret. Even me saying the best kept secret you may have that might resonate with you that phrase, and it could come as a real sort of a negative or a positive.
Sometimes I find people will go man, I am the best kept secret. Yeah, as if it's a point of pride. And the thing is, there is a lot to be proud of, if that is you. And it's not actually going to be difficult for you to you're that close was basically it you are that collates you've done the hard work. So you might say that to yourself with a bit of pride.
Well, my challenge on this call here is I'm going to help you to work out what you need to J be doing. And I'll tell you what, there's a lot of courage involved today. Now, the other times that you may have heard this is clients saying, Oh man, you are my secret weapon. You are my best kept secret or they will or they will describe you to people who would be great customers of yours.
They'll be describing going oh yeah, she's my best kept secret. Don't tell anybody. I just want to keep her all to myself. And know. So what is the best kept secret. So the best kept secret is, you know, the frustrations and the aspirations of your ideal client intimately. And you know that when you have a client like one of these great clients, you can get really fantastic results with them.
In fact, you've probably even done the work to create a system so that you could work with multiple clients at once. But it's really really frustrating because you've got so much incredible value, you know your staff, but you always feel invisible and then you look at other people who you know, are nowhere near as skilled as you aren't getting the results as you and but they seem to have heaps of clients like it just does not seem fair.
If that sounds like you, I've got so many great resources Hear that go along with today's podcast episode that can really, really help you. So just know, I really recommend that you go over to the show notes. If you're watching or listening to this, and you're not quite, you haven't got the link there to them, just go to romance your And you can go click on there for podcasts, and you'll see all the different podcasts I've got.
And then you'll be able to see this one. And you can go there because I've got a stack of links to some case studies, some videos that I've created. Honestly, I've been creating videos, I think, on YouTube, they're going back 12 or 13 years, doing weekly videos, how's that for consistency, and there is a note there for you.
Okay, so I'm going to come back to that, but just not I went through some of these videos, just to find ones that I've done over the years that I know are really going to help you as the best kept secret. So we're gonna dive in now. And we're first of all, we're going to look over at what you're doing well, and what you need to keep on doing.
And then we're going to look at what you need to focus on, and what changes are going to have to happen in order for you to be able to focus on this and do it really well. Okay, so that's what we're going to do. And, and also, this is what I this is my gig, you know, this is what I help people do. The three different scenarios that I'm describing over these few weeks, are all people who I work with.
And this is what I do with my eyes closed now is for so many years is helping these three different scenarios to get the results that you want. So just know that you're thinking, You know what, I think I'm getting the knee, I want this to happen. Now, I want some help, I want to make it go faster, I don't have time to work all this stuff out. And I really just want to have it, you know, with a bit of ease, well just reach out to me, I've got a couple of ways that I can help you.
And I'll let you know, I'll let you know, which I think is going to be the best option for you. So yeah, and I can help you. So if that sounds like you just reach out, okay, there's no pressure from me, you can just find out what what is available. And I'll let you know. You know what, why don't you what I think you might need to focus on first and what things I've got that can help you.
Alright, so there you go. Just know at the end of this, you've got so many resources and also help to make this happen. So let's see my best kept secret, what you are doing really, really well. Well, when you have a look at the image that I've got for you on the podcast notes, you'll see that there are three areas.
Now the area you're doing really, really well in is the one is called triple clarity. Now by that the clarity is you are super clear on who is your most profitable avatar. So the person who, you know, when you start working with them, you're gonna get results. And and this is the important part, this is why they called a profitable avatar, they are incredibly motivated to get the result that they want.
Therefore, they will see value in having your help and paying you. So a profitable avatar, not just somebody that wants the result, but somebody who is hungry enough and wants it now. So you've got that clarity on J there, and we aren't going to come back and review this a little bit. Okay, but you've got clarity on that.
The other one that you're clear on is your uniqueness. What is it that you do that helps people get results? And why do you have confidence in that? And also what's unique about the way that you actually work with people? What's your story. So and I've just put story there, because we're going to talk about story in a moment as well.
And a great super cool resource for you. Now the other one because it's triple clarity that you are doing really well is you've got a good handle on who are the players in your industry. And you've got a really good handle on who, who you respect, who you click with, who is already has your clients and is already helping them in some way, but they're not a competitor.
