2 Reasons You Can Succeed Offline But Struggle Online - and How to Fix It

Today's podcast episode is for you if you know what it's like to have success in the off-line world but when you try to transfer your expertise into a successful online business it just never seems to get traction. In fact, it kinda sucks!

You may also feel like you are running out of time to get this right!
If you are like many of the clients I have worked with in the past few years, you have years, or even decades, of experience with a successful career and / or a booked-out offline business.
You want to stop working so hard, travelling for work and instead have freedom to choose your own hours and work where, when and with whoever you choose.
You probably fall into one of these categories:

1. You may have already dabbled in a few online strategies but are overwhelmed with choices and know you are missing a real strategy to follow.

2. Or you may have been building your business online for quite a few years. You've done a lot of courses, tried lots of strategies but you can't seem to replicate the success you had in your offline career.

You have such an incredible wealth of knowledge, resources and experience getting great results for clients so it should be easy to switch to online right?

It seems to work for everyone else (if you believe everything you hear) so why not you?

2 Reasons Successful Offline Businesses are Different than Start-Ups Online

Many of the strategies taught in most online business courses are perfect for people who are starting a new business online.
The problem is the way you build an online business is DIFFERENT for people who already have a very successful offline biz and career.

There is a challenge specific to offline successful people that is often the reason they are struggling. It is hard to see the solution from "inside the bottle".

And there is a HUGE strength you have but may be ignoring. This advantage means you can market and sell your online offerings faster and with more ease, but is devalued in online spheres because it is seen as "offline" and so somehow seen as cheating!

In this 40 minute episode I divide the lesson into 3 parts:

a. The strengths you bring to your online biz
b. Success as an employee vs success in online business
a. Why your success can be your biggest obstacle
b. Exactly what you need to do to get unblocked
c. 2 case studies that did this successfully and how
a. The value of years of relationships and culture insights
b. How to develop a strategic relationship strategy that is non-salesy, high integrity and positions you as a leader
c. A case study that shows how the right strategy transforms you from "one of many" to "wow you are the expert in this topic, can I refer you clients?"
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Well, hello and welcome Janet Beckers here with a special episode today, for those of you who are listening, that have been either running and having a very successful career off line, where you have, over years, really developed a reputation for excellence in your chosen field. And or you have been running a business offline for years, possibly even decades, like a lot of the clients who I work with, and you have developed a reputation for excellence, and really getting great results for your clients.
But now, you're wanting to go online, and you're wanting to deliver and market online.
So you can really leverage all those years of expertise. Now, this is a frustration that I know a lot of people like you have is you've had this brilliant success offline.
But when you're going online, now, you're actually finding that it's not working, not the way that you thought it would. But you can't work out why it's really, really frustrating.
We're going to talk about today, something that is not really talked about. That makes it when building a business online, when you've already had a successful offline business for decades, or at least he is, there's two things that make it quite different to a lot of people, when they have building their business, like for the first one a new a new business, a new niche, there's two things that make a big difference. Now one of those is a real challenge, a real challenge. And it can be the thing that is stopping your success. But it may not be recognized for what it is. Because often it's seen as an advantage. So we're going to talk about what that is and what you can be doing about it. So that that is no longer going to be the hurdle that was invisible to you that you couldn't see that that was causing the problem. Now, the other one that we're going to be talking about is this amazing advantage that you have. And it may not be the thing that you're thinking of, in fact, it is something that is discounted, as not really credible for an online business.
But it is the thing that is going to make you very profitable, so much faster than other people. So let's have a look at that.
And in both cases, I'll tell you what it is that you can be doing to to be able to get out of your own way. And also to be able to get greater success with greater ease. So listen in now, if this criteria does not fit you, you may still want to listen, because what I'm going to be sharing, you may very well have this same obstacle, and you may very well have the same advantage that you may not even realize that you have got.
Okay, you may have that to some level. So let's get stuck into it first. Okay, so let's go into a little bit more about what life may have been like for you with your offline business, then we'll talk about why you may want to go online and what the advantages are, then we'll talk about that obstacle and the advantage. Okay, let's go. Well, the very first thing is, really I find that if you've, if you've been running a business for quite a while now, you might be a service provider.
And you may have been primarily delivering your services. One by one, you are the expert. When you have clients, you can get great results for them. But you tend to work one on one, and which has been fantastic for you, you're booked out, you've probably got a waiting list, depending on what your area in is in. And that's been great for you so far. You may have also been perhaps focusing more on a corporate market. And you may be working with groups in which case you may be doing a lot of workshops, and you may be doing workshops and then also consulting for certain people are at different levels in an organization.
Now, in both of these, you may be doing that as your business and developing, you know, all those things that go with running a successful business and a consultancy, or you may actually be doing it as an employee II, but you're really not approaching it as the employee you are always looking for opportunities to really increase your expertise and your excellence your professionalism, so you very often are working on different big contracts. So very much that the kind of work that may be happening if you're running a consultancy yourself, but you may be doing that from going from contract to contract to contract, it just looks different than then having yourself as a business, you're getting a salary in most cases, rather than invoicing. But really, the kind of thing that you're doing is very, very similar. Now, the thing that comes after developing this level of expertise, and this experience for all these years is you may very well we're getting a little bit tired. And very often, the people who come to work with me, at my sort of working with me at the closest level will work with me with me one on one, in small group are people who have had these decades of experience, and they really are fantastic at what they do. Even if they may not recognize themselves as a leader in the industry, they are getting brilliant results with their clients. That's why their business has been successful, but you're getting tired, it might be that you're not wanting to do the one on one anymore, because you just are exhausted from the one on one, you want to work less hours. And you don't want to have to drop your pay. In fact, you'd like to have more. It may be that you're thinking you know what I just don't want to move or I want to travel and a lot of my market, a lot of my customer base are local.
And so you want to have that freedom to be able to work wherever you want to whenever you want to. And it also may be that you may want to have more control over who you are working with.
Quite often people who have corporates, as their clients will tell me that they just really tired of traveling, there has been some occasion where they were just exhausted after flights in and flights out and follow up.
And they just thought you know what, I don't want to do this anymore, that it's got to be easier. So these are very often the reasons that you may be doing that. Now, if you've been working from contract to contract. Working for different salaries, you may also be thinking, You know what, I just want to be my own boss, I want to have that freedom. But I don't want to be having the same lifestyle that I've got. Now, I don't want to be working these hours or with this travel. So very often, these are the reasons why you may be thinking as successful as I am now in the offline business, it's time for me to change. And the other reason why I actually find people going online is because they've got waiting lists, and they just feel bad about having to say no, but they don't have any more time.
