3 Things You MUST Master for Online Success

If any of these scenarios describe your business right now, then you'll love today's podcast episode:

1. Queen Bee

You are super popular on social media, in networking circles, and as a podcast guest. You are burning yourself out giving great value to people who are engaged and grateful, so why aren't you rolling in the dough?
2. Best Kept Secret
You know the frustrations and aspirations of your ideal client intimately and you know, when you have a client, you can get brilliant results with them. In fact, you've done the work to create a system to get results for many clients at once but almost feel invisible, while other people, who you know are not as skilled as you, seem to have heaps of clients.
3. The Expert Generalist
You know your stuff and peers in your industry respect you and refer to you as an expert. You have brilliant systems to get results for quite a wide cross-section of clients. Even though you are seen as a leader, you feel like an imposter and failure because everyone thinks you are successful yet you really struggle to build the 7-figure business you know you are capable of.
Can you relate to any of these?

Maybe you can relate to 2 of them?
In today's podcast episode,  I help you identify the mastery area you need to focus on first to reach the potential you can see just out of reach.

It will be one or more of the following:
1. The Triple Clarity
2. The Freedom Business Model
3. Connection and Visibility
I cover in detail the 3 areas you need to master to build a business that creates true transformation for multiple clients at once, while giving you the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and with whoever you want.

You'll know which area you need to prioritise depending on which of the 3 scenarios best describes you right now plus action steps you can take this week.

Over the next 3 weeks, I'll dive deep into each business scenario, with detailed action steps and case studies so you can fix your biz and be the true transformational online leader you are meant to be.
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Hello, beautiful you, Janet here? Well, I'm excited today because I'm going to be doing an introduction today to some really core concepts for you, to help you to be able to create a business online. That is, it's a transformation business. So transformation for you, because we're going to be looking at how do you create a business that gives you freedom, and makes it easy for you to be able to scale without having to burnout, we're gonna look at that. But we're also going to have a look at what do you need to have in place in order to create true transformation for the clients that you work with? So how do you do both, because if you're like a lot of the people who I work with, you're, you're really passionate about the area that you've chosen to work in. And it's really important to you that you create real change real outcomes for your clients. And sometimes they can feel like there is a real sort of, you know, tug, but then it can be almost impossible to be able to create that real transformation, and create a business that allows you to have a lot of freedom over your time and to be able to make good money through it. So what we're going to cover here is the introduction, I'm going to introduce you to three really core areas that you need to master in order to build and to be able to grow this business that will be online, that is designed around transformation and leadership. So we're going to go over those three areas, those three mastery areas, and then we're going to have a look at three different scenarios in businesses, if you've got these out of whack, so what happens if you've got two, but not the other one, so we're going to have a look at that. So you can see, okay, this, this actually scenario that Janet is describing that sounds like me. So you'll have an idea of okay, this is the area you need to focus on. So that's what I'm going to do today give you a really good overview of those, those things. And then over the next three weeks, I'm going to be going into details into one of each of these different scenarios that you may find yourself in, in your business. And I'll give you an action plan for what you can be focusing on first, that's going to make