So these are people that you have got relationships with and these are the people that if we work in the one of the areas I'll be bringing up that you can be having as your action plan is these can be great referral partners for you. This can be people who enthusiastically endorse you. So you've done a lot of work here.
Okay, so just congratulate yourself because honestly, once you nail that part Everything else is getting the stuff done. But there's, you know, all of these takes experience with you really understanding, you know, understanding your clients, like, you can't just do that textbook stuff, you can't just do that from one simple survey, there comes experience of actually working with clients that lets you know, there's nuances of what help they need.
So you know what, even if you think you're only doing like, a half baked job, I really want you to congratulate yourself, okay, because that is a lot more than a lot of people can do. So own it, baby, own it. Now, the other area that you're doing really well is because we talked about here that, you know, if you've got a client's you can get great results with them, if you get a few clients that you can get great results with them.
So the second area that is in our, in our image, or the little model that we're using for to this month's podcast, is you've got a freedom business model in place. And that means it's not just a business model of working one on one with people, or doing all the stuff for them. If you've got a done for you type service, you've actually built into there, you've been taking what it is that you do, and you have been creating it in a way that clients can do a lot of stuff without you having to be holding their hand the whole time.
So you may have already created a course you don't have to have a cost to have a freedom business model, though, you could have done things in a way that okay, this is the next step you're up to. Here's some worksheets. So here's some videos that I've already created, or podcast episodes that I've already done.
All these sorts of things that you've got that mean that your clients don't have to, they can, they can work at a pace that suits them, not just at the pace where you are available. So you've got something there already done. So I find quite often the people who I work with, who are who are the best kept secrets, in a lot of times, you may have done quite a few different courses.
And in fact, you might be getting a bit annoyed with yourself because you think for heaven's sake, I've spent a bloody fortune already. I've done so many courses had so many mentors, I've done all of this sort of stuff, I've worked hard, but why am I getting the results. So that's what we're going to cover in a moment.
So if that sounds like you, be kind, okay. All of these sorts of things are all contributing, and you really acknowledge what you have put in place already. Now, you also have got some way of making sales, because if you've already getting clients, so you've got a way of being able to explain what it is that you do.
And some some way to say, Okay, this is how much it costs. Here's how you pay me. So you've got that in place. So that is brilliant. So those are things that you are doing really, really well. So what do you need to focus on? What is the thing that is missing here, because we want to take you from being you know, the best kept secret to like the most well known.
You know, the most well known legend? There you go. Sure, thought that one through beforehand, but we're gonna go with that you're the most well known legend. So what do we need to focus on? So the third area that is in the model that we're using, is called connection and visibility. So let's look at visibility first.
Now what is visibility? So visibility is getting your message in front of the people who are your potential clients, and also getting your message in front of the people? Who are potential referrers that have already got your clients and have conversations with them. So how, what does it look like?
Well, you could be doing it by you could be even you can be going old school, you could be out there networking, you could be looking for opportunities to have guest speaking slots in front of networking events or at conferences. That's kind of like the offline version, but you're putting yourself out there and say, You know what, I am available to be heard.
And I've got something to say. And here's the description of what I'm going to say who it's for, and what kind of results I'm going to get for people, you know, just by them turning up to listen to see me. So that's what visibility is. So if we take that online, it's you being a Cocker podcast guest it's you using video and actually sharing it.
So you know, going on to social media, whichever platform that you decide is the one that you want to focus on. You could be turning up and just even starting to share unique content either as a blog post, or as guest articles. You know, it could be quotes, but not the same as everybody else's doing out there things that actually your price most profitable avatar, get that they relate to.
And it also immediately relates to the solutions you do like positions, you as somebody who's got results, you know, got a system to help. It might mean, you know, emailing more often it might mean being active in groups. So let's have a look here about what does it actually look like when you're doing?
Well, first of all, you've got to be clear on what on earth have you got to say, okay, you don't want to just start putting yourself out there, and just either just saying it the same as everybody else like vanilla, a yawn, you know, you want to get clear on what it is that you do that you get results with people.
What's so unique, if you if you can go okay, I am going to be sharing things where I can demonstrate, I get what it feels like to be you at the beginning of your journey when you need me. So letting them know like, what does it feel like? You will notice today, this whole podcast episode is about what does it feel like to be you?