So they're looking at ways of leveraging their expertise into an online business. And that online business being courses that you  can sell, or group work VIP group work that you can be doing that allows you to be able to work from wherever both of those are very often the leverage model that people are looking at. Now, let's now have a look about what might have been happening with you. So this is something that I hear quite a lot from people who really can resonate with the description that I just gave. And that is when taking your expertise and the people you work with, you've got an amazing wealth of knowledge, resources. And so you're bringing those online.
But it's not working, like you may have done, you know, lots and lots of courses, you may have been implementing all of these courses that you might have been learning about creating a funnel, create a course about doing Facebook ads, or social media or you know, just pick out any topic that I know that anybody's that listening here will have been also on all of these different mailing lists, learning about all these different things, there's so many ways to be right. So you may have even been doing all of that and then getting frustrated going, why am I having the same level of success? Or you might have just started doing a few things is that in looking at it and going, you know what? This is a little bit overwhelming. I have enough experience with running businesses or with being running successful projects or consulting, that I know that I need to have a really good strategy because I can see that there are so many options out here. How do I know is the right one for me. So you might be if that's you fantastic that you're thinking that already because you're gonna save yourself a lot of tears. And if you've been the format where you've been doing all that work and not getting the results, I just really want you to know that you have not been wasting your time, okay? You're going to be able to use this huge wealth of knowledge that you have built up. This just a couple of things So I really want you to think about, that may mean that you'll be able to start putting all of that learning in a more focused way to get results for you. So now let's go and have a look at the two things that really are wanting you to totally own. Okay? Really, except these now these are there may be you may find that when I'm saying some of these, these two things from are going to be talking about now, part of you might go, oh, yeah, or Yeah, but I tried that. Or you may go, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I don't think so. So I'm expecting that's going to be one of those criteria. Okay. So let's have a look at that one. The very first one is very often the thing that has been holding you back.
And it is this, what has worked for you offline, is not very likely to transfer directly to leveraging online. Now, we're not talking about marketing your offline business, we're talking about changing your business model. So that you are delivering and marketing through programs and VIP group programs, so products and programs, it's very likely not going to transfer, and you are also going to probably be exceptionally resistant to change that. And you may not want to hear that, but I'll tell you why. Okay, now, because over the years, you have developed such a level of knowledge and expertise, you know, that you can apply that in quite a few different situations. Now, let's just have a look at the corporate, the person who was working with corporate at first, you may very well have developed a real expertise, that means that you can go into a company and you can run a one day workshop, or a series of workshops that you might do. And you can that could be working perhaps with different levels, you may be working with management groups, you may be working with front of, you know, with, with people who are working directly with clients, your you've got all these different things. So you could be getting results that can be used with the individuals who are part of a team, you've also it can also be applied to CEOs unit, it can be up to the company as a whole. So you've you know that you can be working with all those different groups. Or if you are, for example, working in a field where you are a service provider that's giving really fantastic help for people when they're working one on one very often session by session, this is really, really common, if you are in any kind of health service, or if you're in some kind of coaching, where people may be coming to you not very often, even though you may be going you may have specialized to a certain degree, you still can be working with people that may come to you with very different kind of conditions. So if you're working in health, for example, you might, you know, you might be working with people that have sports injuries, as well as people who have got postpartum injuries, or I'm just flick taking these out of the top of my head by the way, you can you know what it is have a look at what you do and think, Okay, well, I work with quite a few different groups of people, but I still have a specialty.
So what we're going to look at here is why you might be having that trouble. When it comes to translating what you're doing over into an online business. And it's this with an online business, the advantage that you have is now the world is your oyster, okay? You have instead of you perhaps marketing to a smaller, perhaps even local group of people. And therefore, you know, you've your message can be a little bit broader because you can be heavy going to lots of different people. When you're going online. You're you've got the world is your oyster, you can be marketing to people all over the world if you want to, or even just all over your particular country. Now, where but when you're when you're going to be doing that, that more broad scale marketing but to a large market, you need to be very, very specific in your marketing, the kind of words you use, because this is the thing I hear a lot is you know I'm using, you know, these if I'm writing sales letters, I'm writing emails, I'm creating videos, all of these sorts of things. And these have worked For years and years and years in my business, this these particular messages, but they're not working for me online. This is the big thing that you need to really look at first, you need to be able to choose one sub set of the people who you could be helping. And you need to be able to look at what is the before the problem that they've got there before? And where am I taking them to?