the biggest difference in your business to create that freedom for you and that transformation for your clients. So we'll I'll go from one episode for each of those areas. And you'll I'll dive in deep with some case studies, and some real action steps for you. Now. So you know, in preparation for this, I'm a really visual person I know a lot of the people I work with are. So I've created a really simple diagram for you a graphic. And if you look, if you go to the blog post that this episode is on and each of the following episodes, I'll have that image there for you. So if you're listening to this on your podcast player, just have a look at the show notes. And that'll tell you the you know the link to go and have a look at them. And I'll just have it there on the page for you. Because you'll be able to see so much more clearly exactly why each area is important and what happens in the overlaps if they're there or if they're not there. Okay, so let's dive straight in. And so first of all, let's have a look at these three areas. And you know what I would love to hear from you. I just want to put that out here right now before we keep going. I really want to hear from you like what you know, as I'm going through this, what a hands have you got already from this first episode with understanding the concepts. This because hopefully, this will be enough for you to be able to go and start taking action, I'd really really love to hear from you. Because this is just a new bottle that I've put together that really just boils down what I do when I'm working with people in my academy or when I'm working with them, you know, at a closer level of the accelerator. So just you know, really so you can see those three areas. I'd really love to hear if if it makes sense for you, and what insights you get from it. Because I'd love to know if my way of trying to communicate and make things simpler and simpler and simpler really works for you or not. So I'd really appreciate that. Wherever you can find me whether it's on email I'll or any of the socials, you can find me at Janet Beckers. Alright, let's dive in, I'm just gonna have a sip of water. There you go. That was instead of me pausing and editing, you just got to hear that gulp. Alright. Now, first of all, let's just reiterate what I just love that word, by the way, what is the outcome? What is the type of business that this is for? Because, you know, so you'll know if this relates to you. So the type of business that this is most important for is if you are in the business, where it is your knowledge, your expertise, that helps people to get results to go from point A to point B to go from a problem and a frustration to getting an outcome. So you could be in any service based industry, where you're helping people get results, you could be coaching, consulting, you could be in the health industry, you could be or you can be in so many areas education, but the main thing here is you are actually helping people through your knowledge. And so if you're selling widgets, so like, if you're an E commerce and you're selling things, you will get a lot out of this. But this is not really designed with you, as the main type of business as I'm creating this. So just so you know, this is really, for people who it's a service based business and you have expertise. And what we want to do is we want to be able to create a business that creates true transformation for your clients at scale, so that you don't have to be working one on one. And also it positions you as the really trusted expert in your area. And you're trusted not just by clients, but you're also trusted by other people in your industry, who was whose respect better to you. So we're looking at that transformation. But we're also looking for freedom, because, you know, I want you to be able to, you know, work with you know, where you want, when you want and with whoever you want, and to really enjoy it as you're going. So that's the outcome we're moving towards. And this is who this particular model is designed for. So let's have a look at the three areas to start with. And I'll go into a little bit more detail for you. So we have the headings. The first area is triple clarity. So I will go over that in a tick tell you what those three things are that you need to be absolutely clear on.