This is you know, and I have people that replied, You know, like replied last week to the one that was the queen bee saying, You know what? I can see what a bit of a queen bee in me. Yeah, you know, I get it. So, you know, you've got that part of us, but as well as you know, what does it look like to have the solution, if you can always think in terms of transformation, point a point B transformation is you helping people go from point A, where they've got the issue, and point B, which is the outcome that they want to have, and you have got the path to get there for that transformation, that transformational journey, that's what you do.
So just simplify things on being really just stick with the transformation. You know, there's lots of different things you can do when it comes to sharing any kind of content. But just stick with that. Okay, what is point A? What's it feel like? What's point point B? What does it feel like to have point B, and the transformational journey, like what kind of steps you're gonna have to do in between?
And hey, you know, if you want to get clarity on those steps, that's when you're saying I'm available. So now we're going to move over to connection. Actually, before I do that, I want to bring up a couple of mindset things here for you. Okay. Actually, one of the other ones is did I already say about being a podcast guest?
Reaching out there to those people who already have an audience of your ideal clients? Well, you've got to put yourself out there and let them know that number one, you're really interested in being a guest. And number two, you've got something to say. So you need to be able to say to them, Hey, I can talk on this topic, which is ideal for these people.
And I'm going to give them you know, three solutions or something to this problem that I know most of them have. Really, that's what it boils down to. Doesn't have to be over complicated. But you need to actually get clear on what is that transformation. And I know that you are clear, don't second guess yourself on this.
Because we already know you've got that triple clarity, baby. Now, let's now go over to two mindset things that I know will come up. And these come up for everybody. But this is very likely the thing that has stopped you already this is this, these two things are the things that J are very likely the things that mean that you haven't been putting yourself out there enough.
And it's this. The first one is just impostor syndrome. That's a whole feeling of, you know, what if I, if I'm visible, if I put myself out there, and position myself as somebody with something to say, well, people are going to notice me. And maybe people are going to go in our bullshit. I don't think she really knows what she's talking about.
Or they might be going well, yeah, but I know more than that, you know, just put into your mind, what are all the things that you could possibly be thinking? Now, I've got a couple of resources here to help you with this. Because this mindset stuff is the thing that's stopping you from, from no longer being the best kept secret.
And if we don't work through it, it will keep on stopping you and you will be the person that's keeps the other people talk about, oh, man, you've got so much potential. I don't know why more people don't go to you. Well, here's why. So here is just a couple of resources I've got for you Go. And one is actually really quite handy is is a web video that I've got on YouTube.
So I will will link to it in the podcast notes. It's web TV number 188. And it's called how to shoot videos and when you're old and ugly, because that could be one of your fraud things is thinking, Oh, look, I'm not glamorous enough to start be using video and things, people are gonna look at me and go old, ugly, bad taste in clothing, all of those sorts of things that go through it.
So I go through the steps that you need to do mindset wise and also content wise, so that you can shoot the videos. So and I came up with that title, because I actually did a survey once about, you know about why people aren't using video. And I didn't put anything there about people are going to think I'm ugly, or old or fat or skinny, or hairy or not heavy enough, whatever.
That but people said, I just had a question. Is there something I forgot to ask? I had so many replies that were almost identical. I thought it might be something like they're gonna go like, what camera? Should I use all that sort of stuff, which honestly, is irrelevant, but just use your phone. But really, everybody was going look, this is probably just me, times 100.
But I'm really embarrassed to be put on get on video because I am insert whatever insecurity you've got. So yeah, I've got that video there for you. And also just a really fun one that I did about about 20 seconds of courage, where you actually get to see me with snot coming out of my nose kayaking, really, really scared because I was crying on camera.
But yeah, so I took about 2020 seconds of courage. Now I've got so many more resources for you heaps and heaps and heaps of extra resources. And I've also got like, if when you work with me, in our academy, every single module has the mindset issue that is going to come up and what to do about it.
And of course, when we work closely together, we do with you've got me every single week, cheerleading you and calling you out on on stepping into skier sighted. Alright, so there's just a couple of resources there for you just on that mindset stuff. Now, back to my notes, where were we?