What is the transformational promise that I am delivering? Now I tell you what, this is really, really hard. When you know that you can be getting amazing results for quite a few people. It's really, really difficult. And one of the reasons that that's difficult is Well, two reasons. One of them is because you know what, you can be helping a lot more people, it's really difficult to decide, what am I not going to talk about? What am I going to ignore? What am I going to say no to? That's really, really difficult when your business is very likely and your career has been very likely successful? Because you can adapt to be able to help more people. That's one part of it that saying no, when making that choice, and the FOMO that goes with it. Here is the big clincher, okay, is your identity is really strongly aligned with the kind of results that you've been able to get for years and years, perhaps decades with so many different people. And it is really difficult to change your identity, because that's what's going to happen. Instead of you marketing yourself online, as whatever the area is that you do.
For example, let me give you, I'll give you an example of one of my clients, who you may have seen over the years that I've shared stories with which is Kate Perkins.
Now Kate is an occupational therapist, and she developed a speech specialty she trained for a specialty and lymphedema.
Now you can get lymphedema, which is all the swelling from your lymph nodes from so many different things. It can be sport injuries, it can be lots of different chronic health issues. It can be from surgery, all of these different things. Now, her offline business, which is outrageously successful now when we first started, she just had a couple of clients and wow. Now Kate's just built this amazing, multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary clinic specializing in lymphatic care, but works with people from a lot of different industry, a lot of different reasons, they, you know, lots of different reasons why they would come with her to her. And she gets referred from doctors and specialists from all around. But when it came to online, Kate, Kate has a website, of course, just marketing her her clinic so people can look it up. But when it comes to leveraging her expertise into a course, and to be able to work with people, if they need extra help. On top of that course, we narrowed that down to her only working with women who have had breast cancer treatment, breast cancer surgery.
That's the only people that that course is for. And it's how to recover using exercise and education, how to recover from breast cancer, breast cancer treatment so that you don't get all of that lymphedema. That was it. And yet she can do so much more. But when it came to online, that is her identity.
That is where her marketing happens. So you can see that can be a really really difficult decision. But doing that has meant that her communication online for her online courses, for any of her deliverables for any of her paid advertising, all of that becomes so much easier because it is very, very specific. So this can be a really difficult thing for you to do when you are all ready getting results and have a reputation for something much broader. Even though in case Kate some business, lymphedema, occupational therapist working with lymphedema is pretty niche, isn't it?
Not nearly enough for it to be able to transferred easily online and get the kind of results that you would want. So let's have a look now at what you can be doing to be able to really work out okay. All of these things I can Do what is going to be the one that I am going to focus on first, when it comes to building and leverage my business online, we'll do one really well.
And then if you want to, you can add in some of your other specialties from offline, if that's what you want to do. But choose one and focus there first.
Alright, so this is what I do when I'm working with my clients. And I do this in my academy, we have all of the modules that  are there. But it's also what I do when I work with just a very small handful of people personally. And the reason when I work with these people personally is because this is where I get my best case studies. And so I only ever worked with those people who I know I can get the results with really quickly. And I'm finding a lot of people who I love working with other people who are like you that have got those years of experience. But it's really difficult for you yourself to be able to choose that one you're going to focus on first. So which ever way if you were working with me, you would work through this process, or this is something that you may be able to do on your own. Okay. Now, the first one is we have a module, it's called a profit in you.
And this is really doing a huge brain dump of every thing that you have created over the years that can be used as resources, they may not actually have a physical presence, but you may have created frameworks, systems a process for getting results, you also really need to get super clear on your own personal story, why you do what you do what makes you unique, you need to be gathering all of those different case studies that you have created over the years, putting them down in as many ways as you can. So you can then start to think about like, what really lights me up? Where can I really get great results with because what we're looking at here is to identify what's unique about the way you do things, but also identifying that subgroup of clients. And you know what, sometimes, you may only have a handful of those clients. But you've recognized that all this is something that I can really get results with, or I really enjoyed it. So it doesn't have to be the ones that you have the most of sometimes it is a small subgroup, it can be quite surprising. That's what was happening with Kate. That's what we chose to do now.
So really want you to dive deep into that.
And we want to be able to do that work.
Now, once you've really you might have one or two different subgroups that you might be looking at. And then we do another exercise. Now we really want to do the market research. Now this is something that people just think that it gets complicated.
But at your level, honestly, you've got so many amazing contacts, so many clients, so many past clients, it's a matter of just grabbing getting on the phone or zoom, you need to have strategically worked out the questions that you that you want to be looking at, because you've only got really usually one bite at the cherry. But what we want to do here is to really, really understand what you know, really diving deep about what their frustrations are, what they want to achieve, what are they what are they already been doing, that hasn't got them the results they want. This one's really important. Now, once you've done that research, we plug it into what I call the profitable avatar quadrant. It is a unique method that I've devised over the years that is so powerful. We end up with four different avatars and we work out which one is the most profitable. And it also helps you to really get super clear on what the most important messages are that you need to have in your marketing and what you need to have in any course that you create. So either way, you need to do this, and you cannot rush through this process. Now here is the challenge that everybody everybody has this challenge, but for you it is extra hard. And that is that wholesaling, of, it's really difficult to read the writing on the label when you're looking from the inside of the bottle. So because for so many years, your identity and what you can do for people has been so strong, that's why you've been so successful. It is really really difficult to start to try to look at what you do and look at your messaging and look at your offers differently. It's really really difficult.