And the other thing is going to be a freedom business model. So a business model that is designed to be able to scale without it being dependent on you having to work really, really closely with every single person to get the transformation. So a business model that also matches your style of doing things. So it doesn't have to be a one size fits all. So we're going to talk a little bit about that. And then the third area is connection, and visibility. So these are the three areas that when you are building the foundations for a business model and a way of marketing, that is going to create that successful online business that is designed for leadership, and transformation. These are the three things you really need to have in place. If you get all of those. That's the happy place. Now I'll go over a little bit more in detail what each of those three are, and then we'll look at some scenarios. Okay, so let's start with the triple clarity. So the triple clarity here is you need to be very, very clear on the profit in you. And when we say that it's what is it unique about you? The way that you know just who you are your story, your passions, your values, the way that you like to work with people, but also what is it about your history and your story that makes you confident that you can help people get results? So we want to be able to get super clear, not just on who you are, but how it is that you work? How is it that you get results for people? What's your unique way? So that's number one. The next one is we need to be absolutely super clear on exactly who it is that you help. Now this might sound obvious and you've probably heard, you know, avatars and ideal clients, all those sorts of things are talked about everywhere. But the reality is, is when you read li work out the two main variables so that you the two main things that you really can, that you create change with, when you're working with any client, you will find that you've actually got four avatars there, and one of those is going to be the most profitable. So you need to be absolutely super clear on the transformation you create for your clients and who is going to be the most motivated to work with you, to pay the money to work with you. And to get the results and who's going to be the easiest to work with, there will be one that is the most profitable. And unless you get real clarity on each of those transformation points, you can end up marketing to the wrong people. Now the other one that you really need to get very clear on is clarity on who are the influencers? In your industry? Who do your potential clients all really listen to? And who do they respect? And how does actually the power dynamics work in your industry when it comes to relationships amongst people who have influence? Because that's what we're going to be positioning us. Okay, so you need to be super duper clear on understanding that in your particular industry. Because we, one of the unique ways that I work with clients is understanding the the link between passion, passion, purpose, and power, and how finding that can really help you to build very strong relationships, where people will refer clients to you, so you need to be super clear on that. So that's the triple clarity. So I want you to ask yourself, as I'm going through here, did any of those three points that I've just talked about? Make you go? Hell yeah, nailed that? Or, oh, maybe I need to work? Or are you going what? So just mark this off, you know, a little bit now out of 10? How are you feeling on each of those areas of clarity. Now, the next one we're going to look at is a freedom business model. Now, you, you may be very well just starting out, and you're working out a new model. Or you may already be in business, and you could be flat out with lots and lots of clients. But it's not freedom, because you're limited, you're getting burnt out. Or, you know, maybe what you're thinking I haven't quite nailed this here. The important part here is that, do you have a business model that is designed that it can get transformation for your clients, using the unique way that you identified in that first clarity area, the unique way that you help people get results? Now, have you got that in a way that allows you to help more people with less time? And is it scalable, because if it's not, then it's really, really difficult for you to be able to get that true freedom in your business. Now, I, we have a few steps that we go through with this. And a big part of that, apart from really working out your foundation offer is you want to make sure that whatever you are creating to help people you want to actually know itself, okay? Because you don't want to have some fantastic framework that this is how I get results for people. And here are some things that you can do so that we know we can do it as group so you can do it on your own. But you haven't quite nailed it and doesn't sell because you don't have a freedom model. If you've just got the concept and the plan, if you it's not freedom until you've actually send the money in the bank. So you really want to make sure have I truly tested that. I'm actually I've got something here that the market is waiting for. So that's going to be your first step to make sure that that's happened. That's one of the very first things we do before anybody starts investing lots of money on websites and automation and all that fancy stuff. We want to make sure that it's actually working. So do you have that? And do you have a plan for how you can help more people with less of you by building on that model? So this is an important part. So it's not just Do you have a model that is going to make you money because it could be very dependent on you just on you. And also do you have if you do have a planner, a great model is is it selling? Is it going to sell? You want to know that? So most important, so that's number two. So so far we've had triple clarity. Now we've got a freedom business model. Now the next one we've got connection and visibility. Now this is this is sometimes you will find online that this is when it, this is a big thing that people are always marketing, about the visibility, you know, you've got a nail doing. You know, you've got to be able to nail doing reels and you've got a nail doing video and podcasts and audios and images, or you know, all these different things that have got to do with being busy, busy, busy visibility. But what you really want to be able to know is, am I how do I get my message across? Am I clear on the