Okay, so one of the things that will very likely stop you from being visible is that feeling of fraud, impostor syndrome, criticism, rejection. Now the other one, which is kind of the opposite. And this is very real as well. And this is actually the one that has sabotaged me the most is, when I am successful, I'm going to have so many more clients, how am I going to cope?
Will I still be able to really give great value to the people that I'm working with? I can't risk that I can't make it that they're not going to get the results. And so I find that that's always my biggest challenge is I find that I will sabotage sales of programs, especially if they're ones that a lot my accelerator where I'm working more closely with people, I find myself going, why didn't I follow through on that marketing, oh, that's why I'm really scared that I'm not going to be human great value.
And then, you know, analyze that however you will, this, everything comes back down to being liked. Really. There you go. So that's there with the visibility. Now, we're now going to talk about connection. And there is something here that fits in with the connection that is also around visibility.
And I've got a very short video for you on this as well, which is a short video, which is only like tiny under a couple of minutes, which is really about getting the splinters out of your butt. Like people who sit on the fence and don't have an opinion on anything to do with their industry. And about way that things should be done for their clients.
They'll sit on the fence because they don't want to draw attention to themselves and they don't want anybody to disagree with them. The thing is, if you sit on the fence for too long, you're gonna get splinters in your butt. So you got to jump off it when it comes to you having something to say there is no use being visible and people just go Oh, yeah, there's another vanilla person that's just like everybody else.
No, you've got to stand up for what you believe. That's the way that things should be done. Doesn't mean that you have to be controversial, but you just have to be definite. You'll notice as I've been talking through here, you know, there's a few things where I've probably, you know, I know I've slipped into swearing, that's just me.
And though I have read mind you just an aside, I have read newspaper articles or knew who the who uses a newspaper articles that people who swear more are actually more trustworthy Figo, so just just know that. So but you know, enough that I feel passionate enough that I will actually, you know, emphasize with the swear word, that is just the example of getting off the fence.
Okay. So it takes courage, because you're, you've got to have something to say. Now, let's look at connection, because it's one thing about being visible. But really, if this is going to result in sales, if this is going to result, in people wanting to enthusiastically endorse you, people have to know that you've got something to sell what it is, and you need to connect.
So when it comes to connections, that can be really nerve wracking as well, because people have this feeling about being salesy or pushy. Let's just do a little bit of a mindset reframe on that. Have people need you, okay, we've already established that you know, your staff, and you've got ways of getting solutions.
Okay, so people need you. So it's not that you're going to be a pain in the butt chasing them. But you need to connect, you just need to connect and say, Hey, what do you need to help with? Let me see if I've got some way of helping you. You're, as I talked about before, if you want to be a podcast guest people have to know that you're that you're up for it.
You've got to actually outreach. When it comes to people who are industry partners, they need to know what you're doing, you know, who do you help? Have you got results? And how do they actually refer people to, you need to connect so they know that, that you're the kind of person that they want to do business with that your values are aligned.
Now, I've got a few more resources here for you around the connection. Let me what I've got here, I have a great, a couple of really great case studies for you some different, some of them are podcasts, some of them are videos over on YouTube. So again, we'll have this link for you. And here are a few ones that we've got.
So a great one is this fantastic interview I did a couple of years ago with Emma Franklin Bell, she was one of my accelerator clients that time. And she had a really great system on the five connection styles. That different content marketers, so content marketers is just putting out what you think, you know, putting your message out there in front of people.
So he's got a great, we did a great interview there. And she's got a really good handout. So you might want to listen to that, about really finding your own style. And yeah, she's just got a great story too, about her getting clarity on what it is that she does, and, and really very inspiring mindset stuff.
I've also got another interview here with Gail Bunnell, it's I think it's about 15 minutes, where unless this one's over on YouTube, where we go through about how she went from being an employee to booked out, like totally booked out with a waiting list as a speech pathologist. Now, the reason I want you to listen to this one is when Gail started being deciding to be visible.
She was a he was a speech pathologist speech therapist, but she wasn't really quite sure what her niche was that she was going to do. And then once she decided okay, I think I will start working the most with, with parents who've got nonverbal children. So what she did is she started doing every single week, just short videos, and give it a name Speechy. TV.
