4 Questions to Define Freedom


There are so many ways to design an online business and there is NO perfect online biz model.

There is, however, the perfect business model FOR YOU. One that creates freedom the way YOU define it.

Your first step is CLARITY on your personal definition of freedom.

So to help you here's 4 questions to ask yourself so you know you are creating an online biz that gives you TRUE freedom.

The way YOU define it.

After you've thought about each question I'd love to hear from you: What's YOUR definition of freedom?


Where do you really want to work and live?

  • Does freedom mean living a nomadic lifestyle to you?
  • Or maybe freedom means the security of living in local community where you feel you truly belong?
  • Does freedom mean working remotely?
  • Or maybe running a busy clinic or city office is your dream?
Clarity means you can instantly exclude some biz models and zone in on what feels like freedom to you.


How much and when do you really want to work?

  • How many hours per day or week or month do you ultimately want to work? (BTW, to succeed in a biz you do have to work. Don't believe the bulls#!t.)
  • Maybe you'd like to live my mantra? Health Before 10, Wealth After 10.
  • Do you want to always have school holidays off or other priorities?
  • Do you LIKE to work long and hard on a goal? If that's freedom for you, then own it!
Clarity means you can plan your biz offers and marketing around YOUR definition of time freedom.


Who do you really WANT to work with?

  • First, list what types of people you really DON'T want to work with (think of those clients who leave you feeling drained).
  • Who do you know you can create true transformation with? You KNOW you can get them results.
  • Who lights you up and makes you feel great about yourself and the world?
  • Who would you secretly LOVE to work with but it seems impossible?
Clarity means you can plan your biz offers and marketing messages to ONLY attract people you love to work with.


What way of delivering your services feeds your soul?

  • Do you thrive working closely with individuals and would miss this intimate connection if you removed this option completely?
  • Do you thrive off the energy of small or large groups?
  • Do you want to remove ANY personal connection and would be happy to never speak to a customer - ever!
  • Do you thrive on in-person connections (like retreats, workshops, personal VIP days)
  • Do you want to do everything virtually and never meet in person?
Clarity means you can instantly exclude some biz models and design a biz model that feeds (or protects) your soul.
As a Snap Shot

It's YOUR Biz so you can design an online business that gives you freedom.

The way YOU define freedom.

Freedom to work:

  • WHERE you want
  • WHEN you want
  • WITH WHO you want
  • HOW you want
I help you take your unique passions and skills and create an online biz that gives you freedom the way YOU define freedom.
Message me with YOUR definition of freedom and I'll help you with the first steps.
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