Okay, I had struggled with this myself, I have to get somebody else that can help me when I really am having a look at what's coming next for me because you just too immersed. So this is where it really really helps to get somebody who is very good at being able to go over all of this, this findings with you and to be able to help you see clearly what they can see that you You may not. So that's what I do. That's what I do when I am working with people at both of my levels, but especially the people at the top level, because we just do that constantly. But in, in my academy as well, I get to know people really, really well. And that's why we have monthly group coaching so that people get to bring their stories.
Now, so you these, this, these are the steps that you need to do now, then that's what you get when you go, Okay, I reckon this might be the market. That's when we'll then start testing. Okay, let's see, show me the money, baby. Okay. Now, very often people will go on build the whole website, their whole marketing, their whole offer, and everything on having done that research.
But no, I want to see the money in the bank, baby before we start going to
that much effort. All right, that's the process that is really, really important to do next.
Otherwise, what you can end up doing is spending a long time going in the wrong direction.
Like it's, it's so easy to do. So many people do that. I've done that. It's really, really easy to do.
And, you know, it's just such an incredible waste of your time. And I tell you what, every time you don't get the results, your confidence in yourself, will just drop and drop and drop, it's just inevitable. And hey, baby, we've already worked out, you know, your shared, okay, so your confidence should be sky high, you want to keep it there, you need to protect that. So doing that is really important, you may find that it's not quite right or it didn't work, that's okay.
Because then we have a look at the equity go back to the research. For example, one of the clients who I work with are just such a brilliant, brilliant man, I won't say his name, because I haven't shared his story publicly before. So but an amazingly creative man, just absolute leader, an absolute leader in what he does, but wanted to change that for personal reasons. He wanted to spend some some time with a particular loved one, while he still had her in his life, and so wanted to change the business model. So we looked at first all this incredible area of expertise and went well, you know what this one looks like the low hanging fruit. Let's do that research.
Let's go, you know, you're going to have a talk with them. We'll work out the questions.
And then we'll decide, you know, is there the market there? And what would you offer them? Well, after doing all that research, he came back and he went, I don't want to, I don't want to work with this group of people anymore. Fantastic. That is not wasted time. That is fantastic. So admit that he then investigated the next area that he was passionate about. And just an amazingly successful person. And, you know, got to spend that beautiful those last few years with that loved one, just such a great story. So that's a really important thing for you to have, you have choices, but you need to make a choice. All right. Now, let's look at the last one, which is the advantage that you have that other people do not. Now because of your years of experience, you have developed an exceptionally strong network of relationships. Now these can be with clients. These can be peers, this can be industry leaders, this is a really good knowledge about how your industry works. Who are the people that actually potential clients listen to, who is already helping your potential clients, you already know, the way your industry is structured, you already understand power dynamics, you already understand who's strategically can give the best advice and also strategically, who has actually got the trust of the people who you want to get in front of with your marketing. You have got this amazing network. Now, when it comes to online business, using conversations and actually talking, you know, talking to people and doing what's is very much what you've probably been doing your whole career.
When it comes to your IQ building your offline business, for some reason, when it comes to online. that's seen as old school or cheating. And so therefore, you can end up spending a lot of time trying to learn new skills such as Facebook Ad Management, or trying to learn new things like how to run a summit or how to do a Facebook challenge. All of these sorts of things that get you in front of your potential clients. But very often the old fashion if you know I'm really using inverted commas here, commas is is not seen as soon as cheating or not the real thing? Well, I am here to tell you baby, it is sensible. This is the way that I have built my business. This is the best case studies that I have other people who have gone and strategically mapped out.
What is the network? Who are the people that can give me really good insights into what's happening in the industry, these are the people you want to talk to when you're doing your market research. These are the people that are also going to introduce you to other people, and that you will be able to talk to them to be able to go, Okay, let's work out, what is it that you need to know.
So that you would feel confident to be able to recommend recommend my offer to your network. And another example for you is actually interestingly, also is to do with breast cancer. That's because we yeah, we've actually started with a lovely woman, and Natasha McGraw who started with counseling, she works with so many people to do with trauma. But we identified that, again, women with breast cancer was a, an a very unique market for her because she had this high level of expertise in working with different personality types. And did you know that women with breast cancer have a particular personality type that makes them more vulnerable to cancer, but she has the skills to be able to help them reprogram, so that they are less vulnerable.
But what we found out is her network was so amazing, even though this was not her area of specialty is that she was able to talk to oncologists and work out with them.
What information did they need in what format for them to be confident to then refer people so then we were able to provide that information to them in the right format. And you listen to the podcasts that I've done with Natasha, her business just took off. I'm so excited for her. And this is with a really crummy website that we didn't touch and no mailing list. And no product yet. But we did manage to sell I think it was nearly 10 of them for $3,000 Each, before she created it. So we knew that this worked, we knew the money was there. So we could actually proved that before then converting that into which is what we're doing at the moment converting it into a self study course. So it's  really, but that, you know, that's because of expertise, but also the amount of context and understanding the way that an industry works. So I really want you to do now is to think about what are all of these different contexts that you've got, and who knows who that can introduce you really don't take these for granted, because this is your true strategic advantage that you are bringing to building your leverage business online using those networks. So what you need to do that is, first of all, you need to be able to really understand these professional relationships so that you can launch your offer one strategic connection at a time. And it's gonna be faster and with greater ease.
But the important thing is you need to have the correct communication strategy for them. And this is where your knowledge of the industry really helps. Because you want to develop something that has high integrity, like it don't want to come or be salesy. You want to be really, really honest with people and totally communicate your excellence.
And the nice part about this is simply through this process of narrowing down into a particular very, very specific niche of the subgroup of the people you can help. And then using the strategic relationships that you have, and communicating to them very, very clearly your expertise and the before and after that you work with your clients.
Even before you start making the sales, you have started to develop a reputation as a leader in a very specific problem that other people are not addressing. That might sound as if that's just a bit of marketing spin. But I'm telling you I have witnessed it over and over with the clients I've worked with. They find themselves going wow, I actually was this person introduced me to the other as you know, a leader in this particular field and I Haven't even created the program yet.
So this is the advantage that you have got.
So in summary, let's have a look at what we talked about today. So this is specifically for those people who have had a successful offline business for years, or a very successful career where in both of these, you've developed a true expertise in getting results for your clients. Now, we're now looking at how do you then free up your time to work wherever you want, whenever you want em with whoever you want, so that it's highly leveraged, so that you can be delivering your services online through courses, and online group programs. And we talked about today, the big advantage that you have, which is through your strategic networks. And that's, that's how you're going to not just do your market research, it's how you're going to sell in a really classy way. And the other thing we talked about is the thing that's going to stop you and that is going to be what makes you so brilliant, your years of experience can actually be your downfall when it comes to leveraging your business online.
And that is because you're going to have to change your self identity in how you market yourself online and what you're offering. And that's really, really hard. When you know that there are so many things that you can do to only focus on that one. But that is the really important parts. And if you're not getting the results that you know that you feel like you should have been getting, it's very, very likely that you have really not done that as much as you can.
And then that you have not been using your strategic networks, either because you didn't recognize them as being so powerful, or you didn't want to bother people. Yeah, a lot of people say that. So that is my challenge to you is I really want you to have a look at what you've been doing. And do these two things really resonate with you have a look at your own business and be honest with yourself. Now, if you'd like help, that's what I'm here for, I can help you in two ways. One is through the academy, which has got step by step to be able to help you to be able to put all this in place.
And that includes great group mentoring through a Facebook group where you can get lots and lots of questions answered, and monthly group calls. Now, if you are really serious about getting this done, and you are willing to put in the work, to work closely with me, I work with a handful of people at my accelerator level and you know what the accelerator level uses a lot of my time. Like I work with you one on one, we do deep dives, I'm evaluating all of the marketing material you put together and helping rewrite it, where we're doing everything really, really closely.
We are, you know, you're part of a small group that is meeting every single week and helping each other really, really small group because I only have so much time, it's not really the, you know, the best return on investment of my time because I've I only had to sell three of my academy to make more than I do with one sale on my accelerator. But the reason I do this one, because I really enjoy it. But the other one is, this is where I get my best case studies from because I get to work with you and get to understand how can we adapt what we've been doing? And what how can we adapt the way things are taught to do online? How can we adapt it for your personality and your particular niche and every time I do that, I learn some new thing that can adapt that I can help all of my clients with. So that's why I do it for the personal satisfaction and also really learning through your successes. So if you would like to work with me and be my next case, study success, I'd love to hear from you. Either way, whether you want to work with me at the academy, or you'd like to work with me at the at the accelerator much closely. Just get in contact with me and tell me a bit about your business. And we can hop on the phone and see if it's going to be a good match. And if it's right for you, okay, so either drop me an email, it will have your private, private message, or whichever way it works for you. I'd love to hear from you.
And I'm just really, really excited to hear your house to see if either of these two things that I've talked about resonate with you so please share that with me. I would would really really love to hear that and I would just love to cheer you on to see what differences it makes to you and your business moving forward okay go out there make a difference and have fun bye
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