messages, so that I'm going to be communicating to the exact right people what it is that I do? And so and then what are going to be the platforms where my clients hang out, but actually, you know, what's what suits me, you know, where am I a video person and my writing person, you know, what works for you. So you want to have something so that you can have a plan, that means that it's going to be easy for you, you don't have to have everything that goes viral you what you really want to do is have the right content in the right platform that's connecting with the right people who are going to buy and that you have a plan to be consistent. So if that's what your visibility, you want to make sure that you're also connecting with potential clients, and also connecting really well with the clients that you do have, that are going through your programs growing through the way that you help them. And then also you want to be able to have a way that allows you to really, you know, with integrity and honesty, to really build strong connections with influencers in your industry. So you want to make sure that you're really aware of those three areas connecting? And do you have a way that makes sure that you're consistent? So that's the connection and visibility, so I'm keeping up with those ones. Maybe rank yourself on that as well, you know, about your consistency? Or how clear your messages or how consistent you are about building those relationships. So, yeah, give yourself a rating on those. And so now let's have a look at what's some, what are the three main scenarios that I can see that come from perhaps these three areas not being balanced? So I'll go over these in brief. And then in the next episodes, I'll go deeper into the action steps for each one, so you'll know what to do. Okay. So let's start with one that. Yeah, this will be a really interesting one, I want you to start looking at the people who you follow, whether it's on social media, whether you're on their email list, I want you to start following, you know, just watching this and see if some of the people who you're following fit this criteria, it might just help you to really see what's working really well for them that you can perhaps get inspiration from, and what are some things that you can go, Ah, if I just did this, then Wow, imagine what would be possible. So there's this one here is you may be exceptionally popular. And by this, what's happened here is that you are really clear, you triple clarity. So you may be, you know, on social media, you may have a podcast, you may be a fantastic communicator through your email list. You might have a YouTube channel that does really well, you've got really, really clear on who it is that you help, you know, and how it is that you can help them. And you're really fantastic at creating those relationships within your industry. And you're not only got clarity, but you're really really good at connecting, and you're very, very visible. So they're very often, you know, you might be putting a lot of work in to doing all of this work to be visible and you will have a lot of followers, a lot of interaction. And then Then what can happen is if you do not have the freedom business model in place, so you've got the triple clarity, you've got the connection and visibility and you're doing it really, really well. But what can happen is there could be two scenarios that happen here. One is you may be having lots and lots of sales because you've got a great offer, but it's very, very dependent on you doing one on one And so in that case, you're, you're probably exceptionally burned out, like, just take a breath, okay? Congratulate yourself on being so clear and getting results for people, but you can't continue it. So that's a cookie in that scenario. Or if you don't have a really good offer, you haven't really quite worked out how to monetize what you're doing. Without it being you doing, you know, like one on one sessions. If you haven't got a freedom business model in place, you could be really, really popular. People love you, but you're just going broke. And you're thinking, why am I doing all of this work? Like, you know, there's got to be a better way, the nice. So we'll go into detail, you'll be the first group that I'm going to be doing next week, we'll go into detail on what you can be doing, that's going to either free up your time to stop working with so many people or actually have something that you can offer, without, you're getting afraid of just getting totally overwhelmed. And that's going to actually scale. So you could be fitting into that scenario. So the area to focus on there is really looking at a freedom business model. Right, now, let's have a look at the next one, you might be what you would consider to be your industry's best kept secret. So you have nailed the triple clarity, you really know who you can help. You're, you're known from people in the industry. And you know what, you know, if you get that right client, you have got a fantastic system to help them get results, and you already have got a freedom business model in place, you've already got a fantastic structure to be able to scale and work with more people. So that is so awesome. And you know what, I've worked quite a lot of times with people like this. And we do actually, this, sometimes we now do need to revisit that clarity and the freedom business model. But it's really important to go down to this next level, which is connection and visibility, because you can have the best solution for people. And you can have a great way of being able to make sales. But if people don't know about you, then or you're you know, it's you're not going to get the sales, you will remain the best kept secret and what an incredible waste. Now there, you know, the important part here is that you've got a really good strategy in place. So you know that you're not just getting out there being visible, having conversations connecting, and you're just doing busy work, we want to make sure that your brilliance at what you do is really, really understood and communicated very well with the right people. So a lot of times, you may not have done this, because it all seems so overwhelming. Because you're looking at other people like the you know, the popular and burnt out going wow, like you look amazingly prolific they are I've got to do that to succeed. We want to make you know, do you have something that actually attracts the right people build that connection, you might also be not doing it, because