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Attract Your Tribe of Dream Clients

And Create a Wildly Successful Online Business.

Sunday, October 17th at 12:30 PM
(GMT +00:00)
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What You'll Learn On This FREE Action Focused Training
CLARITY On The Profit in You
* Get super clear on what makes you absolutely unique in your industry and irresistible to your dream clients online- even if you are just starting out and you have HEAPS of competition.
* The simple caterpillar exercise you can do TODAY to identify your most PROFITABLE clients and know EXACTLY what will make your offer irresistible to them.

* How a "Message From The Queen" changed the way we do business online forever.
Package For Profit Framework

* Know how to create a TRADE-MARKABLE Signature Framework in your business that is irresistible to your most profitable clients and nails your uniqueness.

* The simple maths of how to easily reach at least 6 figures in your business WITHOUT burning yourself out and STILL getting great results for your clients.

*Behind-The-Scenes of the Nested Business Model that makes it simple to scale your business and 10x your revenue from one core offer.

Attract Your Tribe Strategies
*Know how to build an email list of PROFITABLE dream clients, instead of tyre-kickers with a deep-dive mini training on a list building funnel you can start even if you don't have a website yet.

*How I sold over 6 figures of one program with NO sales letter - and how you can do that too with NO website.

*The exact steps, in the right order, for you to start implementing THIS week, tailored to YOUR stage in business.
This is a total content, on demand, 90 minute training. This includes a bonus worksheet so you have an action plan for YOUR unique business when you leave. In other words, this is not one of those webinars that is an hour-long sales pitch (I can't stand those, can you?). I'm looking forward to helping you succeed with excitement and optimism.
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Who is Janet Beckers?
If we haven't met yet, I'm Janet Beckers.

I started my first online business 18 years ago, back when there was no such thing as a wordpress blog and selling online was still not mainstream. Crazily I chose to start my business life selling expensive original artworks online for thousands of dollars! Against the odds, it worked and I found out (eventually) that there are WAY EASIER ways to build a business online.

Since then I have built and sold (or evolved) multiple businesses online and found my true passion when the number of fellow business owners who asked me to help them do the same, became too large to ignore.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than working with coaches, consultants and service providers who are great at what they do and help them expand their business worldwide so they can help even more people. I help them attract a tribe of dream clients online who see them as the Tribal Business Leader they want to work with, so they can work less, attract awesome customers from around the world and make a greater impact with their own online programs.

I've now worked personally with hundreds of business owners, in group programs with thousands, and impacted tens of thousands of business owners through my free training. I've helped people go from start up to booked out, helped multi-million dollar business owners get their time and health back by leveraging their offerings and helped countless others launch their first online courses, launch podcasts, video marketing and simplify their sales and marketing systems through online automation.

Along the way I've won multiple awards for excellence, including Australian Marketer of The Year, published numerous best-selling books, presented at multiple online and offline events and loved absolutely every minute of it!

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Attract Your Tribe of Dream Clients
And Create a Wildly Successful ONLINE Biz

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