5 Brain Hacks to Get Stuff Done in Your Online Business

I've been obsessed with learning about the science of productivity lately and how to "hack" my own brain to do the things I find tedious.
Thought I'd share the productivity combo that is working really well for me to get work done on my business.


I know this sounds crazy for someone who has built and grown an online business for well over a decade... but I really DO NOT LIKE sitting and working at my computer!

Let's face it though, writing a post like this, communicating with an assistant to delegate tasks, writing sales letters and emails, social media posts, reviewing and giving feedback on client work etc are all things you need to do to run and market a business online.

So here's what's been working really well for me the last few weeks and every step is backed my brain science:

1. Body Doubling

Focusmate.com - schedule 50 minute sessions with 10 to 25 minute breaks. - This makes me stay focused for the whole time because someone is watching me.

It's a weird idea to "body double" with a stranger from anywhere in the world but it works! It is the virtual equivalent of co-working spaces. Each session also makes me realise how often I need to check the fridge, walk outside, check my phone when I work on my own. But every time I go to do one of these things, I see someone on my screen who will know if I leave the room!

2. Listen to Music Designed To Reprogram Your Brain

When I work, I have Brain.fm playing in my ear buds - I select music with "high effect" option. This works best for my brain but experiment to see what helps you focus best. I can hyper-focus for ages using this app.

I have used this app for years now, after asking expert copywriters how they stay focused for so long to write sales letters. It's awesome.

3. Create Mini Dopamine Hits

If I'm working on a longer task (like writing a sales letter) it can take days before you get to celebrate finishing your goal.

So, during each 50 minute focus session, after each sub task of about 10 or 15 minutes I reward myself with a short mundane task that takes ONLY about a minute but gives me a sense of achievement (mundane task today is clicking on files and delete to clear up space on my computer - so exciting isn't it but I feel like I'm getting quick wins ).

There is a physiology behind this weird tip. Quick wins give a little dopamine hit to your brain which gives you enthusiasm, hope and focus! So you can focus better on your big task.

4. Heaps of water.

A hydrated brain is a productive brain. 🙂

5. Music and Dance as a Brain Activator

Uplifting and fun music combined with moving your body, releases dopamine and other yummy brain chemicals that give you a feeling of joy, hope and focus. So at end of each 50 minute session, I feel smug, pat my dog, put on loud music for 1 song and dance with abandon (currently enjoying Florence and The Machine).


I don't know about you, but when I actually succeed in getting things done that require me to sit at my computer and focus until complete... I feel like a friggin' legend who deserves a standing ovation!

So I have a collection of GIF's and youtube videos I play of crowds giving me a standing ovation. In the secrecy of my office I blow them kisses and say "Thank you, you're too kind. Yes I did it!" Why wait for someone else to acknowledge your wins?

Video above from YouTube HERE.
I also have a favourite from Oprah, celebrating my achievement. 🙂

If I had Oprah's number I'd text her as deep down I know she'd want to know every time I do hard things (like my to do list).

I'd love to hear any tips you can add to this list.
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