you you know, you may be undervaluing just how brilliant you are. And the whole idea of putting yourself out there could be a little bit nerve wracking. And you you know, you just may not know where to start. So that's focusing on that area there. If you don't master that connection and visibility in a very strategic way that suits you your character, then you will remain the best kept secret. And that is, ah, all these people you could be helping and you're not. Now let's look at the third scenario. And this is a really, really interesting one. This is when everybody thinks that you're successful. But you're actually just hearing crickets. You know, you're not, you know, and it can get you can start to really, really feel like you're dishonest and that you're a fraud. And I can tell you that because interestingly, last year, I ran a whole series of interviews, where I put out to people in my audience, past clients, existing clients, people, I'd love to be clients, people who, who just were on my mailing list and put their hand up for me to have a half hour conversation with them where I was interviewing them on lots of different things. I was really surprised that there were some people who signed up that I thought, Ah, wow, that's fantastic. I really, really, I really liked them. I've been aware of them. They do great stuff. And they when they did get on the call again. I'm really embarrassed like I I know Oh, everybody thinks I'm really successful, but I'm just not getting the sales that I want to get. I'm just and I can't quite see what's wrong, or it may have changed, you may have to start with, but either you or your market has changed. And it can be really embarrassing hearing crickets. So this is really the thing that is missing. So in this scenario, you, you've probably got a really good freedom business model, you don't, you may have some great offerings that are scalable. And you may have had some great clients that have been going through those. And you're, you're known in your industry, because you're also great at communicating, you're a great visibility, you're confident there. And you're built good at building connections. But there's one area that you really need to revisit. And it may mean that you're going to have to end up changing the way that you're doing your freedom business model and your connection and visibility. But what's normally missing here is you've got to go back to that triple clarity. Because sometimes you may have just lost touch with what is it that is so unique about you, that that's what draws people to you, you might just be taking it for granted, you forgotten that special, or you may be going you know what my markets changed, either because you have or they have, and you know what I really, I need to tweak who it is that I'm actually helping, because I may you know the messages I'm putting out there, they're not resonating. And also it could be to do with you and the way you work, it could be to do with the most profitable avatar that you've got, you might you're very often you've got to get greater clarity on who is the most profitable, it's very easy to focus on who seems as if they need you the most, and who seem really grateful. But they will make you go broke. And the you know, and the other area is really understanding the relationships and power dynamics within your industry on building those connections to refer clients to you. So very often, that's going to be the big area that you really need to revisit. And for that reason, when your business is going well. It's always great to go and do surveys and interviews with people in your, in your audience to really see if things are changing in the industry. So and that's why I was doing interviews last year. So I thought you know what, there's been a lot of changes in the last few years, I really want to understand how that's impacting people. And because of that, I made changes to my signature program, I created more of a step by step path for people. And I really nailed down into these three areas that I'm running over there with you to make sure that you know the people weren't going to get as overwhelmed with so many people online with so many messages that it gets overwhelming. Okay, so I would love to hear from you. Does this make sense? If we go over the three core areas that you really need to master. So we're talking about the triple clarity. We talked about the freedom business model, and we talked about connection and visibility. And the three different scenarios that you may find yourself in if they're not balanced, is you could be popular, but you could be burnt out or, or and or broke, you could be seen as the industry's best kept secret. Or you might be feeling like a fraud because everybody thinks you're successful. But you're hearing crickets baby. So I would love to hear from you, if any of those scenarios resonated with you, and also your thoughts on those three different core areas that you need to have in place to be able to build a business that creates true transformation for your clients at scale, but also, you know, feeds your soul and gives you freedom. So that's why I'd love to hear from you and a little bit about you and your business as well. So over the next few weeks, I'll be going into detail with action plans. And if you would like some more help with that, that's where my academy comes in. And so I've got step by step how to create this beautiful vision in a 90 day period with all the steps for you to follow. So you can contact me if you'd like to know a bit more about that. And I can send you all the details. Or if you would like to be one of my next case studies Are you may meet the criteria to work with me closely at Mike's level, I only ever worked with a handful of people at that level. And always ones that I know that we can create great, great case studies from. So that may fit you as well. So just contact me and I would love to be able to help you. And in the meantime, go to the show notes and you can have a look at the image that I've put together. And please, if there is somebody that you know, that needs to listen to this, please pass it on pass on the podcast and the blog post. And, and yeah, help them and you may very, very often you can see the gaps in other people's businesses far easier than you can see your own. So if you know that there's somebody that needs to hear that you can pass it on to them. Okay, go out there make a difference and have fun doing it bye

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