But the nice part here is, even though you as the best kept secret, we've already acknowledged that you know your customer, you have a good J understanding of the needs of your avatar, and what help they need. What Gail found is that every time she created one of these short videos, she had to get more and more succinct, more and more clear.
In her communication, because she wanted to keep them short. And you and this is a great thing, because for her having to do that every single week, it meant that she had to get clearer and clearer and clearer on her message. And that meant that she got great insights into all of out of all the different things that she knows and understands about that potential market, what are the things that are relevant to the way that she can help people, because that's what we want to do.
We want to communicate with people around the things that you can help them solve. They'll have a lot of different issues, but around the stuff that you can help them solve. So she's got a great example, I just love Gail's energy. And another great one I've got for you, with another one of our accelerated clients, Jason Van Genderen.
Talk about a legend, oh, Jason is just such a great person for you to follow, he just makes an impact internationally in a big way. So when it comes to visibility, honestly, Jason, with visibility and connection, this is one bloke who's totally nailed it, and incredibly generous in sharing how to do that.
So I interviewed him about how you know what, how using story to actually really make a huge difference to how much people are willing to pay for your services. It's such a great story, it's a lot of fun. And you'll see a video of us where I was interviewing him at his studio. And so that's a great one to watch.
It's not super duper long, but really, really powerful. And that's around connection, but also visibility and communicating. So that's some extra great resources there for you. Up and I've got another couple here, search. And lo who has also been a client with when I interviewed her around how to use video and how, how she was able to use that rather than doing guest speaking at events and the mindset stuff that had to go around, being able to use video confidently.
And so just another couple of ones here for you as great resources is, if you're wondering look, does, you know, does he say? Why do I Why is it worth me connecting with other people in my industry? Like really? Why do why did why worry about doing that people will find me anyway? Well, this is core to the way that I work with my clients, it's core to what I have got that, you know, all these new modules that I've put into our academy, around using relationships.
And that came from the people who I work with the accelerator level, because we work really, really closely and we get to go, Okay, what's working for you, let's see how we can adapt it. And then things that work really well with my accelerators. Once I've done that with a few clients, then I'll create something and put them in the academy.
And the thing that we found was the fastest way for you to be able to grow your business, and your reputation and credibility is by relationships with people in your industry. And two, there's two. There are two interviews that I will link to that's just cover this so well. One of them is with Kate Perkins.
And Kate when she started working with me, she just she'd only she was renting just a couple of hours a week in somebody else's clinic and she was working as an occupational therapist. Now. Kate, we just we used a very strategic way of her connecting with the people who can refer clients to her, which were all GPS Can't you know surgeons, but we did it in a very systematic way communicating in a very specific way.
And unbelievable. Like her business. Her business now is like, She's renting out rooms and and she's got more people wanting to come in. She's got these huge waiting, waiting lists. It's just just so incredibly inspiring to see it's a great story for you to be able to listen to Kate, because it just started from somebody who really had not been in the industry very long at all to now being getting referrals from the top people and like that happened quickly.
That happened within just a few weeks. So And that can skyrocket your business without you having to be doing, you know, pimping yourself out for content, you want to be able to give great value and communicate, be visible, but you want to also have the freedom to J be able to get your work done.
Okay. So that's why it works really, really well. Now, the other person that I've got an interview there is Natasha McGraw, you're gonna have a link to that Thea. And Natasha as well, we just started using the outreach. And we had, you know, from a brand new program that hadn't even been created yet, is she was able to sell that out only using the communication, just using the connection with the right people.
So it's, I really emphasize doing this, because if you do it in the right way, honestly, it just put a few years ahead, it really does, then trying to just do that one, one visible to one person at a time. Okay, I think that is there. I know, we've got heaps of other resources that I'm going to add in on that page.
But I won't go into detail them here. Because copy forever. This has the advantage of having been doing this for so long. And this is the last lesson here. When it comes to it. Your big action plan here is visibility and connection. And visibility, you have to have something to say, and I know you have okay, we talked about just first focusing on the transformation.
What's their point A what's a feel like? What's their point B? What does that feel like? What, how would their life be different? And then what are the steps in between the transformational journey, which is your specialty, just keep that in mind for every single piece of content. Okay? So you've got something to say, you're choosing out of all the different ways that you can be visible, you're choosing the one that works for you, whether it's videos, or being a guest or doing writing whatever works for you.
So you've got your visibility, you're going to connect, you're actually going to be communicating with people. And I've got some great resources there on how to prepare yourself energetically for that as well. But the most important thing is you don't just do this once. Okay. Consistent consistency is the most important thing.
And the reason why I have all these interviews and all of these videos, is every single week without fail. I have created one core piece of content. For four years, it was a three minute video. That was it, that I did for years, then I decided to do podcasts because I just had so much to say, to be honest.
And so then podcasts, you know, for whatever it it could be a blog post whatever works for you one really good piece of content, and sharing that out to as many places as you can, you can always repurpose lots of little bits of it. But just one piece of content every single week. I've been doing that for well over a decade.
And there's another great interview I've got for you with Denise Duffield Thomas, an absolutely wonderful legend about why some people work and what is some people become multimillionaires and what other people don't? And why did she in that area that's got to do with mindset, which a lot of people do, why was she so successful.
And as we walked through it, the key was consistency. Be visible connect every single week, just have a system, decide what it is that you're gonna do. And just do it every week that consistency is far more important, then lots of big fish, you know, flush things that you can be doing. And that also means when you got to do a podcast like this, I can really help you so much more.
Because I can go back and look at well over a decade's worth of great resources to be able to share with you. So I will put links to all of those in the podcast notes. And so you can go through those and you know, just cherry pick the things that you think are going to be helping you. And the most important thing for you here.
If you're describing yourself where you really resonate with being the best kept secret. I first of all want you to acknowledge that there are two areas that even if you're not doing it perfectly, you have nailed more than most people out there do. And that's that triple clarity, the clarity on your avatar, your uniqueness, and your referral partners.
And you've also got a business model that gives you freedom, not just this is the important part. It's a freedom business. Law, which means that you've created the kind of business that allows your clients to be able to, you know, work at their own pace. And you can work with a few people at once.
Because you're not having to be actively involved in every single step, you've got resources that you've created for them, that they can that you own, many clients over and over can use. So you've got parts of that, if not all of that setup. So totally own it, baby. Your big challenge now is to step into scare sided.
Because I tell you what, deciding that you're going to be visible that you've got something to say. And that people, you know, you're going to find, you're going to have a way, just one simple way that you're going to consistently getting can't get in front of people. That's scary. That brings up every little rejection insecurity that all of us have, to different levels.
And so, to do this, you've got to be willing to step into scare sided and scare sided is that feeling of, you know what, I'm really, really scared, this really moves me out of my comfort zone. But hey, imagine if it works. How exciting is that. So that is the thing that you're going to have to do, you are going to have to really push yourself out of your comfort zone and be seen and be heard, be visible, and create connections with lots of people just have conversations.
That's the big thing that you've got to focus on, do that. And then you can go back and fine tune all these other areas. Don't go and tinker and make everything perfect in those two areas that you're already doing either exceptionally well in or okay in focus your first energy in getting visible, okay, that's going to that's going to move the needle the most for you.
All right, I cannot wait to hear from you. Now, if you haven't got the idea now, by the end of this podcast, that I can help you to do this stuff. Well, I need to then go and revisit the way I'm communicating. So if you've been listened to this, and you think you know what, I need to do this, and I've got decisions to make what's what am I going to talk about?
Who do I want to talk to? Is my business model, right? You know, what sort of, you know, what's gonna be the best medium for me to use to be visible, all those sorts of decisions that have to be made. If you want help with that. That's my gig. And I have great systems to be able to help you either working through at your own pace.
And always having there's always mentoring support at all levels of this. Or if you want to work really, really closely with me, I'm curating just a really small group. And these are the people who become like risk best case studies. And that can be working at the accelerator. So if you want some help, just reach out to me got the solutions.
I'm here for you whenever you're ready, okay. Otherwise, I really want to hear from you a big aha, like, what resonated with you today and what are you gonna do about it? I really, really want to hear what action steps you were gonna take this week. So please, message me where ever you like just put Janet Beckers, whether it's going to be emails, emails, URLs, or any social media just come there, contact me and tell me I'd love to hear what are the action steps that you were going to take this week from some tips that I've given you today.Okay, go out there make a difference. And I can't wait to hear from you. Bye.
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