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You started this business to give yourself choices.

Choices on when you work, who you work with, how much money you can make and the difference you can make to your clients, your family and yourself!

But the list of competing priorities can get overwhelming.

Build an email list! Master social media! Start making videos! Launch an online course! Give great service to your clients! Manage cashflow, staff, and systems! Run a webinar or maybe launch a podcast?

The list seems endless.

The thing is, each of these is important, but not for EVERY business and NOT RIGHT NOW.

The challenge is knowing exactly which ONE THING will move the needle in your business the fastest RIGHT NOW.

That's what you will know with this practical and powerful template.

PLUS you'll get immediate access to a 37 minute video training (webinars are soooo 2019) and PDF guide to help you use the template with confidence.

Meet Your Trainer

Janet Beckers is a multi-award winning online marketing strategist, author, speaker and mentor who is known for making the complex simple with a healthy dose of reality and humour. 

Janet helps coaches, consultants and service providers who are great at what they do and create real change for their own clients. She helps them attract a tribe of dream clients online who find them and their message irresistible, so they can work less, attract awesome customers from around the world and make a greater impact with their own online programs.

 She’s been honoured to win numerous awards including Australian Marketer of The Year and voted a finalist in The Australian Most Trusted Business Awards.

Most importantly, she’s committed to making it easy for her clients and followers to take action and get results with